LBS SUZUKI : Aizawl, Mizoram

Suzuki Bike Showroom

Contact details and address of LBS SUZUKI.

Showroom Contact Details

  • Contact Person
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  • Phone
  • +91-8974402763
  • Fax
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  • E-Mail
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  • Address
  • C-4, Bawngkawn,
    Near Durtlang Road Traffic Point
    Aizawl, Mizoram, India
    Pin Code - 796014
  • Working Days & Hours
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Latest Comments. Share Your Opinion
Sorkar hnathawk ka ni lo a, mahse loan in min lak tir ve thei angem??
By on 31-07-2022
Nikum khan Access 125 BS6(MatRed)kan la a,a footrest a free e an tia.
A footrest vuah tur ringot pohin ka kal thin a vawi 5 ve ka lei tirh pon,mahse a awm lo a zo chiah emaw nidang ah an li ti zel mai ah.
Hmeichhe puan bih phur te angai ve a,mamawh na a san mahnak laiin.....Khawngaihin kan lei dawn a a free in tih ang ngei khan min vuah sak thei angem kan lawm ngawt ang.
By on 05-03-2022
access bs-6 hi stock hi a awm em le...engzat nge a man
By on 21-02-2022
Accecc bs6 bluetooth ho hi a price kava hre duh ve.chuan eng colour nge awm ka hre duh bawk
By on 21-01-2022
Loan hian apply ve thei em aw...giixxer sf ah hian.....
By on 05-12-2021
Ka scooty Acess bs 6 hi, hmanni deuh khan, motorin min sut sak a,, a hma, a no. plate awmna a keh a, a sir a rang bawk a, thlak tawp ta ila, insurance nen, engzat vel nge sen ngai ang le.
By on 03-12-2021
Burgman hi EMI hian la dawn ila cheng engzat nge deposit ngaia, thla tin engzatin nge rulh tur ni ang aw
By on 14-10-2021
Ka Scotty access hi kolasib a ka lak aniaa. Accident a achhia a fok leh a cover vel akeh ve nual a , steering handle a kawi aaa . Agent a hian siamtir thei angem leeee
By on 18-06-2021
Acess 125 hi booking ta ila ni eng zat nge hngah ngai ang le
By on 26-05-2021
Gixxer 150 bs6 hi loan hian a lak tur hian a buaithlak em le??
By on 28-02-2021
Burgman street stock nei em le....ka va hre duh ve
By on 12-02-2021
Exchange system kha in la kal pui em aw, chuanin a system kalphung hi a detail a hriat theih kan va duh em....
By on 03-01-2021
Insurance hi renew a ngai a,servicing ngai tawh bawk.tun ah hian a thei em le
By on 05-10-2020
Down payment tel lova EMI hian lak theih se ka va duh ve aw.Army Exman ka nia
By on 26-04-2020
A thar showroom ah engzat man nge
By on 13-02-2020
Tha hle mai
By on 24-11-2019
Down payment tel lova EMI hian lak theih se ka va duh ve aw. Teacher ka nia private institute ah
By on 28-02-2019
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