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Get your bike modified by the experts. Bikes4Sale present you a comprehensive list of all major motorcycle modifiers in India.

List of Custom Bike Builders and Modifiers

Andhra Pradesh

Maharaja Customs Maharaja Customs Puranam Designs Puranam Designs Deccan Custom Motorcycles Deccan Custom Motorcycles


Highland Customs Motorcycles and Fabrications Highland Customs Motorcycles and Fabrications Horse Back Choppers Horse Back Choppers Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles


The Custom House The Custom House


Bull City Customs Bull City Customs TNT Motorcycles TNT Motorcycles Young Kid Customs Young Kid Customs Nino Custom Cycles Nino Custom Cycles OLD Delhi Motorcycles OLD Delhi Motorcycles Indian Choppers Indian Choppers Puranam Designs New Delhi Puranam Designs New Delhi Inline3 Custom Motorcycles Inline3 Custom Motorcycles Neev Motorcycles Neev Motorcycles Motokraft Motokraft Dreamriders Dreamriders Modbike Modbike Deadly Choppers Deadly Choppers Rideofy Rideofy XLNC Customs XLNC Customs Karman Design Karman Design Victory Customs Victory Customs Royal Mech Chopper Builders Royal Mech Chopper Builders


Evolution Choppers Evolution Choppers Rag & Bone Customs Rag & Bone Customs


Two Brothers Customs Two Brothers Customs JD Customs Co JD Customs Co


Sisaka Custom Motorcycles Sisaka Custom Motorcycles MC/BC Studio MC/BC Studio


Vega Choppers Vega Choppers Bulleteer Customs Bulleteer Customs Gear Gear Motorcycles Gear Gear Motorcycles Angel Customz Angel Customz


ORM Racing Support ORM Racing Support Grid7 Customs Grid7 Customs Outriders Motor Cycles Outriders Motor Cycles Metal Leopards Metal Leopards Riot Piston Riot Piston

Madhya Pradesh

Babancha Custom Motors Babancha Custom Motors


Dochaki Designs Dochaki Designs Incendiary Motorcycles Incendiary Motorcycles Haldankar Customs Haldankar Customs Furious Customs Furious Customs Maratha Motorcycles Maratha Motorcycles RG Custom Bikes RG Custom Bikes Bombay Custom Works Bombay Custom Works Nomad Motorcycles Nomad Motorcycles Transfigure Custom House Transfigure Custom House JEDI Customs JEDI Customs Autologue Design Autologue Design Ballard Customs Ballard Customs Trogen Horse Customs Trogen Horse Customs Hindustan Customs Hindustan Customs Ayas Custom Motorcycles Ayas Custom Motorcycles Lazybone Motorcycles Lazybone Motorcycles DC2 Motorcycles DC2 Motorcycles Vardenchi Vardenchi Ornithopter Moto Design Ornithopter Moto Design Gabriel Motorcycles Gabriel Motorcycles Team DJ Customs Team DJ Customs Lucifers Customs Lucifers Customs Road Rage Custom Builds Road Rage Custom Builds


Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs Iron Soul Machines Iron Soul Machines Rebel Custom Motorcycles Rebel Custom Motorcycles Grewal Custom Motorbikes Grewal Custom Motorbikes


Kunwar Customs Kunwar Customs WORK Xtreme Custom Motorcycles WORK Xtreme Custom Motorcycles RVS Designs RVS Designs The Hustler Moto The Hustler Moto 10 Miles Customs 10 Miles Customs Imperial Custom Works Imperial Custom Works Rajputana Customs Rajputana Customs

Tamil Nadu

Maxx Speed Designs Maxx Speed Designs Way2Speed Performance Way2Speed Performance KR Customs KR Customs Knight Auto Customizer Knight Auto Customizer Auto XSculpt Auto XSculpt Nizcita Industrial Design Studio Nizcita Industrial Design Studio


Eimor Customs Eimor Customs

Uttar Pradesh

Throttle Custom House Throttle Custom House Pathan Custom Motorcycles Pathan Custom Motorcycles

West Bengal

Highway Custom Designs Highway Custom Designs

You might have seen custom motorcycles throttling through streets, highways, and cities, and might have given some stares at them as if they were Planetary Flight Vehicles. Yup! We do it. Because, they look absolutely different from other production bikes in shape, graphics, sound, and every aspects. And these bi-wheelers pass a spectrum of wonder to spectators.

Riding and owning a customized bike displays one's passion and perseverance on biking. It's never a show off, but the most extended level to reveal one's admiration on two-wheeled machines. For some it's just a fun or leisurely to ride a customized motorbike, but for many it's a dream come true.

Biker Girl with Chopper

In the late 1950s the word 'Custom' was started coining. Uncle Bunt, Arlen Ness and Ben Hardy, are known as the forefathers of custom motorcycles, who built the iconic FLH 'Captain America' for Peter Fonda, an American actor. Crafting Chopper machines, these guys declared that motorcycles could be a work of art in its own right. In the1990's and by the beginning of 2000s so many expensive machines got rolled out to streets. Orange County Choppers, Jesse James's West Coast Choppers, and Roger Goldammer were the initial strikers of custom world.

America is the largest custom motorcycle market in the world. Well, the second largest two-wheeler market, India, is only a growing stuff. Still, the country carries a very good number of custom motorcycle builders. As the no. of custom motorcycle fanatics are increasing day by day, the no. of custom motorcycle builders follow up the same.

Custom Motorcycles

Now you can afford custom machines at reasonable price tags. If you have motorbike and you want to make a complete change in your bike, just consult with these motorcycle beauticians. They are experts. They know what should be done to look your bike aggressive and unique. Don't worry if you have only limited coins to spare. You can modify accordingly. What all you have to do is contact the two-wheeler cosmeticians to build your dreamy goosebumping bi-wheelers.

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I want to modify my mt15
By Aku on 17-02-2020
Can u make a 4 wheeler bike?
By Nilesh on 05-10-2018
Hi, I'm from Jajpur, Orissa and want to modify my Yamha RX-100 with its original safe but to modify some its important points, says the power full light so that, during the time of jurney through jungles it would better to see the distance for easy drive and some power of engine so that, it can overcome every odd place perticulary in rough road in mountain and lastly its smooth sound. thanks
By S. K.panda on 01-10-2017
deisel bike yab petrol bike builder chahiye 9687455374 mera number he
By Nimesh on 27-06-2017
dear sir.. i have BSA 250 side head valve , i need to restore my bike soon, so pleas send ur contact contact no 9827184040 , me. THANK YOU
By Prithvi Singh on 15-02-2017
I want a custom Hayabusa ....
And want to know which bike I should have to buy for that modification and the money needed
By Ankur on 10-02-2017
I also become a bike modifier. So ,I looking for the training and open my custom workshop .
By Vasu Chadha on 22-12-2016
By Balaji on 30-07-2016
Most of them are just painted! What's custom about that?!!! We Indians just get carried away by a paint job & pay a premium price for it hence the Motorcycle companies are just using stickers for yearly updates!
By Clayton on 05-05-2016
Any idia for jammu
By Pankaj Sharma on 15-04-2016
Thanks for the information coz shortly I 'll b opening my own custom house
By Ruturaj on 05-04-2016
Can I get a bike in own designed bike.
By Jagannath Sahoo on 27-03-2016
Wow its great mind blowing
By Sunny on 20-02-2016
i currently own yezdi motor cycle of 1976 model. i am from Bhilai in chattisgarh. i am interested for its modification for its optimum efficiency , looks and power.Contact me at and may call me at 9424121355
By Pradeep Kumar Satpaty on 18-02-2016
Thank 4th info . U guys a doing our developing country, especially those diehard two wheeled modern iron
horse. Those who love their hair down n feel the breeze ofof the clean country wind. Keep up the good work n Al my best wishes to yards all. Kudos to u guys.
By on 25-01-2016
what do i have to do if i wanna built my own bike? seniors? any help?
i'm worried about the cops. i can create good but i'm afraid that i will be illegal. how can i get my work legal. sir/mam need help.
By Sandeep Kamble. on 22-01-2016
Hi!! I'm from Bodhgaya bihar and I want to modify my Thunderbird 350, 2004 model like Harley Davidson.
By Farhan Khan on 18-12-2015
Sir i want a new official lookup bike hom much you charged for it
By Chaitanya on 08-12-2015
Please give details of custom bike builader in vadodara , gujarat . i m really intrested in modified my bike . please please please give me detail quikly.
By Ravindrasinh Matroja on 20-11-2015
you should add details about the state of gujarat who works on customs , if you cant than it will wrost because gujarat is heart of the india. !!!
By Mayur Patel on 28-10-2015
I m having rx-100 . i want to modify it . I m from Up gorakhpur. . which will be best among these. . contact me guys on
By Avi on 25-09-2015
I want to modify my bike plz contact me 9967810327. budget is 2 lacs
By Pankaj on 20-09-2015
My no is 9811114032
I m dialing ur number since last 2 weeks but ur number was unavailable. . plz if it's possible call me on this 9811114032 number or msg me ur another number
By Manvir Sansanwal on 11-09-2015
Don't go for EIMOR CUSTOMS and their services. Their communication is hopeless.
Absolutely talented people but very unprofessional.
By Ron9 on 15-08-2015
I wd like to modified my glamor bike to sports look, n bullet 350 to chopper or H.D. look. How much cost n time. Mb 9830017983
By Samir Biswas on 08-08-2015
Sir hi I am your biggest fan I want to work with u without salery I love custom bike Sir plz Sir plz plz plz my number 8758302069
By Nitin on 26-07-2015
Hey i had herohonda cd-100ss . Can it be modified
By Aman Khare on 13-07-2015
Hi sir im bell john bell completed b.a would like to work with u because Im servant of customized and modify bick I m realy interested to alter bike plz help me im in velachary I dont need salary I need want to live super modify bike I alter one bike in my self with a help of YouTube. Suzuki 100 change a full alter exapte paint I sent that bick to u r fb account u see after u make a decision bt plz give me a life I do my fullfill work in anywhere anytime plz my number 9095915533.
By John Bell on 02-07-2015
Helo, i want modifie my Royal Enfield 500 bike to custom bik. Pls tel me what wil b the cost. send cotation on my emial
By Sunil Singha on 25-06-2015
I want to modify my TVs victor into old vintage dirt bike . can you plz tell me what will be the cost and then how will it look like?call me7065893959
By Abdul on 12-06-2015
can you send me details of Custom Bike Builders and Modifiers at Ahmedabad or Gujarat
By Hemant Chauhan on 03-06-2015
I m buy custom bike part
By Vishal Singh on 27-05-2015
sir am from Visakhapatnam andhrapradesh I would like to know how much cost is charged for custmige pulsar 200 like hayabusa help me and give the best customize shop for me
thanking you
send the details
By Mahesh on 10-05-2015
Hii I want to reduce my bike 150cc as 250 cc is ther any modification factory e mail me.
By Akhil on 20-04-2015
Is there any 350cc bullet modifier in guwahati(assam)
By Nabajyouti Medhi on 18-04-2015
is there any bike modifier in jamshedpur(jharkhand)
By Chandan on 08-04-2015
i need a good condition used cccustome bike
By Susant Kumar Mallick on 30-03-2015
I like this bike
By Alaul Haque on 27-03-2015
Hi I'm interested in starting a new showroom on costoms modification and designing , so guys plz suggest me ur ideas .
Watssapp me pl 7639490761
By Y.eswar Tarang on 22-03-2015
Guys, I want to be a custom bike builder. Can you help me?
By Rahul on 17-03-2015
Plzz there is no costum shop in himachal and i am very passionate about costum bike.plzz give me information about costum shops in himachal.
By Anmol Dutt Sharma on 25-02-2015
I wanna modify my yamaha fz-s 2 look like ducati monster. any suggestions?
By Kevin.... on 12-02-2015
I have a royal Enfield bullet 500 I just change the engine in Gujarat
By Siddharth on 12-02-2015
I want to customized my pulsar 200 custom made in Delhi, what is the cost for customized normally.
By Sunil on 01-02-2015
Keep going
By Pratik on 19-01-2015
I have 2004 model yamaha libero,i want to modifie like custom bike,so please give the quotation.send mail at this
By Nasarath.mahmad on 03-01-2015
sir iam intrested in ur work
my fother is a mechanick
so i want develop his work by doing these bikes
if u see this pls send me a mail to
By Gnaneshwar on 18-12-2014
I want alter my Suraj diesel motorcycle ( bullet) in nearest in kolhapur maharastra please contak modifications shop contact
By Niwas A Patil on 30-11-2014
Guys check out RH Customs on facebook and the website is . This guy from hyderabad makes some really kewl custom bikes.
By Shabir on 26-11-2014
I want to sell my customised bullet so pls help me
By Rishi on 21-11-2014
vgud gve correct address of ap plzzzz
By Bhanuteja.. 9491198576 on 09-11-2014
Hey can any body tell me for such bike modifications shop in Nagpur.
By Rahul on 05-10-2014
wow this fantastic bikes
By Javid on 04-10-2014
I can't believe that. waoooooooo
By Happy on 02-10-2014
Wow, this is very useful information.

I have a luna and I want ot modify it to look like a Harley Davidson. I'm surely going to approach them.
By Rakesh on 29-09-2014
i am from bihar and i will modified my like bihar any modified dealars available
By Prashant Kumar on 29-09-2014
I'm so exsited .thanks for coming copers.
By Blue. on 01-09-2014
I hav pulsar 220 fi, plis suggest me how to modified with the best look and with double silencer, plis send me with image at
By Loli on 21-08-2014
hi I'm Franklin
I got pulsar 200nsi and I want it to modify to get everyone's attention on me so please mail me at and suggest me with pics plz
By Franklin on 11-08-2014
By Shubham Kale on 19-07-2014
my Nice Bike and Topspeed 190. Harly Devidson.
in gujarat Highway.
By Santosh Kalara on 05-07-2014
I would like to modify by Bullet Thunderbird.Do let me know who is in Chennai.
By Kalyan on 07-06-2014
i want to open ur branch in kashmir .
By Fazil on 04-06-2014
can we convert a bike having dual suspension to mono suspension?? and what are the problems for doing it?

plz reply at my email.
By Parth on 31-05-2014
Helo, i want modifie my pulser135 bike to yamaha R15. Pls tel me what wil b the cost. send cotation on my emial plz
By Nagendra on 11-05-2014
no relies, why?
By Sulfi on 11-04-2014
I want bajaj discover bike100T
By Harish Kumar on 08-04-2014
What will be the cost
By Rajesh on 06-04-2014
gys iam aadesh i know modify bikes any vichel u want just say me i just make ur bike into a magic bike my modify company name mad
By Aadesh Thakur on 04-04-2014
may i build a chooper bike configured with royal enfield with in rupees two lakhs?I m from odisha so on which custom bike builder from your list I wil go through?pls wait for your quick response.(
By Sachikanta Badhei on 03-04-2014
Iwana design my dream machine which would look like harley davidson but id't know hw to start my ambition I'm living in bangalore
Plz hlp me out;:
& most important thing is i'wana buy all my bike parts slowly as I'm yet not
Capable but sure I can efford mon
thly an sum of Rs 25000
Can u guy's guide me n addres me where to go whom to contact
I shall be very glad & thankfull
By Aman on 20-03-2014
thank you dude, for provide such information.
By Kavi Goswami on 14-03-2014
Guys Do we have any Custom Bike Builders and Modifiers in RAIPUR Chhattisgarh
By Rkvcool on 23-02-2014
wow,,thats really a nice piece of idea,,but i m from orissa ,,here im nt getting any such companies ,,so plzz,,guide. thanking u.regards
By Iftekhar on 12-02-2014
I wanna know if there is any such dealerships in Kerala??
By Midhun on 06-02-2014
i wanna know how good you can modify my pulsar 200 cc with harley davidson sound and spory look with dual silencer.kindly mail me
By Chandan Singh on 24-01-2014
bikes wallpaper
By Harry on 23-01-2014
Hi all, I am frm Assam India, presntly in out of India, I want to do open yor branch in Assam also, as there are are many chopper lovers already being purchased from others state as nt availd ne gud customizd centr like u. Give me yor early response
By Imran on 20-01-2014
Wow. its a very valuable infomartion. Thank you guys.
By Dronsbablu on 22-12-2013
wow ? this fantastc bike
By Chaitnya on 10-12-2013
Hi there!!! I'm from rourkela, orissa and I want to modify my Royal Enfield bullet 350. so please add some bullet modifiers in orissa. thanks.
By Sanjay on 19-10-2013
please include angels customz from bangalore we are coming up with a website will update soon you can chek the works in facebook
By Angels.customz on 15-08-2013
Please include Custom bike builders in Gujarat. I'm from Gujarat and I want to modify my bullet like Harley Davidson.
By Yadhik on 29-07-2013
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