Loan Against Bike or Scooter

Finance against two-wheeler

No need to sell your bike if you need some quick cash. Get easy finance by pledging your bike or scooter.

Loan Against Bike or Scooter

Unique Features

  • Avail the lowest rate of interest
  • The loan tenor starts from 6 months and goes upto 24 months
  • Funding for vehicles upto 7 years old from the date of manufacturing
  • The vehicle need not be deposited. Customer can continue to use his vehicle
  • Get your loan approved in just 5 minutes, and sanctioned on the same working day
  • You can pay your EMI in cash at multiple collection centres, or walk-in to any local branch office

Get Loan Against Vehicle

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Previous loan on the vehicle has to be closed for getting a new loan against RC
  • Self-Employed, students, businessmen and salaried people are eligible
  • Residence proof of borrower is required
  • Borrower should have an active bank account
  • Manufactuing year of the bike should be above 2012
  • Bike should not be hypothecated or should have NOC from financier
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i want loan 50k. very urgent I'm ready to give my new scooty 6g only running 12000km kA registration nub. used in Chennai. i need loan for 3 months only
By Sisir Kumar Rout on 09-08-2023
Mujhe 50k chahiye pulsar n160 pe instant
By Abhijeet Kumar on 11-07-2023
Contact me. Looking for loan against bike. New hunter.
By Prabhjot Singh on 20-05-2023
Mujhe apnea access 125 par 30000 ka loan karwana hai...model 2018
By Ganesh Raghunath Harekar on 19-05-2023
I need bank ceased bikes and loan.if any one there kindly send me there pH no.
By Yogananda ..... on 29-06-2022
I buyed new model pleasure plus in 2021 November 3rd..with net payment but rc is on my mom name i need some instant cash but my mom lives in village
By Patel Ashok on 25-06-2022
Is there any CIBIL score needed to take loan
By Srinivas on 16-12-2021
I want loan for pulsar ns 160. I Have all documents and won house, plot....plz give me loabln
By Laxmikanta Khatua on 14-10-2021
Hello I am Prakash Singh and I want bike against loan, but bike is not mine officially, due, I was bought a old bike manufactured in March 2021 from my friend, can I got this loan or not
By Prakash Singh on 05-10-2021
Amount kattamaleye fulla emi pottukalamaa
By Selva on 05-09-2021
Yes my bike is 2019 I buy my bike in Hard cash . now i need money. I am salaried person I have all documents I have Bank account I have our own house
By Maninder Singh on 02-05-2021
I need urgently loan 25000 against my bike unicorn pls help
By Arunmohan on 16-04-2021
I want 60000 cash on agaist my bike pls assist
By Anumesha on 14-04-2021
Need help in getting loan on the vehicle to sell it out. It's ktm 390 2015 model single owner. Cash purchased bike single owner
By Saif Ali on 13-04-2021
I need 115000 of loan against my crprate company name honda shine 2018 nd activa 2018 in meerut u.p
By Puneet on 26-03-2021
i need for 50000rs loan againt my bike splander+. help me.
By Parmar Chetan on 11-03-2021
I ned ugntly loan on our kenetic 3 yrs used
By Aayisha on 24-02-2021
I need 80000 rs against my bike it is just one yr old unicorn Bangalore
By Sebastian M on 20-02-2021
I need bullet Electra 350 cc kilometre 40000 I need 80000 loan amount
By G Srinu on 24-11-2020
I need 40,000/- loan on bike Splendor Plus , model 2015, kms 20,000 running very good condition bike showroom condition
By S Praveen Kumar on 10-09-2020
I need urgently Rs.40000/- against my Bike Honda CB shine 125, 2016 model, 14000 km running.
By Ranjan Kumar Bag on 13-08-2020
hi I need a loan of rs 5000 to rs 10000 against active 5g 9 months old urgently
By Sanjay Bahuguna on 04-08-2020
I need a loan just 30000 , against pulsar 135,2015 model,plz call me 7547988890;West Bengal, Medinipur
By Ananta Das on 21-07-2020
How can i get loan on my Himalayan? It was purchased in cash due to some financial problems i want to get loan can i?
By Nj on 29-06-2020
I need scooty loan so cantact plz
By Atteeqganai on 28-06-2020
I wanted to know one thing , do need to submit original documents of bike from where i am getting loan
By Shankar on 19-06-2020
I need scooty loan 8899568465
By Sajad Ahmad Shiekh on 16-06-2020
I want loan agent used bike on urgent basis
By Rupesh on 13-06-2020
Need loan against bike paper
By Joby on 09-06-2020
I want loan against my bike 8857935717
By Parvez, Nagpur on 08-06-2020
I need bike loan now I am in Bangalore ....can any one contact me

By K Pavan Kalyan on 07-06-2020
Hai sir im frm shimoga i want rx100 my namber 9019657978
By Arun Kumar K R on 05-06-2020
Hlo sir . I'm from kerala . I need a bick loan
My contact number .:7994428783
By Rivaldo Richard on 21-05-2020
Requested for loan against bike. Can someone call me on this. My request number is 1589268282.
By Sunand Pk on 12-05-2020
By Anand on 06-05-2020
Hi sir i am from Tamilnadu. I need a bike lone of amount 40000 rs.. My contact number 9600307939
By J. Rampandi on 27-04-2020
Sir mushe ye bicke leni h Lucknow ka hi hu me
Mera contact number 8182089650
Call me sir
By Vishal Kumar on 05-04-2020
Sir mushe ye bicke leni h
Mera contact number 8182089650
Call me sir
By Vishal Kumar on 05-04-2020
I need two wheeler loan plsecontact me 7902420127
By Shaniyamol Cs on 23-03-2020
എനിക്ക്. ടു. വീലർ. R. C. Book. ഉണ്ട് 20000വായ്പ കിട്ടുമോ. ഞാൻ എങ്ങനെ അറിയു
By അംബിക പൂമ്പാറ്റ on 18-03-2020
At what intrest we get loan.
By Manoj Pawar on 10-03-2020
എനിക്ക് ആർസി ബുക്കിനെതിരെ വായ്പ വേണം. 4വർഷം പഴക്കമുള്ള vandi. വഴി ആര്യാട് പള്ളിക്ക് വടക്കു..
By Anzil on 07-03-2020
I want loan against 2 wheeler
By Shakeer on 06-03-2020
By Rahul Agarwal on 06-03-2020
Want a loan against my rc book. New bike one day old.
By Leon Bell on 04-03-2020
I have royal Enfield stealth black 500cc
I want loan on my rc
By Vinay Kumar on 02-03-2020
I want loan against 2 wheeler.
Contact Number-8605934354
By Siddharth Mane on 01-03-2020
Royal Enfield Classic 350
need loan
By Manuel Lalbin C A on 23-02-2020
i hve new dio bike

want lo take loan on it on urgent bases plz contact

By Nikhil Balekundri on 16-02-2020
I need 2nd hand bike loan.. Please call 7002017228
By Bikash Goswami on 14-02-2020
My bike is Activa 3yr old I need loan call me to this no 9379007979
By Abdul Nasir on 13-02-2020
I need used bike loan
By Prasad on 10-02-2020
am holding Honda Dio but i have taken through loan . Am i eligibile to get a loan against rc book . I am holding original rc book.. But I am monthly paying my emi please call me sir 8431646127
By G Reddy on 09-02-2020
My bike 150pulser I need of mony 2017
By Santram on 05-02-2020
Hero duet nanna bike emergency hospital hogabeku loan bekagide please help me
By Bhagyalakshmi on 17-01-2020
My bike is fassiono can i get loam
By Zdson on 15-01-2020
My bike is royal Enfield will I get loan amount of 50000
By Ramakrishna on 08-01-2020
My bike is R15 V3 .can I get a loan of 25k..urgent
By Prince Praveen on 05-01-2020
my bike honda cb shine is 2016 model , can i get loan of 30000
By Sonu Ranjan on 02-01-2020
My bike hond livo i need urgent 50000 it will get 2018 model
By Mrutyunjaya on 30-12-2019
My vehicle is fiero fix 2004 model. Will I get the loan amount of 25000. Its single owner..
By Naresh on 22-12-2019
I need loan against my bullet 350 urgent base
By Prashant Panchal on 20-12-2019
I want loan against my bike splendor plus
By Siva Kishore on 18-12-2019
I want loan against my used bikes model 2012 mahendra duro 125 cc
By Vinod on 05-12-2019
I need personal loan against my bike royal enfield bullet classic
By Vijendra Meena on 02-12-2019
2nd Bike loan
loan on 2nd bike
2nd bike Purchase loan
please refer your friends and customers

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ಸೆಕೆಂಡ್ಸ್ ಬೈಕ್ ಖರೀದಿಸಲು ಸಾಲ ದೊರೆಯುತ್ತದೆ

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By Shridhar on 01-12-2019
I need personal loan against buying used bike splendor plus
By Sachin Surya on 30-11-2019
By D Durgarao on 29-11-2019
My bike 2011 shall I get loan
By Ashok on 27-11-2019
May I know EMI amount for 6 and 24 mount
By Vasanthkrishnan on 27-11-2019
I have read the elgibility criteria am ready to borrow a loan against my bike
By Mohammed Zubair on 20-11-2019
I need personal loan against my bike royal enfield bullet classic
By Parvez Malik on 16-11-2019
I need money ,against my yamaha 2 mounths new scooty.all docc available with cash price
By Rahul Sarkar on 14-11-2019
I need loan against my bike 9121545253
By Sachin on 13-11-2019
I want take loan on bike
By Gurudatt on 12-11-2019
I need loan against my bike urgent my bike 2mounths.old6305116301
By Yk Narsimha on 11-11-2019
I want loan against my bike
Please contact : 8247864780
By Pedada Jagadeesh on 09-11-2019
Hi need car or Bike loan with rc card, it's an emergency could you please contact me. My number is 9620327823
By Abhishek P on 04-11-2019
Need bike loan please contact me my number is 9620327823
By Abhishek P on 01-11-2019
i needloan agnst bike 9359166601 cntct plz
By Nilesh on 27-10-2019
My bike only 4 month old
I want loan against my bike
Please contact 9584677706
By Sandeep Chandravanshi on 25-10-2019
What is the interest rate u charge for loan on 2 wheelers .
By Aishverya Srivastava on 24-10-2019
I need a loan againest my second hand byk. Please contact me 9711812456
By Govind on 23-10-2019
I have noc from financer my bike manufacturing year 2013
By Asif Akhter on 22-10-2019
Hi I want to refinance my bike for loan contact me 9728279552
By Vijay Kumar on 11-10-2019
Looking for loan against bike call 9739141188
By Venkatesh Vernekar on 30-09-2019
I want use bike for EMI plze a is sanction my loan and give loan for interest..
By Dhruba Mondal on 22-09-2019
I consolidated my debts with FAST LOAN Finance, am here to testify what happened in my life. I really thank God for his grace upon my life and my family because I have been looking for loan for the past 3 months now and I have applied with my bank (absa) but I was declined and all the financial institutions i went to i was also declined too but until a good friend of mine directed me to this FAST LOAN finance loans in south Africa. I really could not believe my eyes when they offered me a loan of 580,000.00 to consolidate all my debts and also refinance my business. I am giving this testimony today because i promised them that if they offered me the loan i am going all over the internet, Facebook and share their good works so if you are out there looking for any type of loan i would kindly advice you to contact them, No credit check, Blacklisted welcome, Just get your loan secure and loan funds will be transferred into your account with 5 banking hours of the day.For more info on how to qualify for a loan with them,email: ( OR call or whatsapp +27749582344 and you will not be disappointed
By Willams on 17-09-2019
Please share you contact no to second hand two wheeler loan
By Vimal Arvindbhai Gajjar on 13-09-2019
Hi I want to refinance my bike for loan please cantact me
By Shoeb Salam Bin Afeef on 06-09-2019
Mjhe finance karwana hai bike 7355916453
By Junaid Khan on 06-09-2019
I am holding pulsar 160 bike but i have taken through loan . Am i eligibile to get a loan against rc book . I am holding original rc book.. But I am monthly paying my emi .
By Lakshmanan on 05-09-2019
Rto consultant agent in bangalore CT 90600 59444
By Abdul on 28-08-2019
Need money against my bike, how can I get, Please contact with me in my no which is 9123999206
By Arindam on 28-08-2019
I need loab against my bbajaj pulsar 150 dtsi 2018 model
Pls contact me 9746621565
By Shaiju P B on 27-08-2019
I want to purchase used bike so I want to take loan for bike
By Samir Kumar on 25-08-2019
Can you contact me on my login Mo.No. Same please!
By Vikas Toppo on 25-08-2019
Sir i am a student so..
can i get loan on second hand bike plz contact me ...9664906772
By Dinesh Suthar on 24-08-2019
I want Loan Against Bike if possible call me - 8005754299
By Dharmveer Kumar Soni on 22-08-2019
Deir sir mujhe second hand bike per lon mill sakta he plz contact me 8554809897
By Rupesh Balaji Gaweli on 22-08-2019
I want loan against bike please contact me 9019778194
By Karthik Kumar G on 21-08-2019
I need a loan against my bike please contact me on 7061468710
By Mohit Kumar on 20-08-2019
Hi actually I need loan against my bike
By Chidanand on 19-08-2019
Sanjay Kumar Nala district Shamli
By Sanjay Kumar on 17-08-2019
I need a loan against bike
By Avinash Damodar Shinde on 17-08-2019
I want loan against my bike call 6382869335
By Antony Justin on 11-08-2019
I want loan against my bike Duke 200..
Contact 7986007669
By Atul Thakur on 08-08-2019
I need money, for that pleading my two Wheeler 9900117564
By Kiran on 08-08-2019
Hello SR my name in Navneet singh I want loan against bike splendor 2018 model plz amount is15000
By Vikash Sharma on 06-08-2019
Mobile 9959530747 I want loan against my two Wheeler
By K Srinivasachari on 06-08-2019
I need a lone. Get BIKE.
K. Ramu 8522841262
By K Ramu on 02-08-2019
I want an urgent loan against my bike avenger 220 2012 model call me 8368757864
By Ashwani on 29-07-2019
I have a 2015 model bike I need loan..9502434140
By Kalyan on 27-07-2019
Hi sir
Apply kiye hua 3 din ho gye aap ke yahan se koi reply nhi.
By Praveen Khandelwal on 20-07-2019
I need a load my against bike plz contact me plesse call 9414490180
By Rajkumar on 20-07-2019
I want loan against my bike platina 100 contact me on 7022023796
By K P Kiran on 15-07-2019
I Need Loan Against my Bike.please Contact me
By Manjunath K S on 12-07-2019
I need loan against my bike please call me 7997859255 latest model bike
By Ali on 11-07-2019
Dear sir/madam
I need loan againts my 1.5old bike u can xall me on 7484107726-
By Praveen on 08-07-2019
I want lone because am buying royel enfield bullet
By Honey Singh on 06-07-2019
I need loan against my bike please contact me 9160532133
By Phanisudhakar Kothamasu on 21-06-2019
Zero dawn peyment bike
By Anandbahadurbhusal on 18-06-2019
Call me 6363306875. I need 25000 thousands for rc booky TVS Zest 2015 model.
By Suveetha on 09-06-2019
I need loan to purchase second hand bike around 30000 (thirty thousand)you can possible to provide loan reply me
By Srinivas V on 23-05-2019
I do provide loan personal loan for salaried and self employed people all over India call me on
By Armaan Singhania on 20-05-2019
I want to loan against my bike
By Rajat Kansal on 20-05-2019
Dear bike4sale team

can i get a loan against my bike
bike model and year passion pro feb 2016
all papers are ok
By Alok Dewangan on 10-05-2019
Sir I Requested for Old bike buy loan please tell me a process.
Mob.No. 8909440130
Please call me sir .
By Subas Kumar on 08-05-2019
Sir I want small amount of loan on my royal Enfield ... please contact me 6307768977...thank you
By Ganesh Harishankar Ojha on 06-05-2019
I need a loan for bike 7908544198 call me
By Satan Kumar Darnal on 01-05-2019
want loan against my scooter plz contact me 901915074
By Solomon Raj on 01-05-2019
I am the loan provider personal loans & Business loan any one require a loan they can call me on 7039549715
By Alex on 29-04-2019
I need a load my against bike plz contact me 7624807217
By Sunil Tippanna on 22-04-2019
I want loan against my scooter plz contact me 9611792649 priya
By Priya on 18-04-2019
I want loan against my bike plzz contact me
By Sachin Chavan on 17-04-2019
Dear sir o am student
Hme a second hand bike pr lone mile skta h.
Plz cont mo no 9889883485/ 9453380594
By Deepraj Sharma on 14-04-2019
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