About Bikes4Sale

Founded in 2007, Bikes4Sale is the first ever bike-portal in India. Bikes4Sale offers a veritable platform that deals with Used Bikes, New Bike Booking and acts as a knowledge hub for everything related to two-wheelers. We also strive to give expert advice to our users on their queries, provide information regarding insurance and loan, generate original test drive reviews, disseminate news about new bike launches, helps to locate Bike Dealers (both new and used bikes) and a lot more.

Our Mission

To simplify the whole concept of trading pre-owned bikes and owning new bikes.
To become a one-stop platform for the trade of bikes (new & used) and serve as information hub to take wise decisions.

Our Story

At a time when buying and selling of used bike was a tedious task with just used bikes dealers, newspaper classifieds and word-of-mouth the only sources of information, Arun Thomas, a young engineer founded Bikes4Sale to explore a niche segment - A Dedicated Classifieds Website for Two-Wheelers.

The whole system of trading used bikes worked in a complex and tardy manner owing to the huge information gap that existed between the supply and demand sides of pre-owned bikes. Bikes4Sale came into picture to fill this void, by creating an extremely easy, quick, user-friendly and trustworthy platform that met the demands of both sellers and buyers to trade their bikes.

Used Bike Valuation: Bikes4Sale Price Guide: Trading of used bikes was then, and still continues to be largely an unorganized segment where often the buyers and sellers are equally unaware of a fair price. With no one to define a fair price for pre-owned bikes, the market price was mostly undervalued by Used Bikes Dealers. Upon identifying this problem, Bikes4Sale introduced a Used Bike Valuation tool that uses available market data to give our visitors a fair price for their bikes. Bikes4Sale was the first to introduce such a tool and still enjoys the title of the most accurate Used Bikes Valuation Tool in the country. Our tool is a standard today, which users (individuals and dealers) across India refer to make business decisions, both online and offline.

Furthermore, to weed out the possibility of any chance of scammers, Bikes4Sale made its listings paid thereby ascertaining real and legitimate intentions of our sellers. In spite of upgrading itself to a paid-platform, Bikes4Sale has never gone short of listings and have had received more than 5 lakhs bike listings till date, a testament of the trust associated with us.

Today, Bikes4Sale has its audience spread across India and has the legacy of having served more than 20 million users till date.


Bikes4Sale is owned and operated by Karot Technologies, a bootstrapped startup based out of Bangalore.

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