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Thank you bike4sale got a good response and sold my bike easily
By on 15-09-2018
This website is very good and i will sell my bike soon
By on 01-09-2018
Very Good response for the add. Thanks
By on 09-08-2018
The website was helpful in selling my vehicle.Thanks to team.
By on 26-01-2017
Great !! Was able to sell in quick time !!
By on 26-09-2016
Very good portal for getting the expected price of vehicle.
By on 31-10-2016
Deal got completed in 2 days after posting. Thanks
By on 19-10-2016
Good. 5 Star
By on 04-11-2016
Ibgit Good deal
By on 18-09-2016
By on 09-09-2016
Nice Portal, but need some features to be implemented
By on 22-10-2016
Excellent experience as I got a requestor to buy the vehicle within 24 hours.
By on 10-08-2016
Dear Team ,

Its good site
By on 29-07-2016
Very effective platform. Found the right buyer in less than 2 days. Really happy with the site.
By on 22-06-2016
Nice service. But my bike was sold out.
By on 25-05-2016
Customer bought my bike after watching adv on ur site only.
By on 04-06-2016
I m very satisfied wd dis website....thnq....keep going
By on 22-04-2016
Your is very helpful for buying and selling purposes, but from what I observed the response is little slow from the customers, maybe this is due to lack of awareness of your site. I think advertisement and marketing will help this problem solved. Apart from that, it is very useful actually.
By on 11-04-2016
yes come some call for perchage but other stage
By on 16-03-2016
Sold my bike in my relation.
By on 07-03-2016

Your portal is good.Keep it up.

By on 20-03-2016
This site was very useful. I got requests for my bike within 2 days. Very happy with the service provided. But i do request the admin to help with the transfer of ownership formalities
By on 28-01-2016
byke sold good response thanks
By on 30-01-2016
An awesome website with genuine buyers
By on 01-02-2016
Its a great site and I could sell my bike in just one day!!
By on 05-12-2015
My Bike was sold through OLX, I got very quick response in one day 20 people called and sold the bike in 24 hrs after placing the add in OLX. Thanks a lot to Bike4Sale site as this also a very good site for selling and buying bikes.
By on 09-11-2015
Really a good site for bike sellers and buyers.
By on 29-10-2015
Very good website but here is the thing is to beat OLX and Quicker at this site. Please make it famous like OLX
By on 19-10-2015
Thanks to Bikes4Sale. Used your site and got excellent reply from this.
By on 28-09-2015
I am postponing the journey. I will post immediately after my arrival to India.
Thank U very much bikes4sale team of officials for their prompt reponse.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I once agian thank U
By on 14-11-2015
I am removing the listing as my bike is sold now through some other website.

After listing my bike on bike4sale website, I immediately got few inquires within a day.
So thou my bike was sold through some other website, I would recommend as well for buying/selling.
By on 22-10-2015
Thank u for the space, got a good deal, wish u all the best.
with regards,
By on 03-09-2015
Hi I am a custom bike manufacturer from Kolkata. Since bike modifications are not so much upgraded here in Kolkata..and since this is my passion , so I finally decided to start one..for the first time in Kolkata. All I want to know is how do I get listed in the above specified lists of yours of People doing Customisations in India. Please assist.
By on 27-08-2015
I got many queries once i put add in bike4sale.I bought my bike through bike4sale only.This site is really helpful in buying & selling bikes.It helps to decide a good deal :-).
By on 23-06-2015
Good @sanjeev who had sold his bike in 24 hrs.
By on 08-04-2015
I have sold my scooty having barrackpore vehicle no. to Mr X. I have given all the documents to buyer like smart card insurance (original) along with the scooty 2010 model he have sign agreement cum delivery note and from no. 29 & 30. Now I came to know he will not transfer the name more over he will sold the scooty to someone else without transferring the documents. Now I am worried what should I do in this situation for safer side.
By on 04-05-2015
The bike's sold out!
I am amazed by the response time.
By on 31-03-2015
Bike is sold successfully through Bikes4Sale within 1 week.
By on 14-02-2015
Thanks. Got a buyer within 24 hrs after I upgraded my ad to premium account. Thanks a lot
By on 06-01-2015
Thanks. Bike soldout.
By on 03-01-2015
I sold my bike through within 2 days
By on 26-11-2014
Though I did not get satisfactory response from my advvertisement, I liked the site. It offers very useful information and is easily accessible. The site is technically good. I was able to load photos of my vehicle only on this site and that too easily. The other contents like specs, price, comparison of bikes and details about transfer/sale/purchase forms etc. are all very helping.
By on 26-09-2014
Thanks..Sold :)
By on 10-09-2014
I sold my bike through
By on 28-08-2014
i sold by exchange thank you
By on 26-07-2014
I had posted my add on other websites. But got 2 responses of interested buyers from this site only. I sold my bike outside of this website but the response was good. The site is easy to navigate and use.
By on 18-07-2014
Thanks.... Deal done. Best wishes.....
By on 26-06-2014
In 1 Week got 3 Calls for even a bike like Bajaj XCD 6 years old model.
This site is very good
By on 17-06-2014
Very fast in reaching people and hence I could sell my bike with in a day
By on 15-06-2014
Very quick update to needy people and service.
By on 14-06-2014
I am very happy that I received a number responses for my add and your site has eased all the hurdles and middlemen exploitation and saved our money
By on 05-05-2014
Again i got a good offer for my bike . thanks for ur site
By on 12-04-2014
Thank you Bike4sale. I sold my modified bullet.
By on 23-04-2014
Great work within 10 min. my bike Pulsar 180 DTSi 2011 Model has been sold out.

AD Posted on: 13-03-2014 @ 8:30 PM, 8:40 PM Get call from customer Deal Done @ 8: 50 PM

But my Bike was excellent condition only 20000 km. done
not accidental...

Thanks a lot...
By on 14-03-2014
your site helps to buy/sell things.Thanks for ur service...
By on 29-03-2014
Very good portal. It helped to sell my Yezdi in a short span of time. Cheers to "bike4sale"
By on 24-02-2014
Nice site and service
By on 19-01-2014
Very good site... Easy to use....thanks a lot for this site.
By on 16-11-2013
I sold out my Bike successfully with the help of online portals like you. thank you
By on 06-12-2013
Thanks a lot for wonderful helped a lot
By on 10-11-2013
This is a fantastic site. I sold my two bikes within 4 days of giving advt.
Great response.
By on 02-09-2013
Thanks a lot,
I could sell my bike within 10 days after posting the ad on this site. Thanks one again.
By on 12-07-2013
Dear, sir my bike is sold out through your website.
thank you very much ! but kindly delete my all phone numbers and details of this bike because i not want any call in future because my bike is sold out .
By on 11-07-2013
Its good site for motorcycles, do you plan to add bicycles to this?
By on 18-08-2013
It is the best site to buy and sell super bikes.thx to the team
By on 24-07-2013
your website helped me to sell my bike..tnx a lot
By on 08-06-2013
I don't think you will ever need to refund the money you take for putting a premium ad. My bike got sold in a week.. Kudos!! :)
By on 08-06-2013
The response has been at super fast. I received 5 calls within few hours of posting the advertisement. Thank you my vehicle is sold.
By on 05-05-2013
Very Good Response, Keep It up...............
By on 07-06-2013
this website is really very useful for buyers and sellers. i got my bike sold through this website.
By on 29-04-2013
Nice page to sell bike/scooters. Very good response within hours even.
By on 03-04-2013
Iam satisfied very much..thanks for selling my bike via ur website..
By on 02-05-2013
Lovely, simplistic, and user-friendly interface, for searching for motorcycles on sale, and for posting an advertisement.

Received lots of enquiries from here for my motorcycle advert, which I had put up here.

Thanks, bikes4sale team:)
By on 14-05-2013
my id.98302 i cant login
By on 23-03-2013
i have sold my bike so cancel my account
my mobile 9444461675 how to cancel
By on 23-03-2013
I like this website very much. Thanks for providing the great facilities through, I strongly recommend my friends to go through this website.
By on 22-04-2013
very nice
By on 19-04-2013
well, its a nice site to deal with.
but i think other classifieds sites are more active these days n most users use them.
u shd work upon it..
it was a pleasure doin busines
By on 19-04-2013
Great service, very usefull ....

By on 29-05-2013
well, its a nice site to deal with.
but i think other classifieds sites are more active these days n most users use them.
u shd work upon it..
it was a pleasure doin business.
By on 08-03-2013
I have found this service useful but got responses very late like 10 days after posting the add though the response is good...a good site for selling and buying...keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By on 18-05-2013
I sold my bike in this space. its nice.
By on 11-04-2013
Unbelievable response. I sold the bike within few HOURS of posting the site. Many thanks.
By on 06-02-2013
I was trying to sell my imported Honda VT250 since last few months without any results. Ever since I posted bike details and photo on this site, offers began to come and finally I got a good offer on 14 Feb 12 and sold it. Thank you very much. This site provides a valuable service.
By on 16-02-2013
I received good and swift response over my ad to sell my bike. its good, thank u.
By on 19-01-2013

I'm thankful to you for posting my ad for FREE & I was successfull in selling my bike in 3 days.. I got almost 7-8 phone calls everyday along with bulk emails. Your services are amazing...

Regards, SAMEER
By on 04-01-2013
good site for quick selling
By on 26-12-2012
hi , thanks for this website and the deals within this. its really very useful when i update in premium step . bike got sold out and its blessing to me. thanks and GOD(JESUS) bless you and your efforts.
By on 24-12-2012
Nice Service. Thanks
By on 11-12-2012
Nice website..
By on 20-10-2012
this is awsome website. i sold out my bike at very good price and very minimum time period.keep up good work. good luck for team Bikes4Sale
By on 22-10-2012
By on 23-10-2012
Thanks for bike4sale team i sold my bike recently through your website .

i got good reponse from buyers .

keep contiune your good work
By on 23-10-2012
right place to buy or sell the bikes with no pain!
By on 17-10-2012
Thank u for offering such valuable plateform of no cost.
May GOD bless u all.
Thank u.
By on 29-10-2012
Thank you for this platform, it allows for easy access to buyers and sellers.
By on 31-10-2012
Awesome awesome awesome website....
Just registered my ad in the premium selling section. I got call within minutes and sold out my bike within 24 hours!
grtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt site.
By on 16-10-2012
I like this website...People who want to specifically sale bike come here......My bike got sold out at exact same rate i quoted....In fact within 2 day....LOVELY....
By on 15-10-2012
I listed my bike for sale on your site and found a buyer the next day. Great service. Sold it at a rate closest to the listed price.

It would also help if you could add some value to the site by sharing documents for transfer, hypothication removal from bank, CC removal etc.
By on 03-11-2012
yes i am satisfied ... i sold my honda dio for best price ....
By on 13-11-2012
Got good responce from buyes...
Excellent... :)
By on 05-11-2012
got quick response
By on 10-10-2012
sold my bike in quicker
By on 10-10-2012
Bike4sale is an outstanding utility for used bike seller.
you place the ad. and within no time it is sold. off course if your bike is in condition !!!
By on 05-10-2012
Simple and nice site..
By on 28-09-2012
It was a good experience with your site and I could sell the bike very easily and at expected price.

Thanks a lot.
By on 25-09-2012
Hi, within 2 days of posting the ad I got 4 responses and got my bike sold for the price I quoted.

By on 24-11-2012
first of all the quality of the website content and arrangement is good, especially the bike price calculator !. The number of responses that I got for my Ad was less, but they were genuine buyers.

I sold my bike through other channels, but I am satisfied with

Thanks to
By on 22-09-2012
Excellent service... :)
By on 22-09-2012
i posted add in bike4sale, within 30 min'ts got response & i sold it. Its excellent.....
By on 08-09-2012
Hi Team,

The responses that I got after I posted in your web site was awesome. Also sold my bike without any issues. Continue your good work. I wish all the best from my side, and of course my friends whom I have recommended will also be telling the same to you in future :)
By on 13-09-2012
good response !!
By on 19-07-2012
When I paid Rs.250 for premium listing of my Ad for sale of my bike,
I was suprised on cashback guarantee for premium listing of bike if bike could not be sold even after premium listing,
But actually that happened what the guaranteed for!
I sold my bike within few days using!!!
Thanks a ton to
By on 30-07-2012
Satisfied with bikes4sale....... Thanks to bikes4sale..............
By on 24-08-2012
Got a good response, very soon!
By on 23-08-2012
Good response thank you!
By on 12-07-2012
Amazing response. Could sell my bike at a reasonable price. Thanks for Bikes4Sale
By on 22-08-2012
I posted add for my bike, and i got lot of responses. I was able to sell my bike with 2 days. Thanks to bike4sale.
By on 17-09-2012
I really thank bike4sale it helped me sell the bike in 2 days
By on 26-08-2012
Thank you I added my vehicle in the premium listings and had callers for the vehicle almost instantly.

Thank you

Kaivan Sethna
By on 06-09-2012
Good service. Thanks...
By on 30-08-2012
Good Good Always Good
By on 10-07-2012
thanks bike4sale team I ve got very gud response and within 15 days of posting ad my bike got sold.
By on 07-07-2012
yes, i am satisfied with the service.
By on 02-07-2012
Thanks for the support. After posting add, many people contacted me and i successfully sold my bike.
By on 29-06-2012
Hi there, since you have added the year option in the buy used bikes option, it has become difficult to find the desired bike.
I enter option as follows
Brand: Royal Enfield
Model Standard
State: Maharashtra
Year: 2011
So if there are no bikes in that year listed, and the only bike listed is in say 1999 i will have to go tru this option 11 times, which is time consuming. So please modify the option as
not earlier than 2005 or
later than 1989 or
give two options like between 1989 and 2005


M S Rahate
By on 27-06-2012
Liked the site, got many response. Thank you for the wonderful xperience
By on 28-06-2012
very good, thank you.
By on 22-06-2012
Best service !! Amazing response !! Thanks a lot !!
By on 21-06-2012
Hi Karan,

We do have a website to sell cars - Carz4Sale
By on 10-06-2012
Thanks for help.
By on 15-06-2012
Best service !! Amazing response !! Thanks a lot !!
By on 18-06-2012
I got huge response for my ad. Its good place to buy & sell. Thankyou... :)
By on 18-06-2012
thank you for the best selling experience so far ! something about this site which helps connects sellers with serious buyers. thank you for helping us out. Please do let me know if you guys have a site just like this one for cars.
By on 07-06-2012
Got a very good response for selling my old bike & got a good deal.
Also got a expert advise for buying my new bike which was indeed helpful..
By on 06-06-2012
I got buyer in one day after I posted bike ad on this site, looks like very popular site in india.
By on 04-06-2012
Could successfully sell my aviator and got good deal. Responses were many and that was satisfying.
By on 01-06-2012
very very thanks to i got many many response and i sold a reasonable price too. thanks a lot
By on 01-06-2012
Were nice website. Simple and very easy to post the adds.
Thanks a lot
By on 03-05-2012
great website i got amazing response thanks
By on 07-05-2012
I got very good response from this add.

Thanks a lot.
By on 10-05-2012
Response to my add was very good. Good platform.
By on 20-05-2012
Got gud response. Great Site
By on 19-05-2012
Really happy with the response :)
Thank you !
One suggestion - If there is a button to disable and reactivate a profile it would be really helpful.
By on 30-04-2012
excellent site, great communication.. keep it up...
By on 01-05-2012
Got good responses and was able to sell it at a good deal.
By on 27-04-2012
The response was excellent. Thanks.
By on 20-04-2012
Its an excellent website to sell ur stuffs. So easy to browse & use
By on 20-04-2012
GoodResponse. But I have sold to my friend.
By on 16-04-2012
Sold my Hinda Dio through this site at good price.. excellent response. Deal closed within 24 hours of posting the ad!
By on 13-04-2012
very very thanks to i got many many response and i sold a reasonable price too. thanks a lot
By on 10-04-2012
very happy with bikes4sale :)
By on 02-04-2012
I got a very good response once i placed the ad on your website.
By on 02-04-2012
Its a good site to post your ads for selling and purchasing used bikes.!!!
By on 01-04-2012
I have got good responses for my add. Al most daily atleast one call i got regarding the bike. I sold my bike within 2 weeks for a good price as soon as i placed my ad. Thankyou
By on 30-03-2012
Received lots of responses on placement of ad. But most were not genuine buyers, as they did not follow up ( after getting information ).
By on 27-03-2012
got a good response
By on 19-03-2012
Got good response and I sold my bike within a week of posting the Add.
By on 20-03-2012
great response..sold it at a reasonable price.

thanks to team bikes4sale
By on 23-03-2012
Response to my add was good. Good platform.
By on 10-03-2012
I sold my bike within a week of posting the Add. Seems this website is in reach of all using the internet. Great service. Thank You.
By on 09-03-2012
I got very good response for my bike selling ad.. Sold it for a reasonable cost.. Happy with this site...
By on 05-03-2012
This site is awesome !, i sold nearly 4 bikes here. Am very happy :) Guess i wont be coming back again for selling bike :P. Cause changed my mind to four wheeler Bike4sale Rockz m/_
By on 03-03-2012
I am very much satisfied with this site and i bought a bike for a very reasonable amount without any brokers, and that too with a lot of sellers to choose.

Thank you very much
By on 03-03-2012
Awesome response through bike4sale... i sold my fz16 within a week. Thanx.
By on 28-02-2012
Excellent site, easy to use, my compliments.
By on 24-02-2012
Yes. this is the best place to sell your used bikes online...!!
By on 24-02-2012
extremely satisfied and suggestible for others
By on 23-02-2012
Superb response. Sold my bike within 7 days. Received multiple queries at one go and I almost became greedy to retain the bike.

If only i coupd use your website for my CAR resale too.

Superb Superb Superb. Thanks a ton.
By on 17-02-2012
I am very satisfied with the service :)
By on 17-02-2012
I recommend for selling/buying bike. I cant even believe i have posted about my bike selling status on 08/02/2012 and it got sold by 09/02/2012;11:50 am. Its my real experience.

Thank you
By on 09-02-2012
Happy to get calls
By on 09-02-2012
Thanks for your great service !
By on 13-02-2012
Hi I sold my Honda Activa bikes with in a month from the day i posted the add in this site....Just avoid brokers and deal directly with the customers...If this web site can look to avoid the brokers/dealers for the add's posted using some sort of method..that would be a great help to the customers..
By on 19-12-2011
Nice Site , it was very useful to search
By on 12-01-2012
I am surprised with this site.Since I posted my ad in morning.I sold my bike in afternoon sameday.Gud deal too.way to go..........:)
By on 12-01-2012
I was quite surprised to get so many calls within a week of putting up an ad for my bike sale in this site. Quite a good response to this site. Recommend this strongly.
By on 12-01-2012
very satisfied with this website
By on 10-01-2012
By on 04-01-2012
I am happy by this web site i have sold my bike.
By on 08-01-2012
website is fine & worth
By on 03-01-2012
bikes4sale is the best website that I have come across. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!
By on 02-01-2012
Realy a good site for selling bike. I registered bike on 28th Dec11 & I was getting reply from buyer from next day. On 31st Dec11, i finalised the deal as per my wish price. It happened in just 2 days. Its unbelievable experience thorugh
By on 02-01-2012
100% satisfied
By on 31-12-2011
sir, ur site is no 1 for use vehical to sell, i hope u wull continioue, i like this site
By on 30-12-2011
Great response and i sold my bike in flat 10days.
By on 29-12-2011
Very good service; got 3-4 responses within couple of days of posting ad.
Keep up the good work..!
By on 28-12-2011
Your site is very user-friendly!!! Thank you very much Bike4sale Team.
By on 26-12-2011
Good reponse for the team who creted this,we are able to get the bike prices we are looking for!

By on 23-12-2011
can i get alerts on my mail id
By on 19-01-2012
It is a Center place for buyers and sellers both. As there is no middleman both the party feel satisfied on finalization of deal. A resourceful & responsive site.
By on 22-01-2012
Thank you. It is a good website..keep innovating
By on 15-12-2011
Very fast response & deal was closed quickly. Thanks to team.
By on 14-12-2011
Thank you. Your site has got good visibilty and i managed to sell my bike very quickly.
By on 14-12-2011
gud response for ur ad guaranteed...
By on 20-12-2011
Thanks for the ads my bike is sold
By on 04-02-2012
Response from this website is very good. I realized a lot of people visit this portal frequently. The content display & search parameters are perfectly designed for the users to get what they want. Enough details are available for the buyers and enough fields available for the sellers for providing details.

I sold my Yamaha RX 100 for a good deal in less than a month. I received almost 50 calls in those 2/3 weeks after registering. I am sure everybody has had the same experience (exceptions always there) and I believe new comers will do feel the same .
And, any buyer or seller, sure to have a deal at!

Thank you very much Bike4sale Team!!!
By on 09-12-2011
I started getting calls from prospective buyers right from day 1 and my scooter was sold in 15 days! Thanks!
By on 05-02-2012
this site is very usefull,
im thankfull for this
By on 07-12-2011
Amazing website got lot of response in less period of time..............
By on 21-12-2011
its very nice & useful site for all... Amazing
By on 28-01-2012
real good web site ... easy and convenient ...
By on 06-12-2011
hi, i am so happy with this portal bcz i sell 2 bike and 1 buy through this :)
i think best website to sell and buy bikes
By on 27-01-2012
very useful, Direct Contact, No Middleman, got good response and also good deal
By on 27-11-2011
Thank u team, i got overwhelming response and cool deal too.
By on 21-11-2011
good portal
By on 23-11-2011
i'am ver happy n satisfied...:)
By on 13-11-2011
Love this website, i sold my two bikes through this website.
Guess Many rely on this website hence started getting responses within 30 mins after posting the ad.
By on 13-11-2011
Good deal for my Bullet ! Alll the credit goes to Bike4sale... Cheers..
By on 10-11-2011
Very good site for bike selling and buying. The best part is the assessment of the prize for the bike.
By on 07-11-2011
I am extremely happy with the services. there was very quick & positive response immediately after posting the ad. the inquiries also were genuine. I sold my bike to a gentleman at mutually agreed good price. non of the inquiries were fake & all of them were actual buyers. I am still getting the calls. Its a good site to deal with. I will definately reccomend to others. thanks & good luck....
By on 05-11-2011
good service frm urside...#
By on 03-11-2011
I have sold my bike because of you.

By on 31-10-2011
The bike's sold out!

Thanks for Bikes4Sale
By on 29-10-2011
Thanks, its really a very good site.
By on 27-10-2011
this is usful website for me any pepole would like to sale your bike pl put your bike details to this website
By on 25-10-2011
I got good response from . I got a buyer and I am happy with this website. Good work.
By on 16-10-2011
Thanks for such a wonderful site. I am really satisfied with this feature.
By on 16-10-2011
lovely... got more thn 3 responses in less than 4 days... unfrtunatley i sold it to the very 1st person however... :( i dint kno that sccoty would b in so much demand.. lol
By on 15-10-2011
Hi, I want to thank Bikes4Sale team. My bike has been sold through this site.
By on 11-10-2011
It was an awesome experience with bike4sale , i sold my pulsar within 2 days of uploading the details. Keep up the good work!! will surely recommend
By on 09-10-2011
Thanks to bikes4sale, I got a genuine buyer for our bullet within 15hours of posting the ad..........and the bike was sold and handed over to new owner within 24 hours!
By on 08-10-2011
Got my bike sold in 3 days and i got the price i wanted. Very intuitive website too.
By on 07-10-2011
I posted an Ad here and my bike got sold within the next 4 hours. that's fast no kidding. thanks to bikes4sale
By on 01-10-2011
Many thanks to Bikes4Sale team,my bike hasbeen sold out within a fortnight.
By on 06-10-2011
By on 26-09-2011
This site works well!

It would suggest to add a few features (like sorting based on date of posting, price range,etc).

Thank you.
By on 25-09-2011
Good portal.
By on 25-09-2011
this so good site for buying and selling
By on 19-09-2011
Nice site , Superb site design & arrangement of details. very user friendly site .................yo yo bike4sale......
By on 16-09-2011
i have sold one of my bike successfully with the help of bikes4sale
i am really happy with services and response.
By on 11-09-2011
Sold my scooty with in 2 days... thanks bikes4sale
By on 05-09-2011
Excellent service..
I sold my two bikes,sitting @ home
By on 05-09-2011
Thanks a lot bike 4 sale .com i had sold by avenger bike easily and fastly
I have posted my mobile phone and car also bt no response on that side :)
But For my bike i thanks to u a lot.. This Website rocks :)
By on 29-08-2011
thank u so much guys. nice site. neat, fast and worthy. its a gr8 deal providing a free service like this!! cheers!!
By on 25-08-2011
I appreciate all you guys behind these website.. Your website is Benchmark because of the simplicity, honesty, customer friendly user interface n service. Things are so systematic that even i child can navigate.. i had bought n sold couple of bikes. Once again hates off to you for your Noble Service.. keep on Rocking Bike4sales..
By on 25-08-2011
Awesome site....I posted my sale yesterday night and this mornin i had 6 callers... I've got the best price and my bike is already sold... Wonderful site...Keep up the good work...
By on 23-08-2011
Genuine platform connecting buyers and sellers...thanks to the team for putting together such a useful portal. Cheers!
By on 18-08-2011
Its a wonderful website to and i thank to Bikes4Sale who made it easy to sale my bike within one week after posting an advertisment in this website.
I wish all of you a very best of luck.............
By on 12-08-2011
Got good enquiries in Nagpur...
By on 13-08-2011
Good site. I sold my bike within 24 hrs of placing the advertisement.
Great !
By on 11-08-2011
Hello,according to my opinion this site was helpfull to those people who was searching for buying as well as selling their bikes.Wonderfull,I like it.
By on 10-08-2011
In metro cities this site is very helpful in finding the right buyer and seller. I am really very happy.
By on 03-08-2011
I like this website. I came here through a reference and was told that we get instant reply. That was true. I made my deal through this site. Thanks.
By on 30-07-2011
Great experience posting my bike on your website. have received many inquiries.

Thanks bikes4sale.
By on 29-07-2011
Although the bike didnt sell because of this site, i sure got a few responses from posting my ad. Hence surely in future I would list my bikes to be sold here. The site is really simple and easy to understand, hence it makes a great place to market your product.

5 Star rating for the site out of 5.
By on 27-07-2011
Thanks a Lot Bikes4sale. Navigation on the portal was very easy, and the responses are amazingly quick. I sold my pulsar for a good price
By on 26-07-2011
Thanks to your site,I bought my bike here two years back and now I've sold it back here itself !!
By on 26-07-2011
Very good response from buyers. sold my bike.thanks.
By on 21-07-2011
Very helpful Service :)
By on 20-07-2011
Extremely useful site! Thanks for getting me lots of requests for my bike in Bangalore!
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Absolutly gr8 website...My bike got saled in two days with best price what it is desired..Thanks a lot to website owner for creating such beutiful website which has most reach to people.......:-)
By on 19-07-2011
in general website is really awesome. well thought and well constructed system you have going on here.
one little bug you have is that when someone previews pictures of bikes, on the page itself the image appears stretched. but it gets fine when you open it in a separate window. I am not sure if this is the same case with other browsers than Chrome, but this is the one I am using right now and the bug appears.
Hope I was any helpful
By on 17-07-2011
yes the site is good and good response. i got many calls through this site.

Keep up the good work
By on 16-07-2011
Beautiful site. Very well organised and user friendly. Thank you for helping me in buying as well as selling my bike....
By on 14-07-2011
Thanks for getting me a great deal for my platina in blore.
Great job guys :)
By on 14-07-2011
excellent ! I got the deal on the same day of post. Thanks!
By on 11-07-2011
Thank you for keeping this site available for buyers and sellers. Appreciate it!
By on 08-07-2011
this site is very usfull to sell and buy for 2 wheelers my request to the u that pls start one section of computer and games like psp ps2 ps3 x box etc .thanx a lot
By on 09-07-2011
Totally impressed with this Site.

Never knew such sites exist. Got lots of phone calls and response for my Honda Eterno.

Thank you very much for maintaining this so very well.

Good Luck !! Best wishes
By on 04-07-2011
Thanks for getting me a good deal for my bike. May you get lots of Advertisements and make good money :)
By on 03-07-2011
Very nice site. I sold my bike in 5 days.
By on 02-07-2011
yes i am satisfied with your service as i have been able to sell the bike within four days after the add. Thanks.
By on 02-07-2011
By on 10-07-2011
Thank you very much..Within 10days of time I sold my bike for a good deal. I have registered on other sitres also but I feel bike4sale has got very good response.

By on 06-07-2011
its a good portal for buyers and sellers
By on 06-07-2011
It's Really Good site, I got good enquiries.
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Very good service. Very elaborate network. I got the first call with in hours of registering. Keep it up.
By on 05-07-2011
Yes,truly fully satisfied,response is very quick.thanks
By on 01-07-2011
Very nice portal..lots of response..geniune buyers...keep it up..
By on 29-06-2011
thanks a ton...many buyers contacted me as soon as i posted up
By on 29-06-2011
thank you got my bike sold in a day.
By on 23-06-2011
Thanks a lot all your help. I had posted my bike updated on 20th June 2011, and on the very same day I received a call from many customers. Within 3 days I could able to sell my bike at a very decent price, which I had expected. I wish all the very best to BIKES4SALE for their future services. YOU GUYS ROCK...!
By on 23-06-2011
thank you very much for your service. It was very helpful for me and i got plenty of calls from potential buyers.
By on 20-06-2011
Thanks for getting me good deal on my HH Glamour
By on 26-06-2011
Fully satisfied.....
By on 25-06-2011
Got a lot of responses
By on 24-06-2011
Thanks. I sold my Yamaha Alba bike within 7 days through this portal
By on 19-06-2011
User friendly website. Clean user interface, not too many ads like

Thanks for helping me sell my bike.

Good Luck!
By on 19-06-2011
It was my pleasure to associate with bikes4sale as I got immediate calls for my bike posted and it is already sold (in less than weeks time)
By on 28-06-2011
Thanks., The response was amazing and i got my 1st response 15 mins after register. The bike sold on the same day itself.
By on 28-06-2011
An Adv placed for Honda Unicorn is wrong, as when the owner is contacted he says he never placed the adv
By on 17-06-2011
Thanks for the nice service.I was able to locate a buyer for my two wheeler.I'll recommend to friends.
By on 17-06-2011
The response was overwhelming...thanks for such a nice portal.
By on 18-06-2011
Thanks for bikes4sale. I was able to sell my pulsar in less than a day from the time I posted in this site.
Thanks again to the team...
By on 16-06-2011
Great! Got a great price for my old bike.
By on 16-06-2011
Thank you:):). Very helpful in getting good offers and getting bikes sold fast:):).......thank u again:). This is the best way to sell or buy used automobiles:):). Keep it up:):).....
By on 13-06-2011
Pls make ur website user friendly.
1) if user is logged in, make the search default to the users registered location.
2) provide sorting functionality on columns in the search result.
By on 12-06-2011
Thank you for the amazing service. I managed to sell my Enfield really quick and got a satisfactory deal. All that was made possible because of no. of buyers approached via Bike4sale.
Thank you !!
By on 28-06-2011
Very user friendly site. Good work guys
By on 11-06-2011
It is a great site for sell and buy bikes. Thanks.
By on 11-06-2011
i sold my bike...thanks
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Thanks a lot for bike for sale. very good responce recd. from purchaser. excellent service from bike for sale thanks once again
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I was able to sell off my bike within a week after posting on without having to spend a penny.
Thanks a lot team bike4sales and keep up the good work!
By on 04-06-2011
I think is quite popular especially with the IT guys, excellent response to ads, Amazing, THANK YOU!!
By on 29-05-2011
Thanks to bike4sale. My bike sold of in just 3 days. Response is too good.
I hd received 4 enquiries and all 4 were ready to buy.
By on 30-05-2011
It would be of great help to the users if u provide sorting based on price, year of manufacture and model. It would make it easier for us to search our requirements at the earliest. Now searching a bike takes too long by clicking on each link.
By on 04-06-2011
Thanks a lot. I got a good deal to sell my Pulsar 220. Got many responses. :)
By on 01-06-2011
THANKS A LOT TO BIKE FOR SALE.COM,u are simply the best,one of the best websites providing a good customer service
By on 31-05-2011
Hi Thanks for Bikes4sale team. I sold my Passion Pro bike for a good price by posting my ad here. Really i got a quick response to my ad and got calls for my bike. Really a good and awesome work done by the team. I wish them success, expect the same response in future.
By on 05-06-2011
Thanks a lot 'bikes4sale'. Good site. Good response. I struck good deal very fast.
By on 31-05-2011
By on 05-06-2011
i baught and sold my karizma through bike4sale!! REALLY GOOD WEBSITE! KEEP IT UP ADMIN!!!
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This is very helpful website.I have recently sold my Bajaj Discover 135cc through this website....awesome!!! i realy thankful to you................awesome.......100% reliable...and top website for selling bike...etc....thank you once again......
By on 23-05-2011
This is very helpful website.I have recently sold my Bajaj Discover 135cc through this website....awesome!!! i realy thankful to you................awesome.......100% reliable...and top website for selling bike...etc....thank you once again......
By on 23-05-2011
The response has been better than expected. The bike has been sold out, thanks to you.
By on 24-05-2011
Got good replies to the add given. Thank you.
By on 24-05-2011
Very useful site for selling and buying.
Good response seen immediately after posting ad in this site.
By on 24-05-2011
Wonderful Site. I posted one ADVT. for selling my Bajaj Discover on last Tuesday. Within four days, I got the deal, and bike is gone for good price.

Bike4Sale really rocks.

By on 21-05-2011
Thanks to , this is the second time ive sold my bike with out any hassles or worrying about commision agents.
By on 22-05-2011
It was stunning to see so many buyers with in few hours of posting the Ad. You guys rock!! I admire such service! Keep going guys..
By on 20-05-2011
even though i got a buyer outside of the portal...the no of responses i'd got within a coupla weeks was awesome! well designed site..kudos to the team behind the venture!
aliya thoma...kalakkitundu!! :)
By on 19-05-2011
Got my bike sold within 2 days, shows the popularity of this website. Keep it up guys!!!!
By on 19-05-2011
excellent website. good info
By on 19-05-2011
I am very much thankful to you, i sold out my bike at an early date. thanks for that...

any way i found that the subscribers are quoting very high prices for the Enfield bikes especially...

Do some thing to control it..
By on 17-05-2011
I wanted to sell my 6 months old Royal Enfield. Within 5 mins of posting the listing i got a call and after one hour the buyer paid me full cash and bought the bike. This site has the most amazing service. I will recommend to all my friend to use this site.
By on 17-05-2011
This sute is one awesome website, easy for searching with sell/buy options.
Received multiple calls once i posted the ad here.
Thank You so much.

You guys rock.
By on 15-05-2011
thanks alot for helping me out witin one day,nice response from customers
By on 15-05-2011
Good really helped me to sale my vehicle with 2 very thankfull to it...Rgds
By on 11-05-2011
I got tremendous response for the bike sale adv that I had posted :)
By on 12-05-2011
Thankyou Bike4sale for providing a great forum to get a good deal on my bike. Great service....keep it up!!!
By on 12-05-2011
My bike sold.....
very good website
By on 11-05-2011
Your site is really awesome. I successfully sold my 12 years old Bullet in 68000/- INR.
By on 12-05-2011

This navigation portal has been very useful. I got good response from genuine buyers and could sell off bike for a very reasonable price within couple of weeks time after posting my add at bike4sale .

Thanks a lot for the service and all the best for bike4sale venture.

+91 98866 15917
By on 10-05-2011
Got a right deal at the right time. Thanks.
By on 08-05-2011
The bike's sold out!
I am amazed by the response time.
By on 07-05-2011
I have used bike4sale as a buyer many times and it was always easier and the rite place to find what i wanted. this time as a seller, i am more satisfied with you guys as i made a good deal thru the reach u guys provided me. It was nice getting associated with you.
By on 05-05-2011
It was good experience selling through, Got genuine buyers and was able to sell the bike swiftly.
By on 03-05-2011
Dear Team,

I am very much expressed with your wonderful service. with the help of this site i have sold my vehicle in just One Week. Fantastic coverage...

Thanks Again.
warm regards,
ganesh, kochi.
By on 03-05-2011
very good site!!!!!!!!!!
By on 02-05-2011
Excellent site and i was able to sell my bike for a good price almost within 10 days of posting the ad. Wish the entire team at BIKES4SALE all the best for the same.
By on 02-05-2011
Very Popular site i guess, with no lag time i get response from customers to buy my bike, thanks
By on 02-05-2011
I thank u very much .as just because of ur website i got good buyer and good price.
By on 06-05-2011
lets see if i get what i desired for.
By on 01-05-2011
This is a good site. I uploaded an AD for my bike and within 1 hour it was sold (Though the buyer bargained by small amount).

Thanks to Bikes4Sale. Else, selling 2 wheeler was a hazzle with contacting dealers and spending time on it.

By on 06-05-2011
Yes Vijay I agree.
I am a cruiser fan..and I had a GV 250 it good at that price and I have touch 130 KMS in few seconds and used it for 6 years, but ST7 is too expensive at 6.5 On road Pune...ideally it should have been price at max 4 lakhs on road..
Garware got Arjun Rampal to market the bike.
I feel either the Garware"s are arrogant or over ambitious.
If they want to be successful they should re-think about price. I would gone ahead by now had it been below or at 4 Lakhs.

Any new on GV 250 / or any other cruiser 300+ cc coming to India do inform me..people
By on 30-04-2011
Thanks guys,

Your portal was very helpful for me too sale my bike. after putting the ad within 4 hours my bike got sold.

Appreciate your support.

By on 06-05-2011
Really good site. I got response immediately after the add.
By on 30-04-2011
This is the second bike I've sold through your website. Keep up the good work! Kudos, once again!
By on 05-05-2011
Service was very good. Within an hour after registering for my Yamaha RX135 i started getting replies. and within 2 days deal was closed. It has saved me off for the valuable time.
By on 28-04-2011
hai,awesome website,thanks to bike for sale....i bought my bike here and sold also here....main thing is responses are good..keep on do the same for us...thanks to bike4sale and bike4sale team..trustable website iam recommended for all my friends....
By on 26-04-2011
hi,awesome website...usefull for us....thanks to bike4sale :)
By on 26-04-2011
Bikes4Sale provides for such a convenient arrangement to buy or sale bikes (in my case, selling) across a broad mass and hence, more response and that, for Free..!
Thank You.
By on 26-04-2011
You have created quiet a good market out here !! the responses i received for my bike sale were amazing...long way to go... all the best :)
By on 20-04-2011
thanks a lot your site was useful i got a buyer for my bike through your site.keep it up..
By on 30-03-2011
It is the best site for selling and buying bikes...
By on 29-03-2011
its highly useful site for bike sellers/ buyers. after my registering, i got plenty of queries. however, i sold it to my own relative. still services are par excellence. thanks.
By on 29-03-2011
thanks to bike4sale it very fast and nice to very one in bewst way
By on 29-03-2011
Hello !

This is a very good place to search bikes. I have purchased couple of vehicles and manage to sold out one of mine.

I observed that vehicles are posted under proper group, each manufacturers have almost all products covered.

I could suggest you a little, that there are few very old posts we never know those vehicles are still available. In fact on few occasions I was informed that those vehicles are sold long back. If you can send system generated message to the advertisers every month and ask them to follow a link to renew the post, or to delete the post if the vehicle is sold. that will be very easy to keep your site updated. Also in the event of no response to your system generated message within a week time you can automatically remove / deactivate the post by sending another message to advertiser, with a link to renew or you can remove that post.

This will help searchers to get latest and updated posts, inactive members will be identified, and those who have already sold their vehicles and reluctant to remove their post can no longer will be displayed on the site.

Thanks & Regards,
Manoj Ranade.
91 9822040600
By on 29-03-2011
Thanks for your service. I got a good deal for my bike. :)
By on 28-03-2011
Awsome Experence and sold my bike in a week.
By on 25-03-2011
I would like to thank team, with your help I was able to find the right buyer for my bike.
By on 15-04-2011
thanx , i got a deal a for my karizma
By on 13-04-2011
I put up the ad for my bike late on Friday night and I only put it up on this portal. I started getting calls from Saturday morning and today (Monday) evening I closed the deal with a person. I am extremely happy with portal. Thank you so much. Loved your UI as well :). Would definitely spread the word about you.
By on 11-04-2011
It's a very good site.
By on 11-04-2011
this is a good portal. thank you very much.
By on 11-04-2011
thanx. i got a good deal for my R15..
By on 02-04-2011
good site.. there r many visitors.. I got response
By on 01-04-2011
the site is good... there r visitors
By on 01-04-2011
very good response.... thanx
By on 01-04-2011
thank u
By on 01-04-2011
yes this site is very good,but the moderator/administrator of this site should look on to the price factors which are asking,because the people here are asking more than 50K+ for 5 or 6 year old pulsars,fieros....
By on 31-03-2011
Really works, already sold my bike. Great work guys....
By on 07-04-2011
I really like this web site . i got lot of calls and i have sold my vehical in good price and i got good professional genuine buyer
Thanks for bikes4sale
By on 12-04-2011
Bike sold not for the price I expected but that was nothing to do with the excellent service provided by Bikes4sale...Thankyou
By on 06-04-2011
Thanks for the site.
It worked out well for me

By on 05-04-2011
excellent site.My bike got sold within 15 minutes of posting on this site
By on 24-03-2011
thanks bike4sale.. great portal. very easy to navigate.. and i sold my bike within one day of posting.. very satisfied with how quickly everything happened.. keep it up !!
By on 19-04-2011
Thanks a Lot Bikes4sale
By on 18-04-2011
Great response. Have sold the bike now. Great site. Thanks
By on 18-04-2011
Hi its really useful not having mediators and get Genuine buyers
By on 22-03-2011
Thank you for the experience of hassle free selling, especially without the interaction of agents. Impressed by the site and it's associates and will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending yourselves to friends!
By on 18-03-2011
thank u
By on 18-03-2011
yepppppppp its sold :)
By on 17-03-2011
thanks for free advertisement of my bike
By on 17-03-2011
Bike sold within 24 hours. What more to ask for.
By on 20-03-2011
Thanks a lot Bike4sale as i got my dream bullet Thunderbird from this and also i got the good price for my Pulsar as it has balanced both the sides.
Thanks Bike4sale
keep Rocking.........................
By on 12-03-2011 is very good site to sell the Bike...I have sell my bike with in 24 hours after posting the Add.

Thanks a lot to Bikes4sale....
By on 11-03-2011
Excellent Portal
By on 04-03-2011
I sold my bike by putting an add here... thank you guys!!
By on 08-03-2011
Excellent platform for busy professionals to sell their two wheelers
By on 06-03-2011
it one of the best site for selling and buying bike i get very well response for my bike xcd 125
By on 03-03-2011
Really a nice experience using the website, better responses i've ever received......Thnx
By on 07-03-2011
Thanks so much! I was able to sell my bike in few days
By on 08-03-2011
i appreciate the efforts is making... though i didnt get the deal through it but it exposed the market to me.. best way to start if u are a novice..
By on 17-03-2011
Thank you bikes for sale i got a good price.
By on 09-03-2011
Good forum.
By on 16-03-2011
I would like to thank all those who are behind this website for helping me sell this bike. I have also purchased a Hero Honda CBZ in 2008-09 with the help of this website. Now again in 2011 this site helped me sell my scooty pep within 2 week from advertising in this website.. Thanks a lot guys.. I will surely be recommending & still do recommend to all my friends & relatives about this website..
By on 01-03-2011
it was very useful, i was able to sell my bike in a quick time..
By on 01-03-2011
Its a great site for selling a bike.
By on 28-02-2011
Hey, your site is awesome. I was able to sell my R15 using your site with in 15 days after posting an ad here. I was flooded with calls. Thanks Guys..!!
By on 28-02-2011
Thanks a lot. I sold my pulsar successfully within 20 days of posting. Thanks a lot...
By on 27-02-2011
Very Good site having nice network and potential buyers or sellers
By on 25-02-2011
Bike4sale,com is a good platform for selling or buying two wheelers,thanks a lot..........
By on 21-02-2011
Good website..I sold my bike with some efforts ..Keep it up bikes4sale !
By on 21-02-2011
It happen so quick for me that after posting the add within a day i started getting inquiries from the buyers and my bike was sold within 2 days of registration
By on 19-02-2011
very good.
By on 18-02-2011
very good portal,and i sold my bike but i don't know how to remove the add from the portal,kindly help in this regard.
By on 18-02-2011
Awesome site, got enquires for my bike to be sold instantly and got a buyer for free. Love ur protal BIKE4SALE. Thmbs Up.
By on 18-02-2011
very good site add some more cacification like car etc
By on 17-02-2011
good site
By on 17-02-2011
This is really a very good portal for buyers and sellers. I sold my bike within a day with a very good deal. Amazing responses and very useful for the common public.
By on 18-02-2011
thks blke4sale team. best bike market.:D
By on 18-02-2011
This site rocks.. Responsed started in few hours from the time I posted here. I sold my bike. Very good site ..
By on 17-02-2011
its really amazing

my bike sold in just 3hrs

great work by

By on 15-02-2011
U r site is very helpful for 2nd bike buyer & seller.

I have bought a HH glamour
Sold a HH pleasure due to ur site

By on 13-02-2011
Thanx to bike for(4) sell.
By on 12-02-2011
Thank you for your excellent service.
By on 12-02-2011
Simply Great
By on 10-02-2011
Thanks, i got a deal and finalized just in 2 hrs.
By on 10-02-2011
Thaks for helping me to sell my bike...
Good hub it is keep it up
By on 09-02-2011
I Thank all the part of this website . it had help me to have an idea of the price but i sold it to of my friend .ny ways i thank you again
By on 08-02-2011
I Thank all the part of website . it had help me to have an idea of the price but i sold it to of my friend .ny ways i thank you again
By on 08-02-2011
YOur site is very useful for buying and selling bikes. Thanks for getting a buyer for my bike.
By on 06-02-2011
good website.. good response. thanks a lot.
By on 06-02-2011
search-engine(SE) & result-page(RP) need huge improvement.
SE: more search-features, e.g., max/min price, max/min age, locality (try dividing city into 4-6 zones), option to select 5 out of 100 models (try giving a check-box against each model-name, rather than putting models in a drop-down)

RP: price, freedom to sort by price/ date-of-ad, etc.
By on 08-03-2011
got a call in 1 minute after entering the details. thanks a lot
By on 04-02-2011
Very gratefull to this site for getting me the right deal for my TVS WEGO.
Also recommended this site to all my friends.

Great going guys......bike4sale rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By on 04-02-2011
Excellent website. I had kept my add on afternoon and the next day morning the bike got sold. Very good response to this site.
By on 04-02-2011
I was really a great response after posting my ad on ur site, my bike was sold on 24 hours ,, Really Great ....

By on 05-02-2011
very happy and very good service,highly delighted and thankful.
By on 07-03-2011
This site is amazing. Sold my bike in 10 days after the advertisement. Good job Bikes4sale.
By on 03-02-2011
thanks to bikes4sale , i sold my bike through this platform within a day of posting it . also i purchased through it only
By on 31-01-2011
Its a very good portal for buying and selling bike. Becuase of this portal I sold my bike in pretty decent rate and its quicker too.
thanks to
By on 31-01-2011
Got more than 30 inquiries within a week . Was able to sell the bike easily. Will recommend this site to all my friends
By on 27-01-2011

The response to my ad was too good. I could settle in just ten days i.e. with in two weekends.

I am definitely encouraged to visit the site again for any bikes buying/selling.

By on 26-01-2011
Bikes4 sale really works

very nice!!!!!1
By on 25-01-2011
Very good service,,,due to this i got around 8 calls in a week
By on 23-01-2011
Thanks a ton! I got a pleasant deal for my 10-month old Passion Pro in Navi Mumbai within 24-hours of posting the ad.
By on 19-01-2011
Its a very useful and handy place where we can easily sell or buy vehicles without much hassle.

Thanks alot for your service!!!
By on 18-01-2011
Hi, I am very happy with this portal.
I received offers & sold my two wheeler.
By on 17-01-2011
at what price u sold ur bike
By on 16-01-2011
its a awsome site but a lot of promotion is required
By on 18-12-2010
I thank Bikes4Sale for providing such a good platform to buy n sell. Recently i kept my bike details for sale in your portal and i recieved response within short period and my bike got sold off. Thank you.Thank you very much
By on 13-01-2011
its realy good portal
By on 10-01-2011
very Useful site for seliing bike
By on 12-01-2011
Very useful site to get contacts of sellers and buyers.... it helped me
By on 12-01-2011
Thanks a lot to Bikes4Sale, i was able to sell two of my bikes at a good value.
By on 09-01-2011
I got a very good customer and finalised the deal within 10 days of uploading the requirement to sell my Platina
By on 30-12-2010
thanks to bike4sale and their team. whenever i need two wheeler buy or sale i will sure come back to this site, its very helpfull...
By on 08-01-2011
Immediate response and i sold my bike with in a day.
By on 07-01-2011
Thanks for getting me a deal for my 1 year old honda activa
By on 07-01-2011
I sold my bike in a week, you guys are doing a fab job...Cheers
By on 06-01-2011
this site is excallent. it helped me a lot to sell my bike.
By on 27-12-2010
Thanks to i was able to sold out my bike with in a month time
By on 27-12-2010
Got a geniune buyer for my Dad's bike (Bajaj CT-100).

Very helpful website !!

Thank you

- Vinodh
By on 06-01-2011
Very good response sold within 1 day....happy
By on 04-01-2011
Very useful site i sold my bike within 15 days of posting in this site
By on 04-01-2011
Thanks to, I found a passionate buyer for my bike within a week.
By on 14-12-2010
Must say the site is extremely effective. Within hours of placing my ad, I recieved a number of queries and the bike was sold pretty fasr. Thanks
By on 16-12-2010
am realy happy with ur service .
amazing responce with in a hour time.
my byk sold out

By on 11-12-2010
am realy happy with ur service .
amazing responce with in a hour time.
my byk sold out

By on 11-12-2010
Maan gaye guru..
Just in 1 hrs and my bike sold..
Thanks a lot..

This site is very useful :)
By on 08-12-2010
It is a good website . Thanks for giving such kind of qucik response and reliable service.
By on 06-12-2010
This is the only website from India which gives fast and reliable service to each and everyone. I am really thankful to
By on 06-12-2010
I was able to sell my bike through this site. It means it is on the radar of genuine buyer and sellers.
Thank You
By on 06-12-2010
The site had been v helpfulin selling my splendour which was more than 10yrs old at great price.THIS SITE IMPORTANTLY KEEPS AGENT OUT OF PICTURE AND MAKES DEAL WITH PURCHASER AND ONLY BUYER.
By on 05-12-2010
I thank Bikes4Sale for providing such a good platform to buy n sell. Recently i kept my bike details for sale in your portal and i recieved response within short period and my bike got sold off. Thank you.
By on 02-12-2010
it was nice experiance, i got lot of calls and was able to sell my bike for best price
thank you bike4sale
By on 02-12-2010
hi... thankyou all of bike 4 sale team thanks a lot again because after add given in your portal i got 4-5 contact from diffrent-diffrent place.
By on 01-12-2010
I pay my heartful thanks to all the members of . I recieved so many calls within one day of the post and atlast its sold out. Thanks for your Help
By on 01-12-2010
Its a very nice media for the market of selling-buying vehicles. I was able 2 sell my CBZ within a day. Thanks 2 Bike4sale.
By on 30-11-2010
Liked the site..I got a deal and sold the bike.
By on 28-11-2010
The response was amazing. I sold my bike within 24hrs of registering on the site.
By on 29-11-2010
Ad 39364 SUZUKI INTRUDER in Hyderabad is either a stolen or smuggled bike without proper documentation. Seller not having import / customs papers and not willing to disclose Registration number, email or location. Buyers beware.
By on 29-11-2010
Bike sold just in few days. Very good site !!.
By on 29-11-2010
Thank you for your help Bike 4 Sale team, I sold my bike in Just one day after listing it with you with a very good price.
One again Thank you so much.
Vikram Goyal
By on 26-11-2010
Its amazing got sold out in hours :-)
By on 29-11-2010
By on 11-11-2010
Thanks for helping to sell my bike
By on 11-11-2010
Thank you for all your support in terms of regular feedback. I could get a customer for my bike through your services. This meeting platform for seller and buyer was very convenient. Best wishes.
By on 08-11-2010
Superb Response. Within a day only, I have received more than 20 calls to buy my bike. It made me a Sales Manager on 24th Nov 2010, which is far away from my actual job of Human Resource Management.

Thank you BIKE4SALE
By on 24-11-2010
Gr8 site to buy /sell bikes.

iam amazed with the quick responce in less than one day of my post I sold my bike for the price i quoted ..
Xcellent :)..keep it up..
Happy diwlai guys...I am havng gr8 Diwali cos of u guys
By on 07-11-2010
Perfect place to keep a post...I have got lot of enquiry on my post.Thanks a lot
By on 07-11-2010 is one of the best sites in India for buying and selling bikes. The response is awesome.
The only problem is the phone no verification doesn't work. I never received the verification code on my idea mobile, neither a year back nor now. If these glitches are fixed this site can truly be the best of all.
By on 06-11-2010
You site is rly beneficial for selling and buying bikes.
By on 06-11-2010
Superb Service.............Hats Off to you!!!!!!!
By on 25-11-2010
I am very much thank full to Bike4Sale site.. For supporting to sell my 2 year Honda Stunner vehicle. I got a reasonable price which i expected near by.

Once Thank u to the buyee...
By on 12-10-2010
Excelent response for ads that also free of cost.........grt
By on 11-10-2010
its awesome....amazed with the response i got!
By on 10-10-2010
though i sold my bike from myself but this site really helped me in getting info abt the real value of my bike in the market.
there were calls fro the buyers 24x7 and it made me feel like i am a bike dealer. great.
By on 28-10-2010
Hi, I would like to thank to This is the real bike/car portal in the web.
By on 28-10-2010
thank you very much you guy's rocking thanks a lot
By on 20-10-2010
Hi, i sold karizma-R through bike4sale and i got a fair price for it. the website is recognized by masses and proves to be a good platform for buying 0r selling. Till now i have sold two bikes through the website and i am quite satisfied with the services offered by the website.
By on 28-10-2010
I sold out my bike through this website. This site is very helpful and getting more calls. Thanks to this website.
By on 20-10-2010
Thanks to this website.
By on 20-10-2010
Please add no of KM run, which will give complete information without not looking inside.

By on 29-10-2010
Thanks for helping me sell my bike.

By on 30-10-2010
This is a great site for buying and selling bikes. It is very user-friendly, and helped me sell my Bullet in under a week. Thanks!
By on 22-10-2010
No non-sense portal for those who are serious in buying or selling two wheelers
By on 30-10-2010
Thank you for the support in selling my bullet. People contacted me throughout and finally i sold my bullet!!! Thanks for the supporting websites.
By on 30-10-2010
This is a good site. I have got a good response from this site. Thanks a lot
By on 05-10-2010
This site is Awesome.... and looks like now people have started searching for websites like this to buy 2 wheelers rather than depending on the brokers !!!! you guys ROCK
By on 05-10-2010
Thanks for, i was able to sell my Honda Unicorn Bike within 2 months for a very reasonable price . Without this portal this would have not happened at this short period. many people have contacted and i sold it finally for a better price.
Thank You
Karthigai Prakasam
By on 31-10-2010
thank u very much i sold my friend ct 100 at the best price thanx a lot this site is superb wish u best of luck for future
By on 04-10-2010
yep. sold :) thanks a ton chaps :)
By on 11-11-2010
really it a very good site for us to avoid dealer and get direct contact
By on 01-11-2010
Good respose to my Add. User friendly site.
By on 13-11-2010
This website has done its job perfectly. I got a very good deal for my bike. I am in Tamil Nadu with my bike registered in Karnataka. So there was problem in selling it in Tamil Nadu. But after I posted in this site within two days my bike was sold out to a person from Bangalore.

Keep the good work up.
By on 15-11-2010
I got a good deal for my Avenger bike. This site is really good.
By on 10-11-2010
Transaction through your site are really fast. Thanks for getting me a Buyer. You guys are just awesome.
By on 24-10-2010
Thanks for getting me a deal for my 2 year old unicorn
By on 03-11-2010
thank u very much for ur website. its amazing for customers and buyers..thank u once again.. this is nice website among all other sites
By on 02-10-2010
You Guy's Rock yaaaaar!!!!

Great thanks to create this portal.

Really helpful who need to sell/ buy thr bikes...
By on 18-10-2010
This was one of the great experience for me to sell my bike. It took around 1 month to sell my bike as it lies in premium segment. But my bike is sold at a very good and expected bike.

Thank you and keep going guys and gals
By on 18-11-2010
I like this website in this website there is no broker if there will be broker to sell the bikes then the amount we want will never get when we sell our Bikes Thanks to Teams that they have launched this beautifull website if any one want to buy or Sell the Bikes
By on 02-10-2010
you guys are doing really good job. i will rate it no 1 bike/car portal.
By on 21-11-2010
Very good portal. Received very good response from buyers. Able to sell my bike withing two days of posting.

Thank you very much

By on 21-11-2010
bike sold out thanks.......................................
By on 20-11-2010
bikes4sale is very helpful and very resposive in nature. I have sold two of my vehicles in my family through this . Thanks
By on 14-10-2010
not user free
By on 19-11-2010
Thanks for allowing me to post Adv here. I could get my Blaze sold off through this
By on 04-11-2010
You Guy's Rock !!!!

Great thanks to create this portal.
By on 29-09-2010
Thanks a lot for selling my bike
By on 20-09-2010
This portal is highly helpful and the response time was really good... I'd definitely recommend this site if anyone needs to sell their bikes urgently.. Kudos to Thanks..!!
By on 16-10-2010
Very Good And Useful Portal.
Highly effective and guaranteed results.....
By on 01-10-2010
thanks of Bike4sale... i sold my TVS super XL for a good price.. i hope they continue their valuable service... i got many buyers when i added my bike.. its a pleasure to be with such a good team like bike4sale
By on 17-09-2010
Thanks a Lot Bikes4sale. Navigation on the portal was very easy, and the responses are amazingly quick. I have also posted my ad in other websites but trust me this is the best of them all. Bikes4sale u ROCK..
By on 17-09-2010

Great i dint expect such a fast response. I posted the add by night 12 and sold my bike in morning 10 Am.. Very quick and quality response.

Thanks a lot

By on 26-10-2010
I got a quick responce and sold out my bike with in 48hr. Once again I am very much thankful to this site.
By on 23-09-2010
Hi Umesh,
We just checked our database and found that you have got one respone in the first day itself. May be you should have waited for some more days before deleting the advertisement.
By on 12-09-2010
Hi Nikhil,

Some sellers may be quoting higher prices because of the modifications they have done on their bikes. Or may be, that particular model is phased out and is having huge demand in the local market.
By on 12-09-2010
i searched for enfield classic 500 and 350...prices ur clients are quoting for a used bike is higher than company on road price..
By on 12-09-2010
Not so useful. I did not get any buyer.
By on 12-09-2010
YOur site is very useful for buying and selling bikes. Thanks for getting a buyer for my bike.
By on 14-10-2010
best way to buy/sale bikes..i want to suggest some tips ,if u think it is best ,than add in add
1.. make a coloum for seller dealer or owner of bike as bike in his name ..
2.. very fied phone nos must compulsary in add and reply msg
3.. complete address must be in add with location
i think it will be great helpfull to buyer / seller..
pl inform about my idea
By on 30-09-2010
i sold my bike in 2 days only. thanks to bike4sale
By on 23-09-2010
By on 19-09-2010
The site has helped me immensely to sale my T'bird..have got phenomenal response. Thanks a ton to the whole team of up the good work..
By on 19-09-2010
Great ...

I got a quick responce and sold out my bike with in an hour. Thank you very much for your kind supports
By on 10-09-2010
Amazing, marvelous, fantastic. I cant say in words.
Within 5 mins I got a call. Within 1 hr I sold it. From 1 week I am planning to sell my bike but I am afraid of dealers, and I dont know the procedure to sell. I came to know about this site from my bro and within minutes I got very good response. Once again I am very much thankful to this site.
By on 09-09-2010
Gr8 website, it helps alot
By on 09-09-2010
The bike's sold out!
I am amazed by the response time. Kudos, Bikes4Sale !
By on 06-09-2010
Got very good responses for my bike and thank you(bikes4sale) for offering such an useful forum on the Net.
By on 06-09-2010
I sold my Bike in 1 day(Within 24 Hrs) and got expected price. This site is excellent.
By on 24-09-2010
Love this site.
By on 07-09-2010
Thanx for your free advt. portal. Give ur advt. in the leading newspaper also.
By on 02-09-2010
It is very good site for people who wants to by bikes.
By on 22-02-2008
I pay my heartful thanks to all the members of . I wish my best regards to the team of . God Bless You.....
By on 01-03-2008
Hi, This is good and usefull website for used vehicles. Keep it up team.
By on 28-02-2008
Thanks for such a good site.
By on 12-02-2008
all thanks to url. I could finaly got a good buyer for my bike. Thanks for making things easy for us. ROCK ON
By on 24-01-2008
I like your team and I wish my best regards to the team of
By on 06-12-2007
I am using your site through many months. I like your way for buying and selling our goods, so i am requesting you to add a new site for selling Electronics Goods like PS2, PS3, PsP or Computer Peripals etc.
By on 27-12-2007
This is one of the best site for the used bikes sale and buy. The search criteria parameters can be added by filtering the search on the basis of manufacturing year,kms run etc. Also manufacturing year, kms run should be made mandatory for every bike id. Thanks.
By on 04-01-2008
Hi Bike 4 Sale Team,
Thank you for making such a good platform for buyers and sellers to buy/sale their vehichle without facing any inconvenience. Keep it up.
By on 30-01-2008
I would like to thank team, with your help I was able to find the right buyer for my bike.
By on 25-11-2007
I like your team & I wish my best regards to the team of . Thanks..
By on 19-11-2007
Thanks to Bikes4sale. I was able to sell my Avenger for a great price in less than 2 weeks.. Kudos.. Will recommend this site to one and all !!!
By on 29-11-2007
Thanks to Bikes4Sale. Used your site and got excellent reply from this.
By on 30-11-2007
Hi, I want to thank Bikes4Sale team. My bike has been sold through this channel
By on 01-12-2007
Would just like to let u know ur site was very helpful. Got a few calls from prospective clients. Thx.
By on 14-09-2009
Thanks for the prompt response. It really is a good initiative. Once again, thanks
By on 26-07-2009
Yaar its a good work ,, i think lot of promotion is required for this site ..its a good one
By on 04-08-2009
Thank you sir, i am very happy 4 your immediate responce. And your service is very good. Thank you so much.
By on 11-09-2009
Its a very good option to choose.
By on 01-06-2008
Good site. Easy to use.
By on 18-05-2008
I am very happy.
By on 01-07-2009
HI, by use this site seller buyer can meet in personaly and too less chance to cheeting.. Thanks for good management
By on 11-06-2008
Kudos, the site is very user friendly. Good luck.
By on 11-05-2008
Thanks to It helped me to get a good amount for my bike.
By on 29-04-2008
This is Nice website regarding Bikes...
By on 02-05-2008
This site is really a blessing 4 people who is in emergency to sell thr bike... Hope this site will sustain in th web 4 life longgg....
By on 24-04-2008
I added my bike to the Top deals section in your website. After that i got a good number of prospects, thanks to the website.
By on 04-04-2008
Thanks!!!!!!!!! Bikes4Sale

hi Team Bikes4sale
i really wanna say thanks to you guys for givin me such platform to sell my bike(RXZ 135/5-SPEED) to the one who really cares for the bike as i do(even more than me)....... And yeah one more thing i hav got the appropriate amount that my bike deserved . thanks guys thanks again...... greetings
By on 03-04-2008
Thanks for your effort in putting up such easy to use site for a common user.
By on 15-03-2010
Bikes4Sale has proved to be a gem of a site. It looks cool,and apparently a lot of people use this site as I got a number of responses when I put up my bike for sale here. Kudos to the Bikes4Sale team!
By on 29-03-2008
I thank Bikes4Sale for providing such a good platform to buy n sell. Recently i kept my bike details for sale in your portal and i recieved response within short period and my bike got sold off. Thank you.
By on 11-11-2007
This is good Portal.
By on 15-10-2007
Thanks for getting me a deal for my 1 year old pulsar in blore. :)
By on 01-10-2007
The bike's sold out!
I am amazed by the response time. Kudos, Bikes4Sale !
By on 07-11-2007
Your Used Bike Valuation Tool is very accurate. Very smooth interface and great customer service. Keep it up!
By on 27-07-2018
Got good response
By on 17-06-2018
Good, great job done b4s
By on 12-06-2018
Good response sold it immediately
By on 11-06-2018
Waste of my money. Don't use it.
By on 23-05-2018
your web site yamaha dealers in ludhiana searesh and 8 dealers list are closed delares name pls update new delers name m/s ROYAL MOTOR CO MAIN GT ROAD BASTI JODHEWAL CHOWK LUDHIANA
PHONE- 01615071112,5081112,5191112
By on 12-05-2018
Good response time thanks but changed my mind about selling the bike so I'm keeping it for myself.. and thanks for the support.. keep up the good work
By on 02-05-2018
Thank you bikes4sale. Sold bike !!
By on 05-04-2018
Yes, Good response in a short period
By on 15-03-2018
Very good response for the ad. But i could sell the bike through known person,NOT through this ad. If ownership transfer facility is available in Chennai also it is good. Thanks.
By on 09-02-2018
It’s sold out
By on 20-01-2018
Excellent portal for selling and buying bikes. I recently sold my Honda Activa and it was a very smooth deal. Buyer also was happy with the whole transaction.
I would give it 5 star rating.
By on 18-01-2018
It's great sold the bike without any hassle and so quickly
By on 15-01-2018
easily usable platform. better thn olx
By on 14-01-2018
Good platform to sell/buy bikes👍
By on 13-12-2017
Thank you bike4sale. Good response for the add. Keep doing the good work.
By on 18-11-2017
Thanks, we got a very good deal through bikes4sale
By on 08-11-2017
Got lot of good responses and i felt paying for premium service was worth while.
By on 04-11-2017
Wonderful response.. I could sell my 2004 Activa in one day!!!!
By on 31-10-2017
Good response time. Worth it to go for premium adv.
By on 15-10-2017
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