Tips for buying and selling bikes

Motorcycle buying and selling tips

Selling used bikes can just be matter of few days for some, while it can be harrowing experience for many. Here are some basic selling tips for your used motorcycles.
The best thing to do is ensure if everything is alright before making the payment and take a detailed look at the paperwork before you take the keys from the dealer.
There are some basic tips about used motor bikes and if you know these, you will land in a perfect one; both economy and quality wise.
A detailed description about the procedure for selling two wheelers. A must read for all buyers and bike owners.
An exhaustive list of websites of all Regional Transport Offices in India.
Registering vehicles in different states can pose quite a few problems and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has stipulated a few rules and regulations to aid the citizens while relocating their vehicles or registering vehicles in a different state.
Download the necessary sale ceritificates for transferring the bike to another person.
Procedure to get No Objection Certificate from RT Office.
With even super bikes foraying into the Indian market, maybe without giving it a test ride you cannot take the machine home paying in lakhs.
If you are looking to import a sparkling new bike then you will need to cough up 105% duty and if it is a second hand vehicle then be ready to shell out as much as 100% duty.
The instructions given in the following article may help you when you buy a used imported motorcycle.
There is a change in the process for changing the name in RC book in Kerala.
Read this to avoid getting cheated by your bike or car dealer.

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