Procedure to get NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC is a must for change of address and re-registration.

What is NOC?
NOC (No Objection Certificate) is a certificate which is needed to submit in the new state in case you transfer your vehicle from your home state, where your vehicle is registered, to another state.

eg. When you transfer your bike from Karnataka to Delhi, you need to get NOC from Karnataka RTO. Only with NOC you can change your address and can re-register your bike as per rules of Delhi state.

NOC is also mandatory when you buy a used vehicle from other state. In this case the buyer needs to get the NOC from the seller.

How to get NOC?
First of all you need to have the following documents before applying for NOC.

1. Original RC Book
2. Insurance Certificate
3. Four copies of Form 28 with Chasis number pencil print
4. A court fee stamp of Rs 4.
5. Police clearance certificate from the local police station. (It is to state that the vehicle is not stolen or it has no criminal records. It is CRB (Crime Record Beuro) in Tamil Nadu. So the name changes from state to state.)
6. No Objection Letter from the financier if it is under lease/hire purchase.

Along with all the documents mentioned above and a receipt of NOC payment, you need to apply for NOC at the RTO, where your vehicle was registered. You will be delivered the NOC within 7 days by post.

Now with the NOC and other required documents you can apply for change of address and re-registration in case you shift your vehicle to a new state for more than one year. In the new state you need to pay lifetime tax as well. So after getting registered and getting the new number with the new state you can apply for refunding the tax you paid in the home state.
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sir i have purchase a bike passion pro in 2011 dec month and i have pay the all EMI time to time but still i did notget NOC sir please tell me how to get NOC my contact no is 8374311871.
By on 11-01-2018
dear sir i have already request for noc.resistration no hr24x9777. pls tell me whtat is status
By on 17-02-2018
sir i was purchased activa in 2015 march and i have pay all EMI time to time but still not get NOC.sir plz tell me how i get my NOC letter
my mobile number is 9924602791
By on 02-03-2018
By on 12-10-2018

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