Things to know before you buy a used motorcycle

In general, used bikes are looked at as negative. First off, come out of the notion and if you are a little smart you can strike a deal even if you have to buy used motorbike.

There are some basic tips about used motor bikes and if you know these, you will land in a perfect one; both economy and quality wise.

If you are contemplating on buying a used in all likelihood you want to have a decent deal with less money spent.

There are several instances when a used bike has proved a lot worthier. However, if you want a good motor bike in the minimum prize range, you should better consider your requirements.

Know which brand you really are up to; a Yamaha or Bajaj or a Hero Honda. If you have inkling for a brand take time and wait for the one. Never get carried away by inexpensive lures offered by other brands.

Then, you need to know engine capacity whether a 100 cc, a 125cc, a 150cc or a 200cc one.

Then how old should be the used bike; are you okay for a 5 year-old bike or you are looking for a 2-year-old model. In either case your best would be to have it checked with your bike service engineer who will know in and out of the engine by test running a few kilometers. He can also ascertain the wear and tears and will give unbiased evaluation; even if you have to pay for his services its worth.

Again, make sure it's not a stolen metal piece and its accident free. Very important, you don't want to land behind bars for no mistake of yours. Do you? Make sure the papers are clean and ensure that the insurance is paid up to the time the buyer told he had paid.

Check if the chassis number on paper and machine tallies or not.

In case you have a special interest on buying a modified vehicle, make sure you have got it checked thorough, as modified vehicles pose many problems from engine to gear shifting.

However, online has opened up new markets for buying used bikes as well and the best place to scout for the one you will like is our online database which updates more frequent than your eye blinks and feature several bikes for sale. You might also find your favorite brands worth your money.

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By Suman on 07-11-2021
Good point sir.
By Mohammed Rifaz on 08-10-2018
Looking out for an activa contact me on 9594109684 I wanna buy it Tomorrow anyhow
By Meena on 10-10-2015
Hi am thinking of buying a 2010 apache rtr 160 which has done 33000. At wat price i should buy tis bike and wat r the things to be noted while buying tis bike.
By Prabhakaran on 23-04-2015
I am looking for a royal classic 350. con at 9718986892
By John on 19-02-2015
please, I tot to buy a second hand honda bike any brilliant initiatives 4 mi to kno b4 purchasin it, please aid b4 I mess arund.Thank u God strongly blez u all
By Puile on 06-04-2014
Friend ,which is more beautiful yamaha fazer 150 or fz1 150 ,and what is their actual milage
By Yaad on 03-09-2013
I dnt knw i didnt understnad wot u said....i want a bullt in low price........if u r intrst cntct me...9633813272
By Sanna on 05-05-2013
go and sleep with anyone then can give you bettr bikeeeeees
By Hhh on 24-01-2013
hi friend i want t to buy second hand royel enfield so pls guide me what oll information i should know

By Shalab Rana on 02-07-2012
Awesome Points,
But, is there any specific extra points of concern that are to be followed in case of buyin a second-hand Royal Enfield.....

If Any please specfy.
By Vipin P J on 12-06-2012
i want to purchase second hand scooty please guide me in purchasing nice scooty with reasonable price
By Sarla on 28-05-2012
Thanks for all the great suggestions. You advise against buying an old Bajaj but what about a new Pulsar? Should I opt for a Honda instead?
By Ravish on 20-03-2012
muje ek bullet 350 chahiye jo bhangaar condition ki hona chahiye kyuki use me apne tarike se bnvana chahta hu. bus uska engine aur chechis thik hona chahiye.
agar aapme se kisi ke pass aisi koi bullet hoto muje call. kre.

By Aseemkulkarni on 13-03-2012
i want to sell indigo cs 2011 model please contact email address

ramjeet basic shiksa adhikari
By Santosh on 23-02-2012
Im trying to purchase a second hand byk, im from hyderabad, range is 10-20 thousand, my mobile num:9966001666/7416202602
By Sampath on 19-02-2012
Well good work up der.
Another piece of practical advice.
Before u get ur hands on ur bike, make sure the price quoted by t seller is in competition wit other sellers. Bcz a person selling his machine for a lesser price is no fool. Its the 1st indication of his machine being a spoilt 1.
2. Check if his machine is giving out sounds while u rip his bike.
3. Check for t smoke. If its emitting smoke den it wil never give a decent mileage.
4. Check for t lighting and wiring.
5. Check for t gear shift smoothness and engine sound. Trick here is to drive at high rpm.
6. Check if t fuel guage is working properly.
7.check for dents, marks and wheel wear and tear. And chassis near shock absorbs for weld and damages.
8. Later look for engine and chassis number.
9. If t meter reading is below 30000kms and the wheels are worn out. It means t meter is reset.
10. Check if t documents are original or duplicate issued by RTO. If its duplicate, den its probably not worth buying.
11.Get a mileage check at any authorised outlet. Dey may charge anythin btw 200 to 250 bucks in bangalore. But its worth.
12. Check for the colour mentioned in documents and t colour on bike.
13. NEVER BUY A BAJAJ OR TVS USED BIKE WHIC ARE OLDER THAN 2yrs. Lot of engine prob, its a personal experience wit my 2007 p150.
14. Always go for international brands wen buying used bikes, even hero honda is a good option, yamaha, suzuki, honda are all nice. They have good engine lyf.
To end its ur choice and ur preferences, make a wise choice. All the best:):)
By Zeyaan on 06-01-2012
i want in hero honda splender bike in good condition my budjet price is 22000 pls conduct no 9943407638
By Balachandar.r on 30-11-2011
I am looking for a Hero Honda Splendor Plus 2 or 3 Year old in good contact me at 9740241215 My budget is 15k to 20k. Pls let me know if any one interested to sell his/ Her bike
By Ashoka on 16-09-2010
fellas, I do understand your eagerness to go for a used vehicle..All I can say is new always worth its price..and the old one is bound to give you expenses and the time you use it when you calculate the mechanic's labour and the spare parts cost you will come to the conclusion "what a fool am I" reason first and foremost it will take your time and the stress that the spare parts are not changed and every mechanic will be a thief in your view...Better accumulate money and go for the latest and brand new and save the anxiety of running around..but if you have financial crunch and ready to spend your valuable time and more on and off money go for a used one..and final word good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
By Iyer on 17-08-2010
i am looking for buying a Hero Honda Splendor Plus 2 Year old in good contact me @ 93822 76763
By Sathiya on 06-04-2010
Hi This is a lot good information for those are willing to buy a used two wheeler especially for the first time in their life.
I stay in Dombivali (W) Maharashtra. I am looking for a Used Honda Activa with good condition.My budget is Rs.20,000/- Max. If any body can suggest me one it will be great. Thanks & Regards.
By Vishal Momaya on 27-04-2010
I am looking for a Hero Honda Splendor Plus 2 Year old in good contact me at 9840808019
By Subash on 24-04-2010
I am looking for a Hero Honda Splendor Plus 2 or 3 Year old in good contact me at 9820338748 My budget is 15k to 20k. Pls let me know if any one interested to sell his/ Her bike
By Mahesh on 14-05-2010
I am looking for a Hero Honda Splendor Plus 2 or 3 Year old in good contact me at 9820338748
By Mahesh on 14-05-2010
i want one bike whose milage would be more then average price range between 15000 to 20000/ &who can give me in finance
By Rajeshpatnaik on 20-05-2010
i wud want to buy the old Cbz, but i knw its not in production anymore and also the economy of the bike isnt great. hw wud i go about the selection 4 this bike? plz .
By Nikhil on 02-06-2010
i am looking for buying of a used bike,i am in bangalore my budget is between 20000 to 25000,my mobile number 8088625213
By Vinay on 09-02-2010
By Kkakk on 12-02-2010
how a pulsar byk ill modified to yamaha r15
u senseless broot
By Kkakk on 12-02-2010
i am looking for buying of a used bike,i am in new-mumbai,my budget is between 10000 to 20000,my mobile number 98336-77215
By Harish Dassani on 15-12-2009
thanks for the info..
By Ajay on 25-08-2009

Kilometer is not important, any motor machanic can reset km, you have to check engine & other part of enfield.
By Kiran on 08-08-2009
All are useful informations, thanks. I want to buy a Honda Activa around Vasai - Thane (budget- 15000 to 20,000) , plz guide me if anybody can.

By Ramesh Kolan on 09-11-2009
All are useful informations, thanks. I want to buy a pulsar150 around madurai, plz guide me if anybody can. May I modified the IInd hand pulsar just looks like a R15.
If anybody have any idea pls forward me.
By Bhuvanesh on 02-10-2009

do you think that an enfield electr which has done 40,000km is reliable?
can i get some suggestions...
By Ajay on 04-08-2009
Good info. Thanks
By Rajesh V on 27-05-2009
thanks for the info..very useful...
By Uchil on 25-04-2009
Good points to buy second hand two-wheeler vechicles.
I am interested to buy one for my wife (mainly Scooty Pep or Pep+ OR Activa).
Please guide me about the cheap & best immediate available options near Western Suburb Mumbai.

By Masood on 18-04-2009
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