Yamaha Unveils Aerox 155 Version S: Smart Key Ignition & More at 1.51 Lakh

Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S Features Traction Control, and Bluetooth Connectivity for Smoother Rides

Yamaha has launched its latest offering in the electric scooter segment - the Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S. Priced at 1,50,600, this premium model promises riders a balance between performance and convenience.

Yamaha Unveils Aerox 155 Version S

Smart Key Ignition for Seamless Startup

One of the standout features of the Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S is the inclusion of a smart key facility. With this feature, riders can enjoy keyless ignition, streamlining the startup process. The scooter detects the key through proximity, allowing riders to simply twist the rotating knob to start the vehicle. This innovative addition eliminates the hassle of inserting and twisting keys, offering a seamless experience.

Enhanced Safety with Traction Control

In addition to the smart key, the Aerox S comes equipped with a traction control system. This feature ensures optimal grip on slippery surfaces, enhancing safety and stability while riding. With all-LED lighting and an automatic start/stop system, riders can enjoy added convenience and visibility on the road.

Y-Connect Application for Connectivity

Yamaha also introduces Bluetooth connectivity with the Y-Connect application. Through this mobile app, riders can access a range of features including fuel consumption data, maintenance recommendations, and even locate their last parking spot. The app also provides real-time updates on any malfunctions and offers a revs dashboard for performance monitoring.

Powerful Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S boasts a robust 155 cc, liquid-cooled engine, delivering a maximum power of 14.8 bhp at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Engineered for efficiency, this engine is compatible with E20 petrol, offering both power and fuel economy for urban commuting.

Availability and Color Options

The Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S will be available exclusively through Blue Square showrooms. It comes in two striking color options - Silver and Racing Blue, allowing riders to choose a style that suits their preference.


With the launch of the Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S, Yamaha continues to innovate in the electric scooter segment. Packed with advanced features such as smart key ignition, traction control, and Bluetooth connectivity, this model offers a compelling option for riders seeking convenience, safety, and performance in their daily commute.
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