Test Riding a Bike

Buying a bike? Not before test riding it
Well, you have come to a point in life where you could afford buying your dream machine. The net-savvy that you've been have helped you to keep you updated about the new models that hit the roads and you have done all the homework reading the bikers' reviews and gathered all information about the bikes you eyed and zeroed in on a couple of brands. Do you think that's it at that? With even super bikes foraying into the Indian market, maybe without giving it a test ride you cannot take the machine home paying in lakhs. Not only do they come with high price tags but to resell them in case you have lost interest in maintaining one becomes extremely tough task.

Another reason, a bike that suits fine to a five-and-a-half-footer may not be as perfect for a 6-footer and vice versa. So it doesn't hurt to test-ride a couple of models. Here are a few things and tips that can help you make that right choice.

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Things you need to carry when you look forward for a test drive
See; keep in your mind a couple of things. Take a valid driver's license to the showroom because that kind of verifies to those guys who you are and that you are ensuring return of the test drive bike.

Never go for a test drive when it's gotten dark or even close to getting dark. Also never visit a showroom at the closing hours. No one will be really interested to give in those minute details you've always wanted from workshop guys.

Helmets and make sure you carry one. Instead of trying an otherwise new and uncomfortable that the showroom might give take that snuggly fitting helmet and it saves time and avoids unwanted glitches.

Go with your most comfortable clothing and shoes. Isn't it a good idea when you want to test the bike for you and not get distracted by uncomfortable clothing and shoes?

Great that you figured a couple of models you would like to give it a test ride before buying. Most importantly, test the bike under optimal conditions. Make sure your seating is comfortable, as regards the length from handle bars. See that you position yourself upright and at correct place on the saddle; little variation could also mean a large difference in how the motorbike feels for you and that could even alter your decision of buying a model.

Get the bike tyres inflated to their optimum pressure, in front of you and don't oblige if the salesperson just pinches the tyre and say its fine, because it matters; even a 10psi lower pressure could just differ in feel as to an optimally inflated tyre can actually give the rider, simple at that test drive a bike with tyres filly inflated.

Make sure you know to operate the gears; if not ask the sales guy to just run through the gears while the bike is rested on its stand, so you know that they are adjusted properly.

Then, the test ride part
So once you are ready to take bike for a test ride, the immediate question that pops up would be where to. The parking lot ride, or just around block one or a long-distance road ride.

First you might want to try about cruising around the parking lot. Then you could take it for a little longer spin, to test how the speed feels. A long distance ride will be better if you want to test how it feels uphill and downhill.

After the ride, you may have driven away those suspicions and have come to a conclusion that this is the bike you have always wanted to ride! Yes? Great! Even in case not, no hard feelings, there are several bikes around and you might want to give another one a test ride, but see that all the aforesaid things are followed and/or applied.

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