Vehicle Sale Certificates

Sale Certificates

Click on the links to download the vehicle sale forms.

Form 28 - No Objection Certificate

Form 29 - Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Form 30 - Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Transfer Deed for Sale/Purchase of Vehicle

Procedure for Selliing and Buying Bikes

List of RTO Websites of all States in India

Interstate Vehicle Registration

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the information is very helpful.

a very thanks
By on 22-03-2013
i want buy a second hend herohonda byk.with in 10,000 to 13,000 rupees.
By on 07-04-2013
In the transfer deed for sale/purchase of vehicle the letter " R/o " meant for what ? meaning for abbreviation will enable users to fill it correctly and confidently
By on 23-04-2013
It is resident of (Give your Address)
By on 25-04-2013
I sold my bike to Mr X two year ago, still they are not changing there owner ship, is transfer deed is sufficient to safe me from any legal obligations?
By on 02-05-2013
Helpful information
By on 25-05-2013
Can i buy vehicle directly from Manufacturer. Or Does Manufacturer is allowed to sell vehicle to any individual.?
By on 09-07-2013
your information is very helpful, thanks, but I wants to know is it necessary to in form Police Station for sale of bike ? If any body misuse than who will suffer, please guide.
By on 17-08-2013
where is the local motors vehicle in kolkata , can I get direct driving licence with out going to the tranning school? please tell me, thank u.
By on 22-08-2013
Thank for Help .
By on 23-09-2013
I want to sell my old scooter (Model 2002). Mostly people do not change ownership after verbally assurance. Transfer deed on Non-judicial stamp paper Rs.10/- is sufficient to safe me from any legal obligations. If any body misuse than who will suffer, please guide.
By on 18-11-2013
Information is good and up-to-date. I hope this is applicable to all states.
By on 07-12-2013
The information is really helpful. Thanks.
By on 09-12-2013
thanks a lot for sharing very useful information.
By on 25-12-2013
The information is very helpful for us. Thanks a ton for this side.
By on 16-01-2014
sir plz bike sale letter fillup demo image
By on 12-02-2014
it's so great of getting everythng @ here only. thank u :)
By on 19-03-2014
i want sale my bike so help for fill form
By on 07-04-2014
I sale my bike urjent bajaj puldor 220 c.c in aligarh
By on 14-05-2014
im selling my bike to some person but buyer native is uttar pradesh he is studying in tamilnadu now. how to sell the bike to he? he is not having id proof in tamilnadu address? then how i ll sell? pls tel some idea
By on 08-06-2014
i want to sale my car for scrap only,not for use.
what are the formalities to be done for my safegaurd
By on 05-11-2014
ehat to to if the byk is older then 20 years tax is expired
By on 09-11-2014
The informations which has been published are truely conviencing and assured ones.
By on 29-12-2014
Sample of filled forms 28,29 & 30 for sale a bike.(Filled formats)
By on 23-01-2015
Good job,
Thank you.
By on 14-04-2015
By on 23-04-2015
i have purchased a bike from someone and completed all the procedures and even got the new RC of my name but i can not see the change of ownership name in the what should i do plz let me know
By on 30-05-2015
Is there any sale letter without company stamp ?
By on 01-08-2015
dear sir
i want to download sell letter can u tell me which number of form download
is it form29?
By on 09-08-2015
I exchanged my bike with new one from Dealer in 2010, still they are not changing owner ship, is Delivery Reciept is sufficient to safe me from any legal obligations?
By on 23-08-2015
the information is very helpful.

a very thanks
By on 14-10-2015
Thank you for all the information.
Thats a very helpful information.
By on 18-12-2015
I am purchasing a bike on sale letter i am not transfering it on my name. is it ok?
By on 16-02-2016
In above as mention as very helpfull.but insurance transfore form required.
By on 24-02-2016
Am going to sell my 3rd owner bikes what the forms want to get sign
By on 27-02-2016
My bike registration is from pondicherry and working in coimbatore (TN) and want to sell my bike. NOC is required or not ??? as i am not able to go pondicherry.
By on 08-04-2016
I exchanged my scooer with new one from dealer Actual fact is I had purchase scooter june 16 but the mfg. is oct. 15. I was exchanged it from many struggles. Dealer give me a new one with 5000/- Sept 16 1st vehicle is registerd but it was return to dealer He wants somepapers sign. from me I shall return to all documnts w/form 29 & 30 with sign in single coppies.After dealer is not ready to registerd ne scooter pl. help me What can I do forit. Thank U.
By on 15-10-2016
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