Pre-delivery checklist for a new bike

It might feel top of the world awaiting your new motorcycle's arrival home and it indeed is a great moment of excitement to welcome the machine you have always dreamt of owning. But during all enthusiasm one should not hurry-up the delivery of the bike, as that could pose unexpected problems or cause inconvenience, why because you might have ignored looking into certain details while booking the bike.

Generally, even if there is any problem with the new bike one need not worry to a great extent because the vehicle comes with a warranty that provides enough security, and even the dealer will attend to all your problems swiftly obviously to close the sale deal as quickly as possible. The best thing to do is ensure if everything is alright before making the payment and take a detailed look at the paperwork before you take the keys from the dealer. It is better you have pre-delivery checklist prior to riding the new bike home. Our pre-buying inspection checklist of new bikes is designed to save you from headache that comes with buying a tampered bike or a bad one for that matter. Take a copy of the checklist and perform inspection as detailed here. The little time you invest in pre-delivery inspection will save your time and also gives you the informed opinion as if given by a competent bike mechanic.

- Make a call to your dealer two days before the delivery date and get a confirmation. Also carry all the necessary documents for the smooth processing of insurance, registration and finance formalities. And yes do not forget the cash, cheque or DD you to ensure all financial dealing goes on smoothing.

- Choose an auspicious day for the delivery of your bike; do not forget to take your camera to catch the 'Kodak-moment' of your new bike and a friend for company is always a great idea, as he/she can see what you might miss out.

- It is always better to get your bike delivered during the day, as it is easier to inspect and take a hard look at the bike. Keep ample time to check for defects, accessories or modifications to be done.

- Ensure that the dealer does not make the invoice until you are completely done with the inspection.

- Make sure the insurance of your new bike starts on the date of delivery itself.

- Once you are in the showroom, be tolerant with delay or minor issues; have patience and do not throw tantrums, as everybody else in the showroom are there to serve you and have to be calm to get things done smartly rather than losing your cool.

- Do not rely completely on the mechanics; check the machine yourself and take a look at the operations and various functionalities.

- Start your inspection with queries about mileage, then move on to the body work; take a close look at the paint-finish, body graphics, etc. This is to ensure that there are no door ledges, overspray of paint, ripples, dings or dimples because if you find any of these later the dealer might as well claim that the damage was caused by you.

- Check for fuel leaks, battery operation, disc and wheel alignment, fuel sensor, chain slackness, and rim alignment. Ask about battery warranty and service.

- As for the tyres check for the specific numbers that indicate, making date, speed ratings and cost level. Also see to that the tyres are sufficiently inflated, know the warranty period, make sure they are scuff-free and see if the hubcaps are properly fixed. Look for wear and tear of the treads on the tyres and don't hesitate to ask if you find they aren't new as they should be.

- Open the glove box and check for a smooth opening and locking of it; and do not hesitate to get another set of keys. Also make sure you get the tyre changing tools and bike manual. Check for premium equipment that you wanted in the bike such as the alloy wheels, the rim alignment of wheels, off-road silencer, etc.

- The front fork sleeve should not come in contact with the mudguard or fork.

- Make sure that there is no rust formation on any part of the bike. Check if the tool box opens effortlessly and whether the side and the main stands are easily retractable.

- Once you have had a thorough exterior check, it is time you sit on the bike and start the bike to check for any fuel leaks, engine noise, gauge function, smooth gears, easy functioning of ignition and if the braking is appropriate. And do not forget the exhaust pipe; check for abnormal color/smoke.

- See if the headlights, all indicators, brake and tail lamps are lighting fine and check if the acceleration and handling of the bike is smooth and comfortable. And yes, not to forget the horn; honk to see if it is working fine.

- Take a close look at the engine, oil and transmission levels. If there are any new feature on the bike, learn to operate them.

- Ask for any add-ons such as the first-aid kit, ensure that that the number plate has the dealer's name printed on it, enquire in detail about the service plan and also ask if there is any free-check up.

- Find out if the bike maker or dealer offers 24-hour road side assistance and do not forget to take the business card of the salesperson with whom you have dealt.

- For one last time see if all the installation you asked for is fixed, collect all important documents including certificates, warranty card, registration and insurance papers, invoice etc.

With so many super bikes and expensive machine including the Harleys and Ducatis available on the market today it really pays if you do the pre-buying inspection of the bikes to avoid any future headache with the machine. What we have given is just the basic check-list do's to help you avoid buying a problem bike. Happy biking!

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Good guide for pre delivery check list.
By Bhanu on 19-09-2016
good tips
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Hi, Thanks a ton for the valuable information.
By Malathesh on 24-03-2014
thanks lot for info and also i have hearnt from my friends , in free services show room guys will change the new parts and fix the old parts all, pls be careful about it
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I will surely follow the tricks at the time of buy my dream....
By Prasun Bhattacharya on 15-08-2013
Hi dude, thank you very much......
By P Manikanta on 17-09-2013
Really it helps lot while taking bikes from show room what are the things we need to be observe and we need maintain be calm & cool,,,,,,,,,
By Chethan on 22-07-2013
Thank you guiding us through the required check list.
By Kiran S. on 02-08-2013
Good tips
By Tsa on 03-04-2013
Thanks for giving so much of information regarding pre delivery check list for new bike. I'm gonna buy a new yamaha fazer bike. So is there any other things to do before & after purchasing the bike. First time I'm going to buy a bike, So Pls help me in this. Thanks a lot.
By Prabhakar on 01-09-2012
Thanks for the information, should be very helpful
By Ajay on 20-06-2012
Thanks alot for providing necessary information
By Vishal on 03-04-2012
Yeah..awesome is there a check list to do matter
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thanks for giving valueble information ,and give a suggest to learners before taking the bike go with cooling mind & gettings all things whatever require.
By P.veera Venkatarao on 27-12-2011
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