Technical Details of Bikes

Technical and mechanical details

Jump start is a starting system which is used to start the engine of an automobile that has a weak battery by connecting good battery to the dead battery using a pair of jumper cables.
Battery is the second heart of a motorcycle after the engine. It is used for producing, storing and distributing power that is required for the motion of the wheels of a motorcycle.
Alloy wheels are the in thing in the motorcycle world. They let your bike ooze some kind of a style statement while adding a distinctive look to it.
The fuel injection system during the good old days was by mechanical means; implying the timing, pressure and distribution were all mechanically handled.
In India majority of us are not quite familiar with the difference between a super bike and super sports bike. The common man has this general idea that any imported bike is indeed a super bike.
The power and torque are the two terminologies that we often use, read or hear while buying a bike but many of us might not be in a position to give a clear cut difference between the two.
Engine knocking refers to the metallic sound while applying pressure on the gas pedal. The sound could be hollow knocking kind or even rattling type, but either ways you would want to keep the engine smooth and less noisy.
Basically the engine size along with the cubic capacity, which is commonly referred as 'cc' is termed as bore x stroke that are nothing but the dimensions of the cylinder.
It is because of the tyres that the bikes performance changes. Different tyres suit to different riding environments. While standard tyres suit smooth rides, tubeless tyres could be great for tougher rides.
Anti-lock braking system technology is a facility that provides maximum braking effect in the vehicles by preventing locking of the wheels in all weather situations.
Most of the petrol pumps offer octane-petrol with different ratings and you may wonder how this form of petrol could help your bike give a better performance.
The engine cycle starts with the intake stroke. In the intake stroke, piston moves down and the intake valve opens up.
Disc brakes are always preferred to drum brakes at least on the front wheels because of the greater magnitude of stopping power.
Often times we hear that a bike is naked faired, or the bike comes with bikini fairing or a motorcycle is half faired so on and so forth.

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