Working of Motorcycle Battery

Battery is the second heart of a motorcycle after the engine. It is used for producing, storing and distributing power that is required for the motion of the wheels of a motorcycle. If an engine is to be worked, it should be assisted by a 12 V efficient battery which is comprised of 6 cells. Battery is mainly used for ignition which happens either by kick start or by self start, and to power auxiliary devices such as digital meter, head light, tail stop lamp, position lamp and turn indicators.

Motorcycle Battery

At the time, when self start or kick start is given, the ignition gets turned on. A signal produced from the ignition goes to the battery and releases electrical energy which is stored as chemical energy in the battery. And this electrical energy runs the engine. Moreover, fuel in a motorcycle tank is burned by the energy created by the battery. Hence, battery is the all source of energy in a motorcycle.

Charging and Discharging
When the battery is getting charged, the battery converts electrical energy of the charger into chemical energy and stores essential chemical energy to produce electricity to generate the equipments in the motorcycle. Here the electrochemical reaction is taken place. Meanwhile a lead acid battery gets discharged by themselves even if it is not used. In a lead acid battery, 1% of stored energy is lost per day. If it is not used for a couple of weeks, the battery looses 50% of its power. More the temperature more will be the discharge of stored energy.
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