ABS technology in bikes and its relevance in Indian conditions

Motorcycles are now par cars when it comes to safety. Did you know why? It is for the reason that today's motorcycles are launched with Anti-lock braking system technology, the technology that was originally a proprietary right of four wheelers has come down to scooters too.

What the heck is ABS technology?
Anti-lock braking system technology is a facility that provides maximum braking effect in the vehicles by preventing locking of the wheels in all weather situations.

Simplified...when brakes are applied, the wheels will not get locked up, therefore two-wheeler skids and falls and/or crashes are reduced significantly. There are some studies that report a decreasing trend of head-on, rear-end and pedestrian crashes in those vehicles fitted with ABS technology as compared to vehicles minus the ABS technology.

Furthermore, through ABS technology there will be increased control of the bike and it would give increased on-road stability; whether on race tracks or on the highways.

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS

Indian road conditions are generally prone to skids and crashes, and to prevent bikes from crashing, ABS technology has proved to be of great success. It also gives the rider, enhanced control of the vehicles as the wheels don't get locked upon brake application under emergent situation.

By now, it has become an established fact that anti-lock braking system serves two-fold purposes. One on application of brakes, the technology allows the driver to maintain the steering control and second to shorten the breaking distance so that the driver is not afraid of skidding on application of brakes in any emergent situation.

Anti-lock braking system was first developed for aircrafts. The first ABS fitted ground vehicle was a car; Ford Granada Mk3. Anti lock braking technology is one that's worked over and over since the 1930s. A typical ABS will consist of an electronic unit, four-speed sensors, hydraulic valves (either two or more) on the brake circuit. It is the electronic unit that monitors the wheel rotation and senses whether any wheels is rotating slower.

On high traction surfaces, ABS equipped motorcycles will benefit from shorter braking distance. In gravel and snow bikes with ABS technology reduces the possibility of loss of control of the vehicle and can assist to lock multiple wheels at a time.

In India, TVS Motor Company has manufactured indigenous ABS technology for its two wheelers and has applied for the patent of the same.

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Hi. I want to install a Motorino type Mechanical Disc Anti-lock valve for my Pulsar RS200 (whixh i carelessly bought a non-abs version).. Is it profitable, trustworthy, safe, and reliable in doing this?
My riding habit is of a bit high-rpm pickup, and being on above average speeds on different road condition.. I mean to say i use brakes a lot..
By Abhimanyu on 29-02-2016
I came across many replies and questions here and felt like replying to one question as to if someone can install abs on drum brakes.

The answer is yes (And if you are a very good engineer you can do that) but has a condition. The brakes need to be fluid controlled (not mechanical) .

And as drum brake's efficiency reduces with prolonged use, so you will need to adjust and callibrate the microchip every now and then.

TVS did it indegineously on both disks, Go home,. Give all your time, and dedication of your team to make that.

PS- It would cost more than installing dual disks and ABS and a BIKe with ABS... :D

Stupid curiousity of stupid people.
By Rohit on 26-04-2015
abs stands for anti-lock braking system. Its provides a rider a complete control over bike. As many of you want to install abs system in your respective bikes I want to advice all of you as a automotive professional that it is almost impossible to install abs in normal disk bikes like pulsar, hunk, cbz etc. Because abs comes with total different setups of front suspension as well as the technical specification. To be specific an integrated chip along with so much sensors has to be installed as a complementary of abs. If you want to want it in details you can mail your questions to this mailid adbsa1094@gmail.com
By Bikers on 07-12-2014

Could we fix ABS in non ABS bike (Hero Xtreme 2014 dual disc). If yes, then Please let me know the cost and from where it could be done.

By Abhishek on 17-12-2014
I want to fix ABS to my new Bike Hero Honda Hunk Double disk.
where should i purchase it.
Hirak 9933410555
By Hirak on 15-07-2012
ABS, or anti-skid brake system, needs to have a hydraulic system operating the brakes, because its basically a valve that acts on the hydrallic circuit of the brakes. Since 2 wheelers use a mechanical linkage to operate a drum brake system, the ABS cannot be fitted to a 2 wheeler with a drum brake that ev at the rear wheel. Besides, I havn't heard of even a 4 wheeler with drum brakes at all 4 wheels, or even a disc up feont and drum brakes at the rear wheels ( 4 wheelers, unlike 2 wheelers, use a hydraulic braking circuit for operating even the drum brakes. 2 wheelers use a lever and brake wire linkage to operate the brakes since it doesn't take a lot of human effort to operate them.
Even as far as fitting a ABS system to a bike with hydraulic disc brakes is concerned, it is not a very good idea, since the ABS has to be designed for each vehicle considering it size, weight, wheelbase, etc,etc. Moreover, it uses a computer to operate it and time d gap in operating tue front and rear brakes simultaneously. Also, since most of the motorcycles having ABS also generally have a fuel injection system, therefore to cut coats, the manufacturers tend to integrate the ABS computer into the main CPU unit that also controls the fuel injection unit. Therefore, not only would have to buy the entire computer unit of the donor bike, but it would take an electronic wizard to get it to work without hampereing the operating system of the bike it is to be fitted on. Ofcourse, bikes with a carburetor don't need a computer to operate, but still the ABS unit would need signals from the donor bikes CPU.
By Bikram Sandgu on 07-07-2012
hello sir pls. provide me price list abs components...
By Ashu on 22-03-2012
i want to fix ABS to my new Bike Hero Honda Hunk Duel disk.
where should i purchase it.
By Gautam on 08-02-2012
in ABS Technology How to Possible in Bykes?
By Rajeesh R S on 29-12-2011
can i fix abs breaks in rear wheel of bikes which doesn't contain disc breaks. pls guide me on this
By Vel Kumar on 22-11-2011
is it abs breaks can only fix in bikes which contain disc breaks in both side of can v fix abs system in disc less bikes of bikes contain 1ly front disk. and suggest me wher to buy abs breaks in chennai
By Vel Kumar on 22-11-2011
where can I purchase ABS system.in kerala ,kochi please reply me as much as earlier
By Dibu on 17-09-2011
i want to know more about ABS in hindi plzzz provide us. thanking u amit singh varanasi
By Amit Singh on 04-09-2011
i want to know more about ABS.
By Vignesh on 23-06-2011
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