Two wheeler Safety and Security Tips

Safe riding tips

We have just a pair of eyes and the threat to these pair of organs from the speeding projectiles including insects and small stones hitting your eyes is quite high.
A bike rider was killed on spot after he lost control over his bike. The teenager was found to be drunk and was returning with a pillion after alcohol partying.
The most important factor to riding safe is to have 100% concentration, and if you get distracted even for a second it puts your life and someone else's life at danger.
You should know of how to minimize on injuries should there be an accident wherein you and your bike are set off on the road. This article intends to enlighten you on that!
If you see accident statistics, it will be the two wheeler accidents that take a lion share, and, sadly motorcycle crashes seem to be only on the rise every year.
No doubt riding a bike is good fun, but it is reckless driving with no regards for safety of self and others that is responsible for motorbike accidents.
To prevent motorcycle theft it is important that motorcycle security should be given utmost priority. Here are some ways to keep your bike secured from being stolen.
With super bikes foraying into Indian market; their custody becomes very important, because you bought them for a heavy price tag, so any damage to bikes in the parking lots could be very saddening.
Precaution is better than cure.

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