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Alas we have seen super bikes making a foray into the Indian automobile market, and although they are expensive we see them quite often than not on Indian roads. Even the cheapest of the super bikes will be costing around 1.5 lakhs, and if you are lucky enough to own one, it's not all because you and your bike are watched by hawk-eyed thieves as well.

To prevent motorcycle theft it is important that motorcycle security should be given utmost priority. Here are some ways to keep your bike secured from being stolen:

Lock your bike or else you will lose your favorite metal machine in no time. There are different types of locks and it becomes very important that as you purchase your motorbike you must also buy one U-disc lock, chains or even padlocks for additional security. Any kind of visible locks will definitely deter the thieves from laying their hands on it.

Again, if you are using bike chain, then simply wrapping it around your wheels will not serve the purpose so it is advisable to wrap the chains around the frame of the bike. Sometimes the disc locks are so big that it is required to be carried inside your bags wherever you are going. Maybe you can scout for smaller ones that are not clumsy to carry.

Motorcycle security alarms are again those important devices to keep your motorbike safe and secured. Along with the U locks and chains one can use hidden alarms to secure your bike. If locks are removed, the alarm can set off and it can do more than making noise.

A word of advice here though is to fit the alarm with a cover so that as the cover is lifted the alarm will be set on. But, in cases where the bike parked is far off the place you are in and you cannot hear the alarm, get your electronic alarm fitted with an option of paging. You can get the notification if somebody dares to play with your motorbike. Real-time alert system is the need of the hour so that the bike owner gets instant notification of bike tampering case. Some of the basic features of motorcycle security alarms include engine immobilization and anti-hijacking.

Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

Keep your bike disabled when you park it. Disabling your bike implies tampering the ignition or just put off the switch that basically cuts the power into the fuel pump so that the engine cannot generate power.

Again, at home also one must be very careful with the lock system of the garage. Standard garage locks may not be a good deterrent, so garage fitted with quality locks are very important. It is advisable that the house alarm should also be extended to the garage.

Additionally, parking lots also need to be carefully chosen to ensure security of your motorbike. If you park it near the van or truck, the visibility of your motorcycle gets blocked and that can be easy for the thieves to steal your bike.

So protect your bike with common sense, locks and chains and make noise with security alarms to refrain thieves from coming close to your super bikes.

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we should keep our bike fitted with disc locks and always when parking keep your bike in gear and make sure that ignition key is turned off and secodly locking the handle is neccessary for the security of your bike. thanks..
By Mehran Majeed Sodagar. {shirpora Anantnag Kashmir} on 20-01-2011
where in india can i get motorcycle security locks and systems ?
By Omraj Rajan on 10-11-2010
how can i get security system for my bike and which company is the best for motorcycles and the price of that
By Raju on 03-11-2009
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