Tips for safe motor bike driving

Accidents have become a rule on Indian roads and a majority of the accidents see motorbikes involved. There is more than one reason for it. No doubt riding a bike is good fun, but it is reckless driving with no regard for the safety of self and others that is responsible for motorbike accidents.

Motorbikes are cheap and convenient modes of transportation, but one wrong move while being on the road can become the reason why you will cause or get involved in accidents. When this happens, you might have to hire a motorcycle lawyer Joe Stephens to ensure that you are free from any legal repercussions. A lawyer also has in-depth experience in negotiation with an insurance agent to ensure that you are properly compensated for the accident. Moreover, a lawyer can also help file and represent your case in court, leaving you with more time to recover from injuries.

Motorbikes are small and, oftentimes, very easy to maneuver. But, this doesn't mean that you are completely immune to accidents when you ride it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how you can prevent this from happening. Remember to follow these suggestions when you are on a bike next time. Should everyone do this, we will see fewer accidents on the road.

Head gear and clothing:
Make sure you wear the appropriate helmet as imposed by the law whenever you take out your bike. Secure the helmets by fastening them under your chin. With the number of helmets being sold today, make sure that you only invest in ones that are approved by the Department of Transportation. These helmets are usually expensive, but buying one will give you peace of mind knowing that you are safe on the road.

Wear appropriate clothes for better visibility during the night. It is better not to wear dark clothes during night driving since it adversely affects your visibility. Ideally, you should wear reflective clothes so you will remain visible on the road. These clothing pieces will make it easy for drivers to see you on the road and ensure that they won't collide with you. Motorbikes are small and are usually difficult to see at night.

When going for long trips, it is better to wear denim clothes, bike jackets and shoes. If possible wear hand gloves also. These clothing items will ensure your safety and comfort while driving for hours.

Proper Motorcycle Riding Gear

Never go with more than the prescribed number of passengers. Again, should the law specify so, make sure the pillion also wears a helmet.

Having too many passengers will make it hard for you to maneuver the motorbike, increasing your chances of being involved in road accidents. This extra weight can become the reason why you can no longer swerve or balance properly on your motorbike.

Seating position:
The rider and the pillion need to sit astride a bike resting their feet on the pegs provided for the same. The rider should have both his hands on handlebars while riding. And for quick reflex, it is better to keep at least two fingers in the front brake lever.

Do not carry too much luggage with you while driving. Carrying overload will adversely affect the handling of a motorbike. A motorbike should be light in order for the driver to maneuver it properly. Having excess weight will prevent you from doing this.

Riding in traffic:
A motorbike doesn't offer you protection with airbags, seat belts, or crumple zones. It's only your sensible riding that can take you safely. Ride with traffic consciousness even on a road with little or no traffic. Getting some hands-on training is always recommended before you ride on the road. Zigzag driving is dangerous in traffic and avoid that. Lane driving is an art and learn that. Stick to your lane while overtaking and when taking turns.

Giving the right signals helps you ward off accidents. It's a good practice to signal ahead of time so others on the road are aware of your turns and moves.

Slow speed zones:
Abide by the slow speed rules near hospitals and schools.

Some miscellaneous precautions:
Never take a motorbike on the road without a valid driver's license. It is illegal to do so and will lead you to unnecessary troubles.

Don't ever turn the ignition switch off during riding and when you park the bike make sure the steering handlebar is locked to avoid theft of the bike.

Never park the vehicle when the gear is in the neutral position. Shift to first gear.

Do not touch the exhaust muffler as soon as you stop the motorbike.

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its neccesory to learn precation during ride upper write instruction is about this.and i am agree with it.
By Krishna Pandey on 27-09-2011
It is very helpful article for all motarcyclists for safe riding.After reading this i got so many things about safe riding....
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