Where are you parking your bike?

If diamonds are for women, bikes are for men; they are regarded very high and looked after as precious metals. No wonder it breaks the heart if one's bike is either stolen or gets damaged in an accident.

With super bikes foraying into Indian market; their custody becomes very important, because you bought them for a heavy price tag, so any damage to bikes in the parking lots could be very saddening. It is essential that while you park your bikes at different places, you need to take into account certain aspects of parking. While the motorcycles are increasing in number in every country, and so but naturally the demand for parking facilities for the same is also increasing.

Whenever you are parking your bike, check out if there is some stationary object in the vicinity, so you can chain your bike and use the locks more effectively and well grounded. Bikers should always look for secured parking spaces and check if these areas are well lit too. Lighting actually prevents anyone from stealing the bike besides increasing personal safety. Visible location of parking areas safeguards the bikes against vandalism as well as theft.

Again see that the parking area should have some portion covered, so the bikes are protected against rain, shine and bad weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to greater wear and tear of the bike's soft seat and exposure to rain could lead to the damage of the bike's metal parts including the frame as well as silencer and mudguards. An indoor storage area maybe ideal for parking, but sometimes covered walkways could also serve the purpose.

Motorcycle Garage

Try using those bike parking spaces that are equipped with bike racks. Most importantly all racks should be securely anchored. Again, the bike parking space is better if it is separated from the automobile parking zone by either a wall, fence or curb some area to prohibit automobile parking in the bike parking zone.

Whenever you are parking your motorcycle, do it so with some angle, so there is enough space for you to maneuver while taking it out. Ideally, park the bike with a 35-degree angle to the curb. Again, ensure that you are not parking your bike on sand, grass, hot asphalt or loose gravel as it might cause your bike to sink on the side stand. A flat plate below the side stand is a better option.

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