Motorcycle and eye safety

The maximum safety one follows while riding a bike is to wear a helmet and one totally ignores the vital fact that overall protection is a must rather than saving only one's head while riding.

Let us talk plain business at this point. We have just a pair of eyes and the threat to these pair of organs from the speeding projectiles including insects and small stones hitting your eyes is quite high. Even the most casual accident involving your eye might sometimes well cost your eye.

The truth here is that you cannot ride motorbike without taking appropriate eye protection because there is a 100% chance of eye accident and almost 100% loss of eye during the freaking accident, notwithstanding will be the loss of life when the rider goes off balance and falls off the bike during the event.

It is after considering these probabilities we will talk about eyewear that could well guard your eyes when you clutch and brake. They are no doubt as important as your helmet is and can be included as the critical essential gear for every rider.

It is very obvious that while riding a bike you are quite close to nature and the wind factor can raise the dust and the debris on the roads that could obscure your vision and this could lead to an untoward incident or the least could irritate eyes while enjoying your ride. The best thing to do is keep yourself well equipped to combat all the major and minute discomfort while you are riding.

Cover your face and eyes
It is just not enough to cover with a full arm leather jacket, make sure your bike has a detachable windshield that can help avoid the dust particles to fly over your face and eyes. Many prefer to keep the windshield away; as they are of the belief that it spoils the overall look of the bike. But give this a thought, dust particles can cause eyes infections and can damage the cornea that can lead to loss of vision in extreme cases. So now, you might just get prepared to fix your bike with a windshield for sure although it is not the only solution to protect your eyes and face, at least it prevents you from serious damage.

Sunglasses a must while riding
Most of us know the main purpose of the sunglasses; it protects your eye from UV rays and bright sunlight. Yes, that is the primary purpose of glasses but the other important factor is that it comes handy while riding your bikes by preventing the debris and dust from entering your eyes and makes your riding all the more convenient and comfortable.

Lady Rider Sunglass

Helmet with a full-face shield
Helmets with a full-face shield are simply an ideal choice to cover your entire face and eyes. But many do not prefer such helmets due to personal choice and some complain of discomfort but it is just the matter of getting used to them. Women especially do not refer to wear full-face shield helmets and for them there are helmets with visors that cover half of your face and even your eyes are protected. Well, the main idea is to protect your eyes/face and the means of protecting them is completely up to personal choice and comfort.

Helmet Girls

So what is right?
So if you are wondering which type of eye protection will be right for you then the best answer will be one that commits to your safe riding and rendering protection to your eyes than the type and or the style of the eye gear. You might also want to consider factors such as coatings for preventing UV rays, scratches and also for fog resistance. But mind you these come for additional price and if you are tight on budget probably you may have to forego these. All said, today's riders have ample options of choosing quality eye wear. So go ahead and protect them and that's the right thing you can do than anything else. You are blessed with just a pair of eyes after all.

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