What if an accident happens?

We know the importance of protecting head with helmets; because in case of an accident it helps us from head injuries. We also know about second party and third party bike insurance that actually pays us the money spent on vehicle/third party if an unforeseen accident happens. We also know about safe driving tips so you can lower the chance of some accident happening involving you and your motorcycle.

But you should also know of how to minimize on injuries should there be an injury wherein you and your bike are set off on the road. This article intends to enlighten you on that!

If you are a bike rider for sometime now, chances are that you have had many close calls or experiences wherein you must have lost control of your bike. You might as well recall the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your system and some power helped you get out of it and you might have safely taken you and your bike off the danger.

However, there are times wherein the option is to know that you are in a situation when your bike is going off your control; it is now that you will need to know what can avoid an injury of a crash.

Just avoid going down with the bike. If you sense that your bike will over, try to jet yourself out in just the opposite direction. Pull your passenger too along with you.

Learn to get away from your bike once your motorcycle reaches a point of 'out of control.' Try to curl yourself and roll so you can be left with simple bruises. It's at these times that a valuable jacket as well as quality helmet could save you from serious injuries.

Motorcycle Crash

Post motorcycle accident
Although you have been a responsible rider; never was involved in any accident, the inevitable has happened to you; don't panic! Get over the shock soon, once done with that take time to check for any injuries on your body and if you have pillion riding with you, on them too.

Bring yourself off the traffic and the road. If you can go to your bike, turn the engine off and if the petrol trickles out, take help of anyone to plug the fuel tank tightly. Call your good friend or still better a workshop mechanic to help tow your bike.

If the crash involved another vehicle on the road, never get into unwanted argument obstructing the ongoing traffic. Instead do other important things; exchange contact information as well as insurance information. Contact the police and fill in details of accident report.

Learn from the nasty experience too that involved you in a crash. Time to move on. Get back on to your bike once you become fit and fighting (driving).

Safe riding!

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