Two wheeler Driving Tips

Tips regarding motorcycle riding

Keep all the parts of your vehicle oiled and get your bike serviced at recommended intervals.
Riding or owning a motorbike is a passion for most riders but the passion can turn into a pain though when you have to tread the tough and the 'adventurous' roads.
Riding a motorcycle is certainly a passion for many but it can't be the same level when there is a pillion who will have to ride along with you and 2 passengers pose some challenges.
It is always a great idea to tie a low ponytail while you are riding instead of letting the hair loose or free.
Strong winds and sun that hit us while driving can result in a very rough and also a painful skin, especially that on the face, if we are not wearing a full-face visor helmet.
Pillion riding calls for a lot of responsibility, as the rider not only need to take care of his/her safety but also ensure the safety of the pillion rider.
Group riding is fun and bikers will know that it is communication which becomes very important. Bikers riding in a pack are not a very common sight although it's an enjoyable and a thrilling experience.
In long distance traveling, you will need to learn some tips to keep yourself amused, while being alert at the same time in tune with the road and being traffic conscious.
While visual appeal of a motorbike is important in choosing one, did you know that rider should check riding position comfort before buying a bike?
Get some hands on riding training from a professional biker who can teach with a special stress on safety.

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