Handle Bar and Riding Posture

Handlebars - will steer you through only if you use them properly
While visual appeal of a motorbike is important in choosing one, did you know that rider should check riding position comfort before buying a bike? If you didn't and bought one, chances are that you must have been enduring pain in shoulders, neck and/or back.

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A rider connects to the bike through his fingers. If the fingers aren't feeling comfortable during a ride, it will be transmitted to wrist, elbow, shoulders, neck and then to back.

Read through some suggestions that you keep in mind while riding to overcome such pain:

- Never twist your wrist and keep it straight with respect to your forearm
- Keep your elbows pointing down and they should not be held up
- Keep your shoulders dropped than keeping them raised stiff
- Check before starting that you are reaching the handlebars comfortably else you suffer with pain in shoulders by lifting to grab the handlebars
- Seldom use your shoulders for steering, instead use forearms
- To avoid tingling in fingers and arm resort to using hand gloves.

In case these suggestions and tips do not help you with reducing your pain, take your bike and explain the same to a good bike engineer.

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