Tips for riding a pillion

Pillion riding calls for a lot of responsibility, as the rider not only need to take care of his/her safety but also ensure the safety of the pillion rider. Balancing your vehicle with a pillion rider is quite a challenging and nerve-wracking feat, especially if you are new to riding a two-wheeler. However, it is not a difficult task either; you can be comfortable with your co-passenger while riding and not have any apprehensions.

With a few useful measures and tips pillion riding can be a breezy experience and you can vroom along the lanes with your folks, friend, beloved or even offer a lift to needy people without any hesitation.

Pillion Rider

Weight of the pillion rider is crucial
The weight of the pillion rider makes a difference while riding- the lighter the better. If the passenger is overweight, you might face difficulty in balancing the vehicle. In that case, just make sure you check the tyre pressure and suspension if you have any plans of riding long distance with a bulky person. This will ensure that both you and the pillion will have a comfortable ride.

Age of the passenger
Driving experience varies according to age of the passenger, no matter how experienced you are as to driving. It is because the passenger cannot understand in one go as to how he/she can orient to the bike. Tell him/her about he/she can board and then take him/her for a short ride so they get adjusted and oriented to your bike and riding.

Make sure the passenger wears a helmet and a jacket
Arrange a helmet and a jacket for your co-passenger if you are going for a long drive or a trip; remember it is your responsibility to make all the safety checks.

Give a few instructions to the pillion rider
Make sure you give proper instructions to your pillion, as to where silencer is located and also show him/her where the foot rest is, so that the seating becomes much more comfortable and hassle free. Also remember this: your pillion should not keep prompting you or be conscious or critical about your riding capability. In fact, it is better you should avoid riding along with such a person; first of it is demotivating, second you will not be able to concentrate while riding, which is quite a dangerous thing to do.

It is better if your pillion rider has enough confidence in your riding, so that you can breathe easy and a have pleasurable ride.

Also, instruct the passenger to hold your waist or the hold on's and also tell him/her to shift their body weight accordingly; in the sense lean forward when you increase the speed and move backwards when you brake, this will make the riding experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Talk less while riding
There is one piece of advice when riding with a pillion rider; do not chat your hearts out, as this could deviate your concentration from riding and you will tend to make a lot of mistakes; rather it is a risky thing to do.

With a few safety measures riding with a pillion rider can be the most memorable and a pleasurable experience. Have a fantabulous joy ride with your pillion!

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