Pains in commuting - Carrying capacity of your two-wheeler and tips for carrying

Riding a motorcycle is certainly a passion for many but it can't be the same level when there is a pillion who will have to ride along with you and 2 passengers pose some challenges, more so for people who aren't familiar with the extra baggage, of pillion as well as carrying luggage. The following lines will give some quick tips about how you can ease yourself while you carry burden:

Biker With Pillion Rider

The first one will be keeping the loads low. Instead of piling up luggage and then strapping that to you and the bike can shift the centre of gravity of the bike and often it can make a driver go off the balance

Less weight more comfort- if you should carry less weight such as laptop and files can be carried in a backpack which can be hung on shoulder of the driver quite conveniently and comfortably and fastened to the waist if possible.

And should have more luggage than just a backpack, have it in the front, maybe over the axle in the rear. Because if you put any luggage that's kept beyond rear wheel could affect the handling of the vehicle, the way it can turn and it responds to brakes as well, and if the weight is ridiculously large there will even be wobbling of the bike.

Fasten the luggage on to the seat or in the saddle in an even fashion. Uneven positioning can cause dragging of the bike to the weight direction.

Make sure the load is fastened tight and ensure it's staying even by checking at signal stops.

Do not forget to check your bike's owner manual to know the recommended tyre pressure for carrying pillion and/or loads. Fasten the luggage with cords or plastic strings to ensure it won't shift.

The decision of carrying a child, after assuming you know safety and legal implications, is left to your discretion. Only after you make sure the child is old enough to take responsibility, tall enough and reaches the footrest pegs and properly geared and aware of how to hang around you, go ahead biking with a child.

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