Tips for people who are learning to ride a bike

Get some hands on riding training from a professional biker who can teach with a special stress on safety.

Never ride without a helmet.

Learn from someone who is more than willing to teach you.

Take a friend who can ride along with you until you believe you can ride comfortably.

Take time and always ride at the pace you believe it's comfortable. Never stretch your limits in riding.

Throttle has to be opened smoothly, still better start slowly and take practice sessions in parking spaces.

During the early days of riding do not take your bike out at nights and do not ride when it is raining or when the weather is harsh.

Biker Riders

Follow the safety tips mentioned in Bikes4Sale and read those articles which lay emphasis on skills.

Unless you feel comfortable in riding, never venture out to roads on your bike, you are still learning.

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Last updated on 25-01-2017. Published on 27-03-2009.
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