Bike riding and skincare

The weather is slowly changing from soft to harsh. Come on let us face it!

How many of you are skin care conscious? You might well take a day or two in a year to spend at spas. The effect will last just a few days and you are exposed to light, wind, sweat, dirt, and pollution (exhaust from other automobiles on road) every time you ride your bike.

Give some attention to motorcycle skincare, and it pays off.

Strong winds and sun that hit us while driving can result in a very rough and also a painful skin, especially that on the face, if we are not wearing a full-face visor helmet. Winter is setting in so we will need to indulge in serious skin care.

So, here are a few tips for motorcycle skincare:

Wear a jacket and hand gloves to protect your hands from sunburn.

Biker Gloves For Ladies

Always apply moisturizer to skin every time you take your bike out- in fact the more you apply the better for your skin.

If you have been ignoring about sunscreen application; time has come to buy one. Remember to buy a sunscreen with high SPF (sun protection factor). It's like higher SPF the better.

Wash the face with clean and cold water after a drive and then again apply the moisturizer.

Rider Jacket

In case you know that you are going to be driving for long, apply intense moisturizer and carry a sunscreen along with you.

Gone are those days when sunscreens and moisturizers are talked about and used by girl. Remember; these are not girl thingy anymore. The more you are aware the better will be your skin!

So, open the throttle of your bike only after applying ample moisturizer and sunscreen! Happy and safe biking as always!

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