How to get the best mileage from your bike

Here are some quick suggestions on how you can get the best mileage from your bike:

Bike maintenance
First off, you need to keep your bike well tuned with timely servicing. Keep all the parts of your vehicle oiled and get your bike serviced at recommended intervals. This is because regular servicing is like a regular health check for your bike.

Maintain optimum speed. For bikes it is economical to go in the 40-60 kmph speed. If you increase speed beyond this, more fuel gets consumed for the same distance.

Riding at slower pace than the optimum at low gears is a very bad practice and it gives a poor mileage to your bike. Therefore, avoid riding bike in low gear as much as possible and always go at optimum speed at the top gear. Gear change at right time gives enhanced mileage for your bike.

Air pressure
Air pressure in tyres should always be maintained at the optimum, as mentioned by the bike manufacturing company. Less air in the tyres leads to increased friction between the road surface and tyres which demands more fuel. Keeping the air pressure of tyres at optimum helps in ensuring less resistance thereby also increasing the fuel efficiency.

Avoid applying sudden brakes to the extent possible because it tends to waste more energy. It is better to reduce the speed by easing the throttle rather than applying sudden brakes. 'Smooth' should be the keyword in accelerating or reducing the speed.

Throttle and clutch
Throttle opening also is important, never open it wide and part open is what gives the best fuel efficiency. Maintain the clutch well, because slipping of clutch wastes lot of fuel.

Another great tip for proper oil circulation in the engine is to self start the engine and leaving it for a while so the oil gets heated up and can flow easily up to the top of the engine.

Excess is bad
Excess gadgetry such as over sized horns, lights as well as bigger sized tyres too can be a drain on fuel. Avoid adding weight to the bike through heavier guards, heavier visors, crash guards etc. It does have a lot of impact on the mileage.

Fuel filling
Refill the fuel tank during early morning hours as petrol expands by volume with increase in temperature which is a likely result during noon. Additionally, never fill the tank up to the brim of the tank and allow room for expansion.

Indian Four Motorcycle Filling Petrol

High octane petrol
Again, it is high octane petrol that boosts mileage to a good extent, but make sure you check with the manual with regards to the quality of the petrol. New generation bikes have a high compression ratio; implying a need for high octane petrol. This petrol leads to better fuel combustion resulting in greater performance of the vehicle.

Then, when you've to wait at traffic signals, switch off the engine. Avoid choked roads and if ever possible take on the broad roads and highways where you can enjoy better mileage of your motorbike.

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l have hero honda passion plus 2006, bike was giving 58kmpl last year meilage decreased upto 40kmpl so went to authorized show roomroom dismentled enggine and replaced all internal parts only only engin body is old checked wheel chain sprocket bearing is ok but meilage not gets went to 5 times and show to garge also but problem is same please suggest me on my mail address
By Naresh on 02-04-2015
Just wana ask when should we change the engine oil?? I mean after how mant km?? I got Honda Shine. 125cc
By Pratik on 02-02-2015
i have got fzs
By Nit1111 on 30-08-2014
many time i have to ride 2.5-3km steep hiill mud road,that time it become necessary to use first -second gear(for safe ride slow) n there are frequent shallow holes so gear need to be changed from 2nd to first then again two person r there on bike ,wat is d best way to ride get maximum economy n less engine damage?? either to ride constant at at first gear or change gear 2nd then first alternatively???
By Nit1111 on 30-08-2014
i am having fz s 2011 model i had gone for a longdrive 260kms at 75-80 kmph of avg speed and i got 30 kmpl mileage.
By Pavan on 22-07-2014
buy ns... bcoz it giv more mileage than fz ver.2 bcoz fz 2 is Fuel injection and it will need more fuel and less power
By Rj on 21-07-2014
Hello, thanks for the info.. But can any one suggest me pulsar 200 ns or fz s version 2.0 which one amonth these has a better milage
By Raghul R on 07-07-2014
ya priya
By Arun on 24-06-2014
thnx my bike s gvng 78kpl
By Shankar Appi on 26-06-2013
My bike get 25 km./plit millage what reason increase the millage
By Ankitosh Jaiswal on 22-04-2013
I want to know how to get more mileage in enfield by technically
By Jeyarich on 04-02-2013
can any one of u clear one of my doubt that why scooty gives less mileage than motorcycles?
By Rishabh on 26-11-2012
Nice article to reduce fuel, i really enjoyed to read it,i have learnt something from it,thank you.........
By Hussain on 04-08-2012
First of all, its pathetic how you guys start a stupid fight over an article that has nothing to debate about.. The article shows you how to get a good mileage, so talking about anylisis and you being a foreigner is inappropriate.. Dude, I'm also a foreigner living in india, only difference is, I'm down to earth unlike you, innocent person.. Before critising someone else's english, take a look at yours..

P.S, Awesome Article..
By The Beast on 13-05-2012
@Innonect oyeri ... You sck dev's d***.. What fck you are doing in INDIA, if you are good in ur studies U would have been in MIT or STANFORD..*&^^&%&%$
By Eagle on 10-05-2012
I m hvng a hero honda.,,,cheersss hero holders,,,,style changes with hero honda n even rate of the petrol ...liked dis article..still the important tips r missing..plz update to save petrol,,
By Chott on 22-04-2012
I m hvng a hero honda.,,,cheersss hero holders,,,,style changes with hero honda n even rate of the petrol ...liked dis article..still the important tips r missing..plz update to save petrol
By Chott on 22-04-2012
Ny tips fr pertol price reduction!!!lolz...
By Shri on 14-04-2012
below 60kph
By Uday on 08-03-2012
Look, riding, stylist wise its awesome, No noise, no vibration, but mileage is very poor, that hearts me when I am going to fill fuel. i am getting only 35 km/l
By Saba Matlub on 10-02-2012
am using honda unicorn bike.. my bike give low mileage... how to increase mileage..??.. those who know..pls tell...
By Saravana Mech on 13-12-2011
very good tips for newers
By Vijay Chaudhari on 12-12-2011
my bike is fz 16 recently i have fitted a tube into back Tyre but now my bike millage is decrease,first when it is tubeless it gives 39 km/ ltr bt now km/ltr. is this possible by changing tubeless Tyre into a tube Tyre millage will decreases plz email me whats should i do?????
By Vinay on 29-01-2012
Thanks to all .... i m riding bike...but before reading this article i doesn't knowing anything about maintain bike in good condition..

once again thanks to all

keep updating
By Prasanna on 17-12-2011
please suggest me in maintaining Honda unicorn i buoyed November 2011 i want my bike in good condition and color should nit change and also please guide me to get more mileage now my bike is giving 45 km-pl please mail to my emial id @
By Arun Reddy on 02-12-2011
@Innocent Oyori : If dev's english is not good, so is yours. :)(Atleast he didnt say he knows much!)
Hey be sportive man! I guess what dev tried to present here ought to be taken in on a lighter note. What he expressed is no different than your accusation. I'm glad that you are in fact young and even glad to know that you have a good thinking head on your shoulders. It is a general misconception in India that most of the youngsters are not good bikers. What I would like to tell you and the rest is that youngsters constitute more than 70% of the bike riders in the cities of our country. Hence it is not wise to ignore the quantity of the sample data which you are trying to compare. I guess you understood my point. Well by the way, I'm not a teenager and I reached this stage of becoming old by being a teenager who loved riding bikes. For your information we human beings have the best of our reflexes when we are young.

Anyways lets not deviate from the subject by giving air to unreasonable views here. Lets not forget that the article was about how to gain good mileage and I say the article is wonderful and very helpful to all.
By Ajay on 26-11-2011
filter make bike a good one and give gud sound so use k@n air filter .and in my my bike i am getig 58 mileage so thats not a dig dl usinr filter but ur speed should be 50-60 so u can get the mileage,
By Avinash Poovaiah on 18-11-2011
Ya! Its really a awsme article. I really enjoyed on studying this article. Thanks to this website
By Sameer Sha on 22-11-2011
what about using power filters in bike plz help
By Jerin Jain Kasargod Kerala on 16-11-2011
what about using power filters in bike
By Jerin Jain Kasargod on 16-11-2011
hi am using yamaha fz16 its super*but the mileage is too low I got hardly 42km mileage in average speed.30km in using full power of my bike *1.70rs per km is too high.what about using Kn10,green filters will it help to increase my bikes mileage plz help
By Jerin on 16-11-2011
this is very good tips get a good mileage and i have a Honda shine bike 125 cc 2007 model i strongly decided fallow this tips.
By N.ravi on 11-10-2011
hi my bike passaionplus 2006 modle now my bike gives 70 mileage in other, in city gives only60. anyway iam happy. thankyou HERO company
By Pandu on 01-10-2011
hi my bike passaionplus 2006 modle now my bike gives 70 mileage in other, in city gives only60. anyway iam happy. thankyou HERO company.
By Pandu on 27-09-2011
which is d high octane petrol
By Venkatesh on 11-08-2011
By Ramesh on 16-07-2011
m eager to know many such tips so plz mail me sum on my mail id gv me sum good tips for gettin mileage on fazer yamaha
By Rahul on 11-06-2011
can any one tell me wat the term,"IDLING ON BIKE"means????for perfect shift,can u let me know the speeds as such means for eg. on 10 kmph shift on second gear etc...plz help me out m waiting for dis solution for a lot of time......;-(
By Rahul on 11-06-2011
i likes these tips.and know about ridding style...
By Raman Kant H.p on 25-05-2011
Pls put correct speed to get good mileage
By Siva on 10-05-2011
Its a good point.... Moreover Youngsters have to avoid buying high Cc bykes which gives low mileage
By Siva on 10-05-2011
what is the correct speed for good milege.
bike is karizma zmr.
By Ravi on 22-03-2011
Short and sweet article fellas.
By Melvin Mech on 29-01-2011
By Sravan on 27-10-2010
good tips!! iam useing bike is hero honda passion pluse(new model)my bike give is city 70!! highway 76!! iam really hapy!!
By Karthik on 12-08-2010
i wanna tl that never increase u r rpm more than 4-5..and avoid too much use of clutch...and tll u all that i just bought a 180 pulsar and m trying these things my pulsar is giving 40+ milage...without any this out u ll surely get better results.....and always refil u r tank with speed petrol..
By Harmit on 23-03-2010
All are flow the artical,save fuel next genaration,
Save fuel - Save Life
By God on 25-03-2010

By Sandeep J on 29-03-2010
i understand your feelings but you should not blame yourself because of your race, you should strive to achieve what other indians are doing, race is nothing and i admire many indians for their ingenuity and contribution to humanity and the world as a whole, but as for you, i think you are just a hooligan and a piece of rotten bread coming from some village where you think in terms of rice farms , watch out !
By Inno on 12-05-2010
i tend to agree with alls in what your discussing here but actually i think tamee sounds rude and uncivilised, your thinking is small and you suld not abuses here, discuss issues and dont be racist, i think your coming is from village.
By Anil on 12-05-2010
i think tamee is quite arrogant, we were only advising each other on milage and not abusing each otjher.
By Stanshila on 12-05-2010
i think innocent might be right, we youngsters have got passuion for speed and love racing, although i can say seventy percent may be an approximation of majority but some young people are good bikers.
By Mohit on 12-05-2010
sure, i see most of my friends and collegemates performing uneconomical stunts which waste fuel and damage bikes , i rthink you are right, most of our parents and old people are quite, creful and dont cherish speed and stunts, cheers >
By Prianca on 12-05-2010
good article,such a way that yuth can learn
By Prabhakar on 12-02-2010
Hey idiot innocent oyori ...Mileage is not atall a criteria to judge a Biker ...What Dev said is obvious correct and U r stupid ...And Do u need a teenager to ride his brand new Sporty looking bike at low speeds..And Dev didn write an article here..Its juz a comment ..We don bother good english for a comment ..U better go with ur useless research in India and don think u r a superior human..bcxoz u r not..
By Tamee on 29-12-2009
youngsters need to learn from this article, seventy percent of them are extremely poor bikers and dont regard mileage. check the mileage and save the economy!
By Innocent Oyori on 31-08-2009
Very gud article... It defines about bike good maintenance and Performance... every one will be benefited by reading dis article...
By Gv on 25-09-2009
dev pretends to be ignorant of the fact that youngstars are poor bikers, i know the fact of the matterbvthat at one instance he might have been a victim, for these research search google and make analysis,on accident rates , and age factor analysis, then tell me. for your knowlegde am a young intelligent teenager from a foreign copuntry doing my research and studies, in india. watch out on your provocative language and work hard to improve your english mistakes you wrote here. your language is not fit for an article.
By Innocent Oyori on 22-09-2009
Its an good article and Its not only for youngster it is for any one who need good milage and i don't know from where innocent oyori got the value of 70 percent youngsters r extremly poor bikers just an funny comment by an funny old man... i believe milage conscious is not the only criteria for judging ability of an driver...
By Dev on 17-09-2009
this is good article and you can learn from this
By Sandeep on 21-04-2009
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