Group riding - Rules of the thumb, tips and tricks for a successful venture

Group riding is fun and bikers will know that it is communication which becomes very important. Bikers riding in a pack are not a very common sight although it's an enjoyable and a thrilling experience. There are unforeseen and hidden dangers as well. So, to enjoy safe group riding one needs to keep the following points in mind.

A discussion before the ride as regards plans, choices as well as requirements of riding will immensely help everyone and can avoid untoward surprises. You could discuss about the speed to signals to fuel stoppings to routes in this pre-ride discussions. However, in case if the ride is with some club, then the club would have drawn its own set of rules for the group riding.

Group Riding

In case you are going on a fun group riding, here are some tips and advices for a successful venture:

First thing is to ensure if your bike is ready for a long group riding. Take the bike to mechanic and get his opinion.

Whenever you are riding in a group, ensure that there is sufficient space in the front and at the back; that is between the bikers there should be room.

The group leader as well as the rider riding last should be the most experienced riders within the group. They should be in a position to address any contingencies.

Do not try to overtake any riders and always try to be with the group. Even if you need to overtake, do not overtake from the wrong side. Ride in a single straight line.

Again, in a group riding a leader is a must and one must follow the instructions given by the leader. The main function of the leader is to make the team alert on any twists and turns of the road. So said one must not fix one's vision on the biker riding just in front; instead focus on the road ahead. This is because if the rider in front of you tumbles, it's far too simple for you to get hit by the same obstacle.

Often in a group riding, vision becomes restricted so it's better to alert the fellow bikers on the road for any bumps, holes and/or ditches.

Ensure that neither of the bikers should make any abrupt halt as it may lead to mass collision and accident.

Ride as a predictable rider; ride straight and to ensure more safety follow lane discipline driving; when you want to lane shift take a glance behind and then change lane.

Fancy hand signals should be strictly avoided and only rules should be followed. Signals should be nicely understood before you embark on a group riding experience. Signaling while riding on a bike should be kept at bare minimum requirement.

Take care of the headlight and indicators and should not be kept on while riding as it will disturb the concentration of the fellow bikers.

Group riding often leads to competition amongst the fellow bikers. But, one must not indulge into being the fastest biker or so on as it may lead to unfortunate incidents. Overall consistent pace is the key to good riding experience in a group.

In case you are riding for long distances, make sure you nibble on some food; the high-calorie food to derive instant energy and carry good amounts of water.

Make sure you carry the tool kit along with some tyre-repair kit, etc.

Last but not the least is to keep cool and not get overworked with situation. Wearing helmets is essential and must be strictly adhered to. There should be first-aid kit carried by one or two riders. Also make sure all of you carry cell phones. It doesn't mean you can talk while riding, do not breach simple riding etiquette, after all group riding team is experienced riders, you can't be law breakers. Happy Riding!

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