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Additional Details about Honda

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Private Limited (HMSI) is a complete subsidiary two wheeler firm of the Japanese automobile giant, Honda Motor Company Limited. The parent company, Honda Motor was founded in 1948, in Tokyo, Japan by the founder, Soichiro Honda. It was his unbeatable craze on automobiles led him to establish such an industry. In that year, with just 12 staves in the garage, Honda and his men commenced working in a congested 172-square-foot shack for a new generation of motorcycle world. Using a supply of 500 two-stroke 50 cc Tohatsu war surplus radio generator engines, Honda committed to work out on motorized bicycles. When the engine was found successful, Honda started supplying engines to customers to mate with their bicycles. The engine was nicknamed 'Bata Bata' for the kind of sound produced by the engine. The triumph of bicycles inspired the consortium to move on to build motorcycle.

In 1949, Honda made their first complete motorcycle, the Dream. The two wheeler was crafted with frame to give a shape of a real motorcycle. In 1960, Honda started exporting bikes to the US market. In times, Honda grabbed the heart of millions in quick session and became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world in 1964. In 1982, Honda Racing Corporation was incorporated.

Honda Motor Company's wholly dealership in India, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, was originated in 1999. It was the fourth venture of Honda in India after Hero Honda in 1984, Kinetic Honda in 1984 and Honda Siel Cars India in 1995. Honda got engaged in to the Indian two wheeler industry by introducing a much essential and highly succeeded scooter, the Activa. While Honda launching the Activa in 2000, the Indian market had been struggling without an efficient and well built commuter scooter. That was great room for Honda and the company climbed up from the weakness what the Industry lacked. The 2000 Honda Activa was equipped with a 102 cc engine. The scooter featured both kick and self start. The Activa captured the Indian scooter market so faster. Soon, Honda launched a scooter, Eterno. It was a 150cc geared scooter with some resemblances of the Activa. However, the timeline of the Eterno didn't last any longer.

In 2005, Honda launched the Unicorn. It was a milestone not only for the HMSI but also for the entire Indian two wheeler industry. Honda scribed further benchmark in its account by introducing the CBR 250R in India, in 2011. At present, HMSI has 3 plants in India - the first plant with a capacity of 1.6 million units in Manesar, in Haryana, the second plant with a capacity of 1.2 million units in Tapukara in Rajasthan and the third plant with a capacity of 1.8 million units at Narsapur, in Bangalore. Moreover, Honda has invested an amount of Rs.800 crore for its fourth plant at Narsapur itself.

Honda has 15 models of two wheelers in India. They are VT 1300CX, VFR 1200F, CBR1000, CB1000R, CBR 250R, CBR 150R, CB Unicorn Dazzler, CB Unicorn, CBF Stunner, CB Shine, CB Twister, Dream Yuga, Aviator, Activa and Dio.