Hero Splendor Variants

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It would be hard to find out a rider in India who hasn't ridden the Splendor at least once. Precisely the common man's bike, which is specially developed for commuting at the cheapest rate. The whole Indian motorcycle world might have been waited for this peculiar machine that knows and works according the usability of the rider. We can hardly find a two wheeler that has won hearts of millions alike the Splendor. Hero Honda, which was a collaboration between Hero Group and Honda Motor Company of Japan, showcased some movement in the motorcycle world of India by launching their first bike, the CD 100 in 1985.

The Splendor is the most selling and the most successive two wheeler brand in the world. Succeeding the path of the CD 100, the first generation Splendor bike was launched in 1994. The arrival of the bike fuelled the progress of Indian two wheeler industry. Mated with a handy 97.2 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled, OHC engine, the machine produced some reasonable power and torque. The all up 4 speed gear transmission was a great blessing to the commuter riders. This ensured easiness in cities and promised more mileage. The bike became a super hit in the coming months. Then even the word 'Splendor' became more popular than the brand name 'Hero Honda'. It must be said that there was time while Hero Honda wasn't leading the Splendor, but the Splendor was leading the consortium.

Realizing the necessity of an upgrade Hero Honda launched a renovated bike replacing the old machine with a new label, the Splendor Plus. The successor joined the crew with a much useful feature, electric start. Additionally, the new variant had some interesting graphics on its body for being the present generation's machine. Moreover, the bike got some slight modifications on tail lamp and turn indicators. The headlamp was also updated to multi-reflector headlight.

In 2005, Hero Honda launched a bigger engined version of the Splendor, the Super Splendor. Wedded with a powerful 124.7 cc, 4 Stroke OHC, Single cylinder, air cooled engine, the bike became more potent that its younger sibling. Producing a power of 9 BHP @ 7000 rpm and a gorgeous torque of 10.35 Nm @ 4000 rpm, the bike became a new experience to the commuter ministry. Soon in 2007, Hero Honda launched another version of Splendor, the Splendor NXG. The bike was conceived with the same engine installed in the Splendor Plus which was launched in 2003. The latest weapon in the Splendor series featured alloy wheel. Being placed in the deluxe segment, the bike looked extremely different in design.

In 2010, Hero Honda added the fourth two wheeler in to the Splendor family, the Splendor Pro. The bike features the same specifications alike its colleagues, the Splendor NXG and the Splendor Plus.

After the break up with its erst while partner, Honda in 2011, Hero Motocorp commenced striking off the 'Hero Honda' label from its all motorcycles including the Splendor variant. By the end of 2012, the consortium replaced 'Hero Honda' with 'Hero'. Today Hero Motocorp has a sale of more than 2 lakh units of Splendor bikes per month.