Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Buy the Splendor Pro Classic

Why and Why not the Cafe Racer from Hero MotoCorp

The Hero Splendor Pro Classic also known as the World's cheapest cafe racer motorcycle, is one of the dynamic design engineering in the history of the Indian motorcycle segment. Here is an analysis of whether the motorcycle is good enough to meet all the needs and wants of a bike enthusiast. Look forward to get more information on why to choose and not to choose this motorcycle based on the below listed statements of analysis.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer

Reasons for why you should Go for this motorcycle.

* Cheapest Cafe Racer in the World

The Splendor Pro Classic is one such motorcycle which is manufactured through the inspiration from many on road big cafe racer motorcycles. Use of light weight body components and simple design elements and low configuration engine and control systems make the motorcycle makers to build this one in a lesser rate. Thus making it available to the customers in a cheaper rate than from any other cafe racer motorcycle available in the market. The motorcycle is made available at a starting price tag of Rs. 55,485 which is a great value for money motorcycle.

* Refreshed Design and Style

Dynamic side cowls, a full round head classy head lamp, simple graphics on the side panels and a clean rear section of the motorcycle gives an overall refined look and feel for this motorbike. A refreshed design structure of the motorcycle makes it a distinctive design from that of other vehicles in its segment. The design and style of the motorcycle is one such phenomenal element which makes the customers to fall for this awesome piece of craftsmanship.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer

* After Sales Service

Unlike many other industrial Cafe Racer motorcycle variants, the Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer gets a wide area after sales service. Since it has got a huge number of service units throughout the boundaries, the motorcycle never gets stuck in between any trail.

* Technical and other Specifications

The technical and control system specifications of the motorcycle also plays a key role in why you should go for this motorcycle. Since the motorcycle is an entry level cafe racer styled vehicle, the engine specifications of the vehicle is comparatively low than that of other of its kind in the segment. The Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer comes with an air cooled 4-stroke, single cylinder engine which is pretty good for an entry level motorcycle designed as a cafe racer.

* Good fuel efficiency

Since the motorcycle uses a low configuration engine the overall fuel consumed by the vehicle is minimized. Thus gaining a huge figure of fuel efficiency. The motorcycle is equipped with an 11 litre fuel tank capacity and the overall mileage claimed by the company is about 55-60 kmpl.

Reasons Why You Should Not Go for this Motorcycle.

* Single Seat

Next big disadvantage for those riders who would like to get a passenger for the ride is the absence of a rear passenger seat. The motorcycle is a single seat ride and hence only the rider would be able to enjoy the ride. No option for dual seat or sp[lit seat is made available by the company for its customers. For a family kind of customer this is not the bike to choose from.

* Riding Position

The riding position of the motorcycle is way too far from that of the normal conventional motorcycle, since it is a cafe racer styled motorcycle, the seat position is set in such a manner that the rider would have to lean forward to stretch the hands and grab hold on the handlebars. This might be pretty difficult for a taller rider to ride the motorcycle. The overall height of the vehicle is also thus reduced which might be uncomfortable for tall riders. The single seat riding position of the motorcycle thus is a disadvantage.

* Cheap Build Quality

Though the motorcycle uses lightweight components and simple body panel materials, the build quality of the vehicle cannot be analysed as an exceptional one. The semi-plastic and metal contents in the motorcycle makes it overall light weight yet quality cannot be assured as long lasting. Even though some of its parts of the motorcycle are said to be made of chrome, the quality of those parts too are unmeasured.

* No Tubeless Tyres and Alloys

Obviously a cafe racer variant of two wheeler motorcycle would come with a full spoked rims but this motorcycle neither comes with an option for alloy rims nor does it have option for a tubeless tyre.

* Underpowered Engine configuration

Since the motorcycle is an entry level cafe racer variant, the engine configuration of the vehicle is made pretty lesser compared to other vehicles in the segment. The motorcycle is powered up with a 97.6cc 4-stroke, single cylinder DOHC engine which has the capacity to produce a very low volume of torque and power. The maximum power produced is equal to that of the Suzuki Access or Honda Activa.

* Unbalanced Ride Quality

Since the body of the motorcycle is made of light weight materials and components the stability and balance of the motorcycle during higher volume of power and performance is lost. This may fail the rider to get maximum output of performance out of the vehicle. Balance and rigidity of the motorcycle is maintained by the hydraulic and telescopic rear and front suspension system, but the overall stability of the motorcycle may lose during higher speed counts and bad road conditions.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer

In a whole, the motorcycle is an exceptional design and style craftsmanship and a great value for money vehicle in terms of the cheap rate that you have to pay for a cafe racer variant motorcycle. Though it does not equip many of the features that are in built in many other motorcycles of its kind, the vehicle seems to deliver an equivalent ratio of fun and performance in the ride. Choosing the Splendor Pro Classic might be a better option if you are going for a pure Cafe Racer variant of motorcycle with a low budget but if you are concerned with aspects like the power, performance, build quality and stability of the motorcycle this may not be the best choice to make.
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i like splender cbz xtreme and my fav is karizma but now these are ugly look. can u replace its first look for karizma and all
By Mohammed Rashid on 22-02-2015
I think Hero Motors launched this Cafe Racer as a proof of concept. They want to proove that they can also build Cafe Racers. They maynot be expecting any returns from this model. Its like Google and Apple building cars. They are not going to get any returns for their investment.
By Tony Thomas on 18-02-2015

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