Leading 110cc bikes in India

Top-Performing 110cc Bikes in India: Affordable Excellence

Discover the Top 10 110cc bikes in India, curated from the latest 105-120cc models dominating the market. This comprehensive guide provides detailed specifications, mileage, pricing, and images for each bike. Immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration, assisting you to make an informed decision for your next purchase.

List of 8 Top 110cc Bikes in India

Sl No Model Mileage (kmpl) Top Speed (kmph) Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi) Power (PS) Torque (Nm)
1 Hero Passion XTec 70 90 ₹ 78,528 9.1 9.79
2 Bajaj Platina 110 70 90 ₹ 72,224 8.6 9.81
3 TVS Sport 70 90 ₹ 51,750 8.21 8.7
4 Honda CD 110 Dream Deluxe 65 86 ₹ 73,400 8.79 9.30
5 Bajaj CT110X 70-75 90 ₹ 67,322 8.6 9.81
6 TVS Radeon 75 90 ₹ 74,834 8.19 8.7
7 TVS Star City Plus 70 90 ₹ 76,820 8.19 8.7
8 Honda Livo 70 95 ₹ 75,820 8.6 9.30

More details of the above motorcycles:
  • Hero Passion XTec Hero Passion XTec 113.20cc
    The Hero Passion XTec is powered by a refined 110cc engine, delivering approximately 9.1 PS of power and 9.79 Nm of torque. Known for its elegant design and comfortable seating, this bike is an ideal choice for daily commuting. With its efficient performance and smooth handling, it ensures a hassle-free ride through city streets and highways alike.
  • Bajaj Platina 110 Bajaj Platina 110 115.45cc
    The Bajaj Platina 110 boasts a fuel-efficient 110cc engine, generating around 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 Nm of torque for city rides. Its comfortable suspension setup ensures a smooth ride over rough roads. With its superior mileage and ergonomic design, it offers a perfect blend of efficiency and comfort, making it a top choice for urban commuters seeking reliability and performance.
  • TVS Sport TVS Sport 109.70cc
    The TVS Sport is known for its fuel efficiency and peppy performance, thanks to its 110cc engine producing approximately 8.21 PS of power and 8.7 Nm of torque. With its stylish design and comfortable ride quality, it's a popular choice among commuters. Whether navigating through congested city streets or cruising on highways, this bike offers a delightful riding experience with its responsive engine and agile handling.
  • Honda CD 110 Dream Deluxe Honda CD 110 Dream Deluxe 109.51cc
    The Honda CD 110 Dream Deluxe packs a punch with its 110cc engine, delivering impressive power of around 8.79 PS and torque of 9.3 Nm. Its sturdy build and smooth ride make it a reliable companion for daily commutes. With its sporty yet practical design and advanced features, it offers riders a perfect balance of performance and convenience, making every journey enjoyable and hassle-free.
  • Bajaj CT110X Bajaj CT110X 115.45cc
    The Bajaj CT110X is equipped with a robust 110cc engine, offering sufficient power of approximately 8.6 PS and torque of 9.81 Nm for urban riding. Its rugged design and comfortable ergonomics make it a versatile choice for various terrains. Whether traversing through city traffic or exploring rough trails, this bike ensures a confident and enjoyable ride, thanks to its dependable performance and solid build quality.
  • TVS Radeon TVS Radeon 109.70cc
    The TVS Radeon stands out with its reliable 110cc engine, providing smooth power delivery with approximately 8.19 PS of power and 8.7 Nm of torque. Its ergonomic design and efficient performance make it an excellent option for daily commuting. With its thoughtful features and attention to detail, it offers riders a comfortable and enjoyable ride experience, enhancing every journey with its refined performance and stylish appearance.
  • TVS Star City Plus TVS Star City Plus 109.70cc
    The TVS Star City Plus features a refined 110cc engine, delivering a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency with approximately 8.19 PS of power and 8.7 Nm of torque. Its stylish appearance and comfortable ride quality make it a preferred choice for urban riders. Whether commuting to work or embarking on leisurely rides, this bike offers a delightful combination of performance, style, and practicality, making every journey memorable and enjoyable.
  • Honda Livo Honda Livo 109.51cc
    The Honda Livo impresses with its refined 110cc engine, offering a blend of power and efficiency with approximately 8.6 PS of power and 9.3 Nm of torque for daily commuting. Its sporty design and comfortable seating position make it an ideal companion for city rides. Whether navigating through traffic or cruising on open roads, this bike ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, enhancing every journey with its responsive performance and stylish looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which 110cc bike offers the highest mileage in India?

The Passion Pro and TVS Radeon Dual Tone Edition both claim to offer a mileage of around 75 kmpl, making them some of the most fuel-efficient 110cc bikes in India.

What is the top speed for most 110cc bikes?

The top speed for most 110cc bikes in India typically ranges from 90 to 100 kmph.

Which is the most affordable 110cc bike in India?

The TVS Sport is one of the most affordable 110cc bikes in India, with an ex-showroom price in Delhi of ₹51,750.

What is the power output of the Honda Livo?

The Honda Livo has a power output of 8.6 PS.

Which bike has the highest torque among the 110cc bikes?

The Bajaj Platina 110, Bajaj CT110X, and Bajaj Platina 110 HGear all have a torque of 9.81 Nm, which is among the highest for 110cc bikes.

What is the ex-showroom price of the Bajaj CT110X in Delhi?

The ex-showroom price of the Bajaj CT110X in Delhi is ₹67,322.

What differentiates the Bajaj Platina 110 HGear from the regular Bajaj Platina 110?

The HGear variant of the Bajaj Platina 110 features a special 5-speed transmission called 'Highway Gear', hence the 'H' in its name. This improves its performance and fuel efficiency on highways.

How does the performance of the Hero Passion XTec compare to the Passion Pro?

The Hero Passion XTec has slightly more power than the Passion Pro, with 9.1 PS compared to the Passion Pro's 9.02 PS.

List of all 110cc Bikes in India

Given below is the list of all 110cc motorcycles in India. Bikes which got featured in the section above are not included here.

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