Leaks on TVS Apache 250

Anticipated to know how it will look like? Wanna know about its power? What price will the bike tag?

Rumours have been bubbling motorcycle blogs for months and even years on the much anticipated and rumoured machine, the Apache 250, from the Chennai based two-wheeler manufacturer, TVS. Adding oil to the fire,a modified Apache RTR 160 has been snapped in Indonesia. This has put the heart beats of millions of Apache fans around the world. Excitement has got hyped to an abnormal level for hardcore fanatics.

The customized Apache RTR 160 that caught photographed is just the same machine rolls in the country, but it is equipped with some extraordinary fairings. And this makes the bike a total different stuff. The bike is equipped with a fully-faired panel. It is fun to say that the bike's front portion now looks like a mixture of Bajaj Pulsar 220 and Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The exhaust is not the same here. It old fully backed silencer has been replaced by a new sparkling chromed silencer. However, this cuts down the sportiness. The exhaust could have been a fully blacked one. Moreover, a split seat also accompanies the alteration tabulation. Well, this gives in a sporty touch.

TVS Apche RTR 160 modified in Indonesia

Nevertheless, the all new added panel looks unproportional for the machine. Because, the Apache is smaller bike in appearance. It does have small tyres too. So the engineers behind the new dressings of the Apache RTR 160 has given a bigger costume to the bike. If the all new kit were a bit smaller, that would have been excellent for the bike. Still, it's not an official delivery. It is only unofficial and TVS hasn't given away even a small hint on updation of the Apache 160 with full fairings.

TVS Apche RTR 160 modified in Indonesia

But, being an Apache fan or motorcycle enthusiast, one can certainly smell something here. Yup, it's for sure that the Apache 250 won't be a naked machine just like the rest Apache motorbikes. The Apache 250 will be either a semi-faired or a fully-faired sports bike.

TVS Apche RTR 160 modified in Indonesia

Earlier, we had reported that the joint venture, TVS-BMW would start up with a 250cc motorcycle in India. So it might be the Apache 250. The 250cc engine bike will be manufactured in two variants, one for global (BMW) and the other for India (TVS). We can expect ABS technology as well. So motor-maniacs, be patient for the revolutionary unleashment by TVS, which is expected to happen by the beginning of 2014.

TVS Apche RTR 160 modified in Indonesia

Picture Courtesy: Bharath Autos
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I want my apache rtr 160 modified.....to full fairing......can be .....
By Kishur Gogoi on 15-01-2020
i want to buy...white color..i have rtr160rd white can I modified my bike...this #body kit... ????
By Rinturoy on 12-07-2017
it is modified apache 160 beast model and not tvs company modified. it's doom is local modification.
By Soundar on 15-03-2016
its a very great and good looking bike
By Kamal Singh on 29-10-2015
i was very munch disappoint because i bought tvsapacheRTR160 green colour new model if i wait for few months i definetly buy the ApacheRTR250 but it sees very amazing and looking greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
By Prashanth on 07-06-2014
I wanna buy this bike any how..
I don't konw how but I want .
can anybody tell m????
By Sanjay Maitry on 28-05-2014
we need more..
it luk like the modified rtr hyper edge 160..
By Boomge on 16-01-2014
ya its an Idonesian Apache Rtr 160 modified. doesnt look like an R15 or CBR 150R beating one. still it is good. tvs can come with bigger tyres n body to beat its rivals.
By Kora on 23-06-2013
Fake its a modified apache rtr you can see the kick lever and the plastic take cover
By Cjdjdjs on 21-06-2013
Wow gorgeous. The bike is extremely amazing. Indonesia can do better stuffs here. They have just proven it. Still, the all new cowl of the bike looks unsymmetrical. The panel should have been little more smaller, so that it can suit the small body of the Apache RTR 160. Still, it's fabulous. The exhaust is sportier too.
By Johny on 21-06-2013

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