Why you should insist on Changing Registration Details after Selling Vehicles?

Ownership transfer is a must while selling and buying a used bike or any vehicle.

Many of us are careless and least bothered on changing the registration details from the owners' name to the buyers' name after doing a motorcycle transaction. The reason is that we don't know much about the importance and the after effects it can severely cause. The Indian Motor Vehicle Rules and Laws strictly demand change of name while selling a vehicle.

Recently a bomb blast took place in Bangalore. Well, it was revealed that a motorcycle was used to explode the bomb. Investigating on the motorcycle's registration number, the City Policemen were led to Tamil Nadu State and questioned a retired telecom employee. The man was shocked at the sudden appearance of Policemen. He commented that the motorcycle was his son's. The bike was being used in Bangalore and sold out four years ago as his son flew to the US for a job. The Police are yet to confirm whether the number plate is fake or not, and whether proper ownership transfer of the bike was done or not.

Bike ownership transfer

This incident certainly reminds us the importance of vehicle selling procedures. Many are confused and don't know the tips of selling and buying a bike. Once the vehicle is sold out from our hands, it is our duty to ensure the ownership transfer has been accurately taken place. For that we must be ready with the forms, certificates and documents for selling and buying a bike. After all forms are signed up by both parties (seller and buyer), they must be submitted at the RT Office. It is better to go directly to the RT Office and submit the documents. Later, both parties can confirm the change of ownership by logging on to the official website of RTO of concerned states or can be checked by directly going to the RT office.

After selling the bike, keep all the documents and certificates with you. It is not all done. In case if the ownership isn't changed and anything happens to the bike, you will have to prove that the bike was sold. So, it is better to verify yourself that the name in all offcial records has been changed to the buyer's name.

Moreover, you are ought to confirm that the buyer is genuine. Even if you get a lower price than you expected, sell it only to a genuine person. Because, it must not be a burden for you after selling it.

So, you should not give up any compromises while transferring the ownership even if the buyer has any close relationship towards you. It is always better to strictly follow the Motor Vehicle Acts while selling a motorcycle or car.

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