Top 100cc - 110cc Bikes in India

Following are the best 100cc-110cc, entry level, and commuter bikes in India.

Indian is one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world. Precisely, the second largest motorcycle market is India which is just beneath China. So the industry has certainly good number of brands producing very good quality. Being a huge market, the motorcycle manufacturers in the circle are supposed to produce high quality and well performing machines. However, fuel efficiency is one of the major features every commuter rider in the country looks before opting a bi-wheeler. So it is really hard as far as thinking from the position of a motorcycle brand since the customers in India needs everything under one umbrella.

Notwithstanding, some pioneers of this class such as Hero and Honda mould out the indeed machines what the industry needs. They are well renowned for their reliability and all in all features. The line-up is co-joined by other players Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki, and Bajaj.

The following bikes are ranked on the basis and comparison of quality, brand value, popularity, mileage, maintenance, resale value, performance, availability of spare parts, service centres, technology used, features, manoeuvrability, looks and pricing of the motorcycles.

1. Hero Passion X Pro
The Passion X Pro, from the house of the world's largest production motorcycle company, Hero Motocorp. What else you need to trust on this machine? The Passion X Pro is based on its younger sibling, the Passion Pro, which is huge success in the Indian market. Or we can call that the X Pro is an upgraded version of the Passion Pro.

Hero Passion X Pro

Providing a better ergonomics, the bike ensures a very good seating position that never tires commuter riders to make city drives. It is mated with a refined engine that is used in Honda Dream Yuga and as a result it puts forward a smooth ride. What makes the X Pro ahead of its hardcore rival, the Dream Yuga, is that the bike is featured with a front disc brake and a digital analog meter console, which are very essential in present generation motorcycles.

Moreover, Hero Motocorp has a vast network across the country. Service stations are visible everywhere and so as the spare parts availability. Since the X Pro is highly reliable, less will be the maintenance and high will be the resale value. These all make the bi-wheeler a true value for money.

Front disc brake, digital meter console, smooth engine, good design and graphics, high resale and brand value, good mileage, and low maintenance.

Suspension could have been better

Technical Specifications of Hero Passion X Pro

2. Honda Dream Yuga
Honda introduced Dream Yuga aiming to cut down the market stake ruled by Hero Motorcorp. Yup! Honda has won its purpose for that the Dream Yuga is already a massive hit in the industry. The bike gives a very smooth and powerful ride. Just like the Passion X Pro was made from the Passion Pro, the Dream Yuga was drawn from the CB Shine and the bike looks cool as well.

Honda Dream Yuga

Still, the Japan originated company forgot to equip some essential features on it such as front disc brake and digital meter console. This slightly makes the rider to think that the bike is outdated. Hopefully, Honda will make changes in the next upgrade.

Powerful engine, good looks, reliable, better mileage, high resale and brand value.

No front disc brake and digital meter.

Technical Specifications of Honda Dream Yuga

3. Hero Passion Pro
The most trusted 100cc machine of every Indian after the Splendor brand. The bike needs no definition to describe since it's that popular all over the country. Hero must be appreciated for keeping the bikes updated in regular interval of time to not give rivals even a single piece of room to pull down it.

Hero Passion Pro

The all new Passion Pro is stylish, economical, less expensive, value for money and of course a commuter's bike.

Economical, value for money, front disc brake, digital meter console, high resale value, and less maintenance cost.


Technical Specifications of Hero Passion Pro

4. Bajaj Discover 100T
In 2012 Discover Series grabbed the record of being the most selling motorcycle brand in the world from the Splendor brand. However, the Splendor brought back the record later. This shows out the position of the bike in the world two-wheeler market rather than being congested in the Indian industry.

Bajaj Discover 100T

The Discover 100T is the latest weapon from the Discover home to get appeared. The bike looks really sporty with the all new alloy wheels, newly designed exhaust, and stunning headlight. Nevertheless, the design is a copycat of Bajaj's own Discover 125 ST.

The speciality of the Discover 100T is that the bike is 30% more powerful than the other 100cc models. And Bajaj says that the Discover 100T is a 100cc bike with the power of a 125cc motorcycle. Notwithstanding, the bike pathetically misses both front disc brake and digital meter.

The most powerful in the 100cc - 110cc class, loaded with specifications, looks good, sporty alloy wheels, very good ergonomics and the seating position fits even fat guys.

Lacks digital meter and front disc, quality could have bettered.

Technical Specifications of Bajaj Discover 100T

5. Honda CB Twister
The trump card of Honda before introducing the Dream Yuga in to the entry level motorcycle class. The CB Twister is known for its cheap price and better mileage. The bike is equipped with the same engine used in the Dream Yuga. Power and rigidity of the bike are injected enough as what an entry level bi-wheeler needs. The CB Twister really is a good option for who care bikes with lesser price, high fuel efficiency, and low maintenance cost. The bike is equipped with a front disc brake as well.

Honda CB Twister

But, two tires of the bike never add confidence to the rider to go in high speeds. The engineers should have find some other way to increase the fuel efficiency of the bike. Also the rear portion of the bike looks ugly. Better design was expected from the designers of the firm. Despite these negotiable drawbacks, the CB Twister is a very good option for commuting.

Very economical and priced very low.

Looks so tiny, small tyres cause to loose control at high speeds.

Technical Specifications of Honda CB Twister

6. Bajaj Discover 100
The youngest link in the first generation Discover series. Looks more monstrous than the ordinary 100cc machines. Bajaj has crafted the Discover 100 aiming the mass commuter segment. The company has been succeeding in it since its entry. Its nitrox rear suspension pulls out a comfortable journey for both rider and pillion rider. The most interesting feature of the bike is that the engine is coupled with a 5 speed gear box. Even though it irritates the rider in city drives, the gear system ensures better fuel efficiency in highways.

Bajaj Discover 100

With better ergonomics and manoeuvrability, the Discover 100 is obviously a good option for any commuter rider. Well, there is no disc brake provided and you have the same old analog meter on the dashboard.

Better nitrox suspension, very good ergonomics, even tall guys are fit here.

No digital meter, no front disc brake.

Technical Specifications of Bajaj Discover 100

7. Hero Splendor Plus
Splendor, the best selling bicycle brand in the world. It doesn't need any description to bring out the quality of the bike. Focussed on the mass motorcycle class in India, Hero Honda (Now Hero Motocorp) introduced the bike in 1994. The Splendor Plus is the second generation bike in the Splendor series launched in 2003. The bike offers very smooth drive. It is so easy to handle the bike. The winning reciepe of the bike is certainly its manoeuvrability. Hero also offers better mileage for the Splendor Plus. Moreover, the bike has less maintenance, high resale value, and good reliability as well.

Hero Splendor Plus

Less maintenance, high resale value and mileage.

No digital meter, no disc brake, looks small and looks vulgar for tall guys.

Technical Specifications of Bajaj Discover 100T

8. Hero Splendor Pro
The Splendor Pro comes with the same engine that is used in the Passion Pro and the Splendor Plus. So need not have any queries or worries regarding the bike for it has already been proven by the time. The Splendor Pro is purely a simple man's bike with minimal design and graphics. However, the bike owns some beauty rather than other machines in this class. If you need a bike with better mileage, less maintenance, and high resale value, this is certainly a good deal.

Hero Splendor Pro

Quality, less maintenance, high resale value and mileage.

No digital meter, no disc brake, looks small and hard for tall guys.

Technical Specifications of Hero Splendor Plus

9. Suzuki Hayate
The one man army from Suzuki. The bike looks a redesigned mold of the Slingshot Plus. The Hayate is aimed for the commuter bikers who want a cheap bike with better mileage. It also comes with reliability and good ergonomics. The bike is powerful enough for two riders even to throttle through the cities. The Hayate comes to everyone's mind when think about some good number of 100-110cc motorcycles.

Suzuki Hayate

Gear shift indicator, good design, better ergonomics, one of the best bikes for city drives, made in good quality too.

No front disc brake, no digital meter.

Technical Specifications of Suzuki Hayate

10. Yamaha YBR 110
Yamaha has too got something for the entry commuter riders, the YBR 110. The bike slightly borrows design from the SS 125. As far as the quality, maintenance cost, fuel efficiency, and brand value are concerned, the YBR 110 is a worth for money. However, Yamaha Motor India failed to market the bike with attractive advertisements and better offers. If Yamaha goes for better promotions, this will certainly in the hit chart. One of the best choices for anyone who considers a 100cc bike.

Yamaha YBR 110

Quality, less maintenance, powerful enough.

Missing front disc brake and digital meter.

Technical Specifications of Yamaha YBR 110

11. Bajaj Platina
If mileage is meant for you when a commuter bike is considered, we can predominantly tell you that there is no bike born in Indian to beat the Platina. The bike gives you around 80 kmpl and even 85 kmpl is possible in highways. Overall everything, Bajaj Auto certifies a mileage of 90 kmpl under standard conditions, which is certainly a dream. So it is a good take at this petroleum price hiking days.

Bajaj Platina

Best in class mileage, very affordable pricing
Bajaj always lacks quality and so do on the Platina. It has no front disc brake and no digital meter as well. The bike has no resale value.

Technical Specifications of Bajaj Platina

12. TVS Star City
A good commuter bike, but doesn't feel built up in reliability. TVS is yet to make world class machines. They always lack quality. However, it results in cheap pricing, which is stunning for Indian customers. And that's the reason why the Star City is still sold out in stores. For those who can shed out only little money, this is certainly a very good choice. Also the Chennai based firm offers a mileage of 83.9 kmpl under standard conditions.

TVS Star City

Stylish, powerful and ensures better mileage.

Lacks quality, front disc brake, and digital meter.

Technical Specifications of TVS Star City

13. Hero HF Deluxe
For those who really can only little. Equipped with self-start and alloy wheels, Hero offers the HF Deluxe in an attractive price. Minimal is the design and the graphics work of the bike. Riders need to spent only little for maintenance. It has high resale and brand value as well. Hero certifies very attractive economical figure as well. An overall mileage of 70 is possible on it. A good option if a commuter bike is considered. However, it is not for tall guys, since the bike looks short and small in size.

Hero HF Deluxe

Less expensive, highly economical, very affordable, and worth for money.

Looks small, has no disc brake and no digital meter.

Technical Specifications of Hero HF Deluxe

14. TVS Sport
The second option if you're a TVS fan. The Sport slightly resembles the Star City. The firm offers an accurate mileage of 82.9 kmpl under standard conditions. The Sport is stylish and sporty as well as its name indicates. What else a commuter rider needs? So guys this is good option. The problems that loiter around the bike is its no brand value, less resale value, stingy body quality. However, the machine comes in attractive pricing.

TVS Sport

One of the best looking bikes in the segment, highly fuel efficient.

Lacks quality and has no resale value.

Technical Specifications of TVS Sport

15. Hero HF Dawn
The HF Dawn is precisely the cheapest bike in India. The bike tags only Rs. 36,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi). Mated with the same engine that runs the Splendor Plus, the Splendor Pro, and the HF Deluxe, the HF Dawn wins the trust of economical riders. Since it is priced this low, there is no alloy wheel attached to it. However, spoke wheels are only blessings as they can bring in more mileage. Well, self start is optional. You need to shed out more Gandhis for that.

Hero HF Dawn

The most affordable motorcycle in India, less maintenance, good resale value, excellent milegae.

No alloy wheels, no front disc brake, no digital meter, electric start is only optional.

Technical Specifications of Hero HF Dawn
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Suzuki Hayate is best bike for riding in 100 cc segment.
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