KTM Duke Variants

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Desiring to crown as a Duke in the 21st century remains just as a hallucination for the bulk. Because the world has been changed to mount up to the present stage. So, we can hardly rewind back to the old Kingship and dictatorship age. But riding this machine, anyone who misses the past age can easily peep into it until anytime he/she rides it. That's the Duke motorcycle brand of the KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.

Fundamentally, the Duke is a naked motorcycle brand that estimates each and every corner of the track and moves forward without delaying the motion of a tourer. It doesn't matter whether if it is muddy or rocky and deserted or thorny, the well fitted bike knows where to be driven and how to be driven, because it is engineered in such a way to be an extreme street fighter at the middle of tripping. If riders believe that there is an ultimate word for naked motorcycling, that would be unequivocally, the KTM Duke. The motorcycle series which enables a real dukedom of leisure driving.

The Austrian commenced fountaining the Duke series in 1994. This revealed another beauty of motorcycling. Instead of wearing fully faired body kits, the Duke series stands naked. Being rather than a fully enveloped sportbike, the Duke's design remained absolutely staring.

Comprised of 6 different variants, KTM exhausts 6 models under the series, the Duke. 125 Duke, 200 Duke, 390 Duke, 690 Duke, 690 Duke R and 990 Super Duke R are the 6 naked machines. Among them, 125 Duke, 200 Duke and 390 Duke look identically same. It is what their engine and their technical specifications distinguish. Meanwhile, 690 Duke and 690 Duke R resemblance each other. But the power ratio divides them. At the same time, the 990 Super Duke R jiggles to be a massive off and on-roader.

The Duke machines are blended in powerful appearance that attracts attention even at the middle of superbikes, pure speed which allows faster ride with full control and stability, the essence of motorcycling which screws a pure naked machine emotion, and the alpha animal ambience just like a wild voluntary. To add more reliability to the bi-wheeler, KTM melts tubular space frame which is made from chrome molybdenum steel with powder-coat. Still, the weight of the machine is counted to the least 127 kg for the 125 Duke and the most 186 kg for the the 990 Super Duke R.