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KTM is an Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer headquartered at Mattighofen, Austria. The name evolved from a small car workshop called, 'Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen,' owned by Johann Trunkenpolz. After the World War, Trunkenpolz started producing his own motorcycles. In 1935, a business man named, Ernst Kronreif invested in the company and renamed it as Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. KTM built the first 125cc, sports motorcycle Trophy in 1957.

Later, the company expanded and in 1992 the modern phase of the KTM was formed. In 1995 KTM Motorradholding GmbH acquired Husaberg AB motorcycles and in 2013 Bajaj Auto acquired 47.97% of KTM Power Sports AG, which includes their right for selling distribution in Asian countries. In the same year itself, they had acquired Husqvarna from BMW Motorrad.

KTM Duke 200 is the first motorcycle to launched in India. Within a short period, the company and their famous model had captivated many minds in the country.

Additional Details about KTM

Orange would be the color that pumps all through our mind and eyes while the word 'KTM' is noted! Interesting, but a fact! KTM is a Sportmotorcycle AG is an Austrian bicycle, motocross, motorcycle, and moped manufacturer. In 1934, an engineer named, Hans Trunkenpolz founded the consortium at Mattighofen, in Austria. While starting the small company, it was meant to be only a metal working shorp which was named, Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. In 1937, the company started selling and repairing DKW motorcycles, which is a defunct German automotive company. After the second world war, Trunkenploz wanted to invent new kinds of motorcycles that drills through road, deserts and terrains simultaneously. As a result the first model of motorcycle was unveiled in 1953. With just 20 employees KTM began producing motorcycles in 1954. At first the consortium managed only to mold 3 units per day. During this, almost all materials were produced in the company. However, the engine was supplied by Rotax, an Austrian engine manufacturer, which crafts advanced two-stroke and four-stroke engines for motorcycles, scooters, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) products, karts, ultra light and light aircraft.

KTM sold out its share for the first time in 1955 to a businessman named, Ernst Kronreif and result he bought the major part of the company. As as result, the consortium was renamed to Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. In 1957, KTM launched its very first moped, the Mecky. Followed by Ponny in 1960 and Ponny II in 1962. Meanwhile, KTM also molded bikes for racing. Unfortunately, the major stake holder, Kronreif died in 1960 and so the founder of KTM, Trunkenploz in 1962. Then the company was taken controlled by the son of Trunkenploz, Erich. He soon changed back the name of company to Kraftrader Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. When Erich died in 1989, the consortium had a tally of 180 employees and a turnover of €3,5 Millions. Later, the foundation of KTM North America Inc., a US subsidiary of KTM, which was established in 1978, caused a hike of 72% of international turnover. Alas! In 1980, it was renamed as KTM Motor-Fahrzeugbau KG.

KiskaDesign, a Salzburg-based design firm is the key crew behind the stunning design of KTM motorcycles. KiskaDesign sketches for KTM since 1990 for its vehicles' design, shops, exhibits and printed materials. In 1992, a major partition took place. It resulted KTM to be split in to 3 companies - KTM Sportmotorcycles GmbH, KTM Fahrrad GmbH KTM Kuhler GmbH. Later, KTM Sportmotorcycles GmbH was converted to today's KTM Sportmotorcycles AG. Meanwhile, KTM Fahrrad GmbH was a bicycle company whereas KTM Kuhler GmbH had its business with radiators.

In 2005, KTM signed to be partnered with US ATV giant, Polaris Industries and produced 80,000 motorcycles in that year. In November 2007, Bajaj Auto, an Indian two wheeler conglomerate acquired 14.7% stake in KTM Power Sports AG, which is the parent company of KTM Sportmotorcycles AG. And the contract between Bajaj and KTM notes KTM to provide the details of the water-cooled 4-stroke 125 cc and 250 cc engines, and in return, Bajaj will take over the distribution of KTM products in India and some other Southeast Asian nations where the company has dealerships. In December 2007, Bajaj increased its share by 20% and 38.09% by 2010. In March 2012, Bajaj bought some more shares to reach a 47% stake.

KTM launched its first motorcycle. 200 Duke in India in 2011. At present, the 200 Duke is the only available model in the country. According to the official website of KTM, it says that the 390 Duke will make its launch soon in India.