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- Speed Control Switch
- Side Stand Sensor
- USB Based Mobile Charging
- Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
- Robust Chassis
- Ergonomic Design
- Extra Luggage space
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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeScooter
Maximum Power249 W
Motor Details
Brushless DC
75 Km/100 Km+
Charging Time
0-60% : 2 Hours
0-100% : 6 Hours
BatteryVRLA battery
Warranty for Battery1 Year
Head LampLed
Tail LampBulb
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Chassis and Suspension
FrameHigh Rigid Tubular Frame
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionSpring Loaded Gas
Wheels / RimAlloy Wheel
Front Tyre3.0X10” Tubeless
Rear Tyre3.0X10” Tubeless
Length1960 mm
Width700 mm
Height700 mm
Seat Height740 mm
Weight230 kg
Kerb Weight62 kg
Ground Clearance180 mm
Additional Details
Grade ability : 18 Degree
Frame Materials : Steel
Indicators : Bulb
Day Time Running Light : Led
Vehicle Warranty
3 Years/30,000 Km
User Reviews of Inspirer. Write Your Review
Nice electric scooty.
By on 24-06-2022
Nice performance, Inspirer is light weight electric scooty specially good for women.
By on 03-06-2022
Super and nice electric scooty, worth for money,
By on 19-04-2022
Nice performance, stylish and good servicing and maintenance by showroom.
By on 13-04-2022
Good performance, charging is very easy, no problem till now.
By on 07-04-2022
Battery backup is good. I used it for last 1 and half years.
By on 01-04-2022
This is the best and affordable electric scooter for daily use.
By on 29-03-2022
Stylish, advanced & good mileage. Easy to drive for all family members.
By on 28-03-2022
Smooth riding, good mileage 75 km and good experience.
By on 26-03-2022
Nice scooter, feels like young and energetic. Very comfortable and good battery performance.
By on 25-03-2022
Electric is the future of mobility. I own electric scooter inspirer, It have max speed 45 km/h. I travel daily approx 50 km. It saves approx 100 rupees per day.
By on 24-03-2022
I purchased Li-ion Inspirer electric scooter. Nice performance.
By on 17-03-2022
I bought this scooter last year near Diwali (2021). Buying experience was a little tough due to shortage of scooter on store. Battery performance is good.
By on 15-03-2022
Inspirer is highly efficient electric scooter and looks quite good. Battery performance is also very good.
By on 15-03-2022
I'm using my Activa for more than 5 yrs, I also purchased electric scooter Inspirer 6 months ago. Now I can clearly say that running cost is the major difference I prefer electric bikes more.
By on 14-03-2022
I purchased this scooter recently. Battery and motor power are good but performance with two person is not too good.
By on 12-03-2022
I love inspirer because of it's low running cost. You can finish all your tasks in only 1 or 1.5 unit of electricity cost.
By on 11-03-2022
It's highly efficient electric scooter. I really recommend to go for it.
By on 11-03-2022
Had a small test ride. Nice electric scooter for all.
By on 10-03-2022
Nice e-scooter in looks like petrol vehicle, budget friendly, best thing is electric bikes are eco-friendly too.
By on 10-03-2022
Best budget electric scooter with advanced technology features. Inspirer is high performance e-scooter with rich features.
By on 09-03-2022
Nice performance, stylish look, very comfortable seats and affordable price.
By on 09-03-2022
Electric scooter inspirer is very good option for college going youths.
By on 08-03-2022
Great riding experience with electric scooter inspirer, no pollution, no noise and big thing is no running cost.
By on 08-03-2022
Pollution free electric scooter. Inspirer is advanced electric scooter, value for money.
By on 07-03-2022
As compared to other electric scooters, Amo electric scooter Inspirer is ahead in performance.
By on 03-03-2022
Affordable price and good looking. Amo Inspirer is best electric scooter for workplace.
By on 03-03-2022
Nice electric scooty, no fuel, less maintenance required.
By on 28-02-2022
I have purchased Amo electric scooter Inspirer from Rajasthan 18 months ago. Battery performance is good, range is also good, it goes approx 75 km in a single charge.
By on 26-02-2022
Speed is sufficient for city ride, good range and eco-friendly.
By on 26-02-2022
Rather than a good range, electric scooter Inspirer has multiple features that make your ride quite a safe and comfortable one.
By on 19-02-2022
Brilliant range, performance and handling. Only worry is the charging time, should be less than 4 hrs.
By on 17-02-2022
Electric scooter Inspirer is the best affordable e scooter in its segment. Very smooth and noiseless.
By on 17-02-2022
Performance is good but problem is that service after sale is not satisfactory in my area! Riding and battery performance is good, top speed is 45 and range is 75 in a single charge.
By on 12-02-2022
Scooter's performance is good after 1.5 yrs (4,350 kms). Inspirer is best family oriented scooter.
By on 12-02-2022
Very nice electric scooter and good for environment.
By on 11-02-2022
The best thing in Inspirer electric scooter is range and battery performance.
By on 11-02-2022
Always found electric two-wheelers good, now e-scooter Inspirer making me fall in love again.
By on 08-02-2022
Replaced my Activa with Amo electric scooty Inspirer. Nice performance, no fuel, no pollution and best in this price range.
By on 08-02-2022
Electric bikes are good for environment. Good to go.
By on 07-02-2022
I purchased Amo electric scooter Inspirer with Lithium battery on insurance. I ridden the scooter for more than 8 months. Very good experience.
By on 07-02-2022
Nice electric scooter, no noise, no pollution, no petrol, easy to ride, just charge and go.
By on 05-02-2022
Budget friendly electric scooter. Best thing is electric bikes and scooters are also good for environment.
By on 05-02-2022
Had a test ride of Inspirer, very smooth, easy to handle and no pollution.
By on 03-02-2022
I own Amo electric scooter Inspirer from almost one year, never face any battery related issue till date. Scooter's range and performance is good.
By on 03-02-2022
Very good buying experience from dealer. I bought my Inspirer 1.5 years ago. Nice performance.
By on 02-02-2022
Awesome electric scooter and eco-friendly too. Totally superb e-scooter and riding experience is also nice.
By on 31-01-2022
Nice electric scooty in look and performance. Budget friendly and good for environment.
By on 31-01-2022
Jaunty is best electric scooter with low electricity consumption in India.
By on 29-01-2022
I bought Amo Ev inspirer last year in Oct 2021. Performance, riding experience and service is good. A must have electric scooter.
By on 29-01-2022
Amo inspirer is very good and balanced scooter with Li-Ion battery.
By on 29-01-2022
Accha scootar h lekin har gajah loan par nhi mil raha.
By on 29-01-2022
Amo Inspirer ka battery backup bahut hi badhiya laga mujhe.
By on 28-01-2022
Nice electric scooter with lithium battery.
By on 27-01-2022
Top speed as per claim is 25kmph but actual speed achieved is 45kmph. Range is good.
By on 27-01-2022
This electric scooter is good and mileage is also very satisfactory.
By on 25-01-2022
I am much impressed with Amo Inspirer specifications and performance compared to other electric scooters.
By on 25-01-2022
Truly the future of mobility. I strongly recommend Amo electric scooter instead of any other option in the market.Value for money.
By on 25-01-2022
Electric scooter Inspirer is an e-scooter by AMO. It looks very stylish and strong. It is offered in 3 variants and 3 colors.
By on 24-01-2022
Super electric scooter in terms of performance and mileage in electric vehicles segment.
By on 22-01-2022
Amo Inspirer is very smooth electric scooter with lithium battery.
By on 21-01-2022
Amo dealers are very polite in nature, buying experience was good. I purchased it in Jul 2021, scooter's performance is good.
By on 17-01-2022
Amo Inspirer is India's premium electric scooter specially designed to give you the most comfortable riding experience.
By on 17-01-2022
Buying experience of Amo electric scooter Inspirer is so nice. Riding experience is also good, and very nice performance.
By on 17-01-2022
Amo electric scooter inspirer is my favorite scooter, I own it from last 1.5 years. I love its features.
By on 15-01-2022
I bought my Amo Ev 8 months ago, the buying experience of it was good. Nice performance, service and support is also good.
By on 15-01-2022
Once you fully charge, It gives 75km mileage. Very cost effective for pocket as per petrol bikes.
By on 15-01-2022
Buying experience of Amo electric scooter Inspirer is very good. I belong to rural area, here I also use it to carry some goods.
By on 15-01-2022
Riding experience is very good, the top speed of Amo electric scooter Inspirer is 45. Good to have this electric scooter.
By on 15-01-2022
Amo electric scooter Inspirer is India's most affordable e-scooter catered to give you the most comfortable riding experience.
By on 13-01-2022
I recently purchased Amo electric scooter Inspirer. Very smooth riding, happy with range and scooter's performance.
By on 13-01-2022
Amo electric scooter is high range electric scooter and good for workplace and home.
By on 13-01-2022
I am using this e-scooter for last 10 months and my feedback is it's excellent for all. Mileage is good.
By on 10-01-2022
Comfortable riding experience with electric scooter Amo Inspirer and money saving. Electric vehicles are boon for the environment too.
By on 10-01-2022
Smooth, comfortable and high range electric scooter with double seat. It need very low maintenance and repair.
By on 08-01-2022
I suggest everyone to buy Amo Inspirer to save money and environment. I bought it last year and till now no battery issue, no performance issue etc. Keep our city clean and must go for electric.
By on 08-01-2022
Electric scooter Inspirer is good for environment & fuel. This is also a high range e-scooter in India for all age groups.
By on 08-01-2022
Nice scooter.
By on 08-01-2022
My experience is good with Inspirer, very happy after buying this. Parts are a little bit costly.
By on 07-01-2022
I had a test ride of Inspirer. Actually it's my relative's bike. Scooter is too smooth to ride.
By on 07-01-2022
Very good experience. I bought electric scooter Inspirer from Aligarh showroom last year.
By on 07-01-2022
Amo Inspirer is best in class charging scooter that can cover massive distances on a single charge.
By on 05-01-2022
Amo Inspirer is the most efficient electric scooter in India for local market place and workspace.
By on 05-01-2022
Inspirer is amazing electric scooter. My daily use is approx 45 km and i m happy with it. No any maintenance till yet.
By on 31-12-2021
When I purchased Amo Inspirer, they claim 80-90 kms range. Satisfied with range, my scooter goes 75 plus in a single charge.
By on 31-12-2021
Awesome performance. If we talk about charging, it takes 1- 1.5 unit to full charge. Range is also good.
By on 31-12-2021
Completed more than 2000 kms till now. No issue, good riding experience.
By on 31-12-2021
Riding experience is amazing.
By on 31-12-2021
We purchased Amo Inspirer electric scooter from Aligarh. Dealer and service is good.
By on 31-12-2021
Best electric scooter with advanced technology features such as front and disc brake, water proof display, and excellent range.
By on 29-12-2021
Affordable price range, I can say it's worth buying.
By on 29-12-2021
Amo Inspirer is the most affordable electric scooter under 70,000 price range.
By on 28-12-2021
Future of mobility. Amo EVs are the best and most affordable for all.
By on 27-12-2021
No 1 electric scooter for students.
By on 25-12-2021
I bought it 15 months ago, gives good performance and mileage.
By on 24-12-2021
Smart electric scooter for daily use.
By on 24-12-2021
Best mileage electric scooter in India for daily use.
By on 21-12-2021
Best Amo ev for city ride.
By on 18-12-2021
Bought the superb Amo Inspirer electric scooter recently, range is good.
By on 17-12-2021
Best and affordable electric scooter.
By on 17-12-2021
Amo Inspirer is very nice electric scooter. I'm owning it from last 5 months suggest to all to purchase it.
By on 16-12-2021
Best ev in range. Very comfortable and zero expenses.
By on 15-12-2021
Nice riding experience, stylish look, easy handling and low maintenance cost.
By on 15-12-2021
Amo EVs are best in performance and budget.
By on 14-12-2021
Amo Inspirer is the best EV currently available in the market. Book a test ride before buying it for your satisfaction.
By on 14-12-2021
Nice electric scooter for women and college going girls.
By on 13-12-2021
Nice and very comfortable electric scooty for city travelling.
By on 09-12-2021
I purchased this electric scooter 7 months ago. Good performance, dealer's service is satisfactory. No complaint till date. Good to go for everyone.
By on 08-12-2021
Good experience with this Amo electric scooty. I'm so satisfied after buying this. Parts are much costly.
By on 08-12-2021
Very good, must go for it.
By on 07-12-2021
Best and affordable charging scooter for students, women and retailers.
By on 07-12-2021
Best battery scooter for city ride.
By on 07-12-2021
Awesome electric scooter with affordable price and advanced features. Switch to electric with Amo for greener tomorrow.
By on 04-12-2021
I am enjoying driving for last 4 months, very nice features thank you Amo. No complaints, no problem with this vehicle till date. Recommend everyone to go for it.
By on 30-11-2021
It's really a very nice electric scooter, stylish and attractive.
By on 26-11-2021
Good mileage, low maintenance cost and easy riding with great comfort.
By on 26-11-2021
I bought Amo Inspirer last 6 months ago. Best performance, completely satisfied with it.
By on 24-11-2021
It's very efficient electric scooter. I use it on regular basis. My daily use is approx 50 km. Completely satisfied with Amo Inspirer electric scooter.
By on 23-11-2021
It's the most affordable electric scooter and good for environment.
By on 23-11-2021
Amo Inspirer is best in class EV with high and low range.
By on 12-11-2021
Awesome bike.
By on 21-08-2021
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