Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Pictures

The flagship motorcycle of Bajaj Auto. Truly a naked street machine by looks and performance. Bajaj has taken cues from KTM's Duke variants to craft out such a piece of bi-wheeler. The Pulsar 200NS comes in Saffire Blue, Tosca Red, Cherry Black, and Mustard Yellow colours.

Pulsar 200NS

Pulsar 200NS

Pulsar 200NS

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Last updated on 27-01-2017. Published on 30-01-2012.
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Ride WiTh NS200....
By on 03-11-2017
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Latest Comments

By on 31-01-2012
when will be the pulsar200NS lauching in kerala
By on 03-02-2012
Jst waiting for the launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my life"s first bike will be PULSAR200 ns.
thankzzz bajaj.......
and i bet u, i will b the first one to buy this bike
By on 04-02-2012
R15 is the king
By on 05-02-2012
I really lyk dis bike...luk wise its awesum....wen it ll b 0n r0ad...
By on 05-02-2012
complite copy of yamaha FZ yaaro its bakvas jao r15 lo yaar
By on 05-02-2012
its, tooooooooooooo
By on 08-02-2012
Lookz soooo stylish n freak.... The upcoming king of the road....
By on 08-02-2012
pakka super.
By on 10-02-2012
kollam ithu kalakkum
By on 10-02-2012
I lick and i wat for this bajaj pulsar 200 cc
By on 12-02-2012
it very comfert bike it's really good
By on 14-02-2012
i m waiting to purchasing dis bike....superb ....thnx bjaj
By on 15-02-2012
By on 16-02-2012
This bike is better then any Yamaha cause it give better Mileage and look wise also it is good. If you want to buy R15 then you should have enough money to buy a petrol pump with it :D. Hero Impulse is also good. Dude we are not in Pakistan where we get 14 Rs liter petrol or in Saudi where in 1 riyal we get around 3 liters petrol. We are in India where even if you sell yourself you will not be able to buy enough petrol :D.
By on 18-02-2012
wen it wil b available in kerala?
By on 23-02-2012
awsome ,,,,,,,,,,,,good looking.....road king
By on 27-02-2012
Yaar....t#!§ bike l¤¤k i$ faar and this bike very heavy.
By on 02-03-2012
i love them.,yr plz launched this bike in the month of April 2012 plzzzz...
By on 10-03-2012
supper style
By on 11-03-2012
pulsar 200cc is back with de look of muscle bike with more powerfull engine evolution with monocross suspensions .stunning looks.this beast would look even more better when it's white ,orange,nd wid some killa graphics on it.r15 sucks infront of these pulsars muscle beast ie 200 ns.big ride real beasts(pulsar 200 ns),kids ride beast like toys(yamaha r15)....we love pulsar (team revhard banglore sjec)
By on 24-03-2012
TVS 50 is best and super
By on 02-04-2012
fzs bakvaash hai jao r15 lo yaar
By on 12-04-2012
it's a
they should bring new models like this
By on 13-04-2012
The bike looks awesome, i just hope the performance will be as good as its looks if not even more. Will this version be exported to Nigeria? Because i have a Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTi-S and would like to have an upgrade. Thanks.
By on 19-04-2012
ITS NICE.......
By on 21-04-2012
this bike is awosome,
but wat is the prise of indian market,
By on 24-04-2012
Hai this is r.sasi this bike totally honda 1000RR Design i like it very nice
By on 17-05-2012
From Bangalore Jayanagar,
Im planning to sale my Honda CB Twister 2010 model black colour in very good condition single owner price- 43,000.
phone no.8792697321 call
By on 20-05-2012
i am waiting 2 bye palser330ccpulserbike at kolkatta.love2doracing with it!!!!!!!!!!
By on 21-05-2012
King of the ROAD.
By on 29-05-2012
Eating for booking
By on 07-06-2012
this is perfect bike ever. really sporty.
tum kya jaano
By on 08-06-2012
my first dream R-15 ........superbbbbbb bike.............
By on 22-06-2012
nice bike need more collictn
By on 23-06-2012
naale ravile varum.....k
By on 27-06-2012
Hey guys duke 200 lookz much more better then dis 200 ns
By on 28-06-2012
When it launch? I want to by this pulsor.
By on 02-07-2012
BAJAJ quality resale value....bad ...
By on 02-07-2012
By on 04-07-2012
Yamaha R15 is king of Road always
By on 06-07-2012
nothing is better than yamaha r15 frndz and try it and u will knw
By on 07-07-2012
By on 12-07-2012
jata mera,sapna mat dekh bo****e............
Bajaj se bet lagata hai
By on 23-07-2012
abe king hai to jake king ka mume le...............
By on 23-07-2012
hath me milega to bohut marunga m*****hot
By on 23-07-2012
road pe nahi toh kya hawa main chalegi, ch**ye.
By on 23-07-2012
u are toooooooooo gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
By on 23-07-2012
dog shot marvayega kya
By on 23-07-2012
english sik pehle bo****e
and its not 200cc its 200ns
By on 23-07-2012
no its the brother of pulsar 135
By on 23-07-2012
ch**tiye ki khandaan ke.
By on 01-08-2012
konsa top hai tu.
By on 01-08-2012
baker address
By on 03-08-2012
r 15 bakwas pulsar best
By on 14-08-2012
200 ns superb segment
By on 14-08-2012
i wait for this bike..............surely i'll buy the bike
By on 23-08-2012
It is looking very handsome bike.
By on 29-08-2012
are yar 200 pulsar mast hai
By on 01-10-2012
Bike looks better but size thoda chota ho gaya.
I saw that bike yesterday,FATy(seth) logo par soot nahi karta.
Just I mean because I have a B. P.135cc My size match with
My Bike.what do you think u all.
By on 06-10-2012
Wdf man ! i own it ! comparing it to pulsar 135 is such a shame ! vinay stop being a complete faggot ! and stop calling that bicycle of yours pulsar 135 ! u boob ! get a life !
By on 25-12-2012
Guyz riding this bike has been much awesome ! worth every single penny ! Average 33-35 kmpl ! but no automatic indicators ! :/ braking system is jst awesome ! go for it !
By on 25-12-2012
200 iz dA best to riDe
By on 26-05-2013
Bros pls where did u buy ur own and how much i want to buy one soon pls reply me asap. My box is
By on 31-12-2013
Supper supper soooopper bike.........
By on 12-07-2014