Return of the Legend - The Yamaha RX100

The legendary Yamaha Rx 100 is trying to make a comeback within a few months to rock the Indian two-wheeler market. The RX 100 was first launched in India in the year 1985. It had a 98cc 2-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled engine delivering 11 bhp of power @7500 rpm. It also had a four-speed gear box and chassis with a double cradle frame, and could reach a top speed of 100 km per hour. The bike was available in Cherry Red and Black colors. The main competitor of the Rx100 was Hero Honda CD100 and Ind-Suzuki AX 100. Later came the Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100.

Yamaha RX100

The RX100 was first marketed in India by Escorts Limited in partnership with Yamaha Motor Corp Japan. The first-introduced RX 100 models were fitted with Japanese engines until Escorts started making the engines in India. The RX 100 with a Japanese engine was a gem. It's still the favorite type of Rx 100 among Indian bike enthusiasts. Those who possess the Rx100 will never dare to sell the bike because of its performance, handling, and very low maintenance.

The legacy called the Yamaha Rx100 lasted 11 years in the Indian market. In 1996, the two-stroke king was laid to rest due to emission problems. Now, it is making a comeback with a new 4-stroke motorcycle engine with BS-IV emission norms.

India Yamaha Motor national business head, Pankaj Dubey, said: "We are working on the lines of the RX 100 and are looking to have something of a similar product for India. It will be early to talk about it but we will come out with a product there. We cannot launch the RX 100 with a two-stroke engine but we are working on a four-stroke version for the bike".

Italian bike companies like Bimota and Aprilia are trying hard to improve the two-stroke technology to match the emission norms. The Aprilia RS 125 engine technology is a perfect example of 2-stroke bikes being still available and meeting the latest emission norms in the European bike market.

Yamaha Motors India is trying hard to re-launch the RX100 and is working on the initial specifications of the bike. This suggests that the RX 100 will have a 4-stroke motorcycle engine meeting the demands of BS-IV emission norms in India, or it will get the 2-stroke engine technology from the Aprilia RS 125 model.

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Rx- 100 is best bike I have 1988 model but I want block / cylkit / carburattor mekoni , any company will launch 2018 or not please need feedback , mail me
By on 05-12-2017
By on 15-05-2018
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Latest Comments

Waiting for the relaunch of Yamaha RX100
By on 19-07-2011
By on 24-07-2011
Eagerly Waiting for the relaunch of my favorite bike Yamaha RX100.
By on 13-08-2011
all the youngster will be waiting for relaunched of rx100 and the legend come back to rock on the indian road
By on 21-12-2011
relaunched of rx100 ya nice so goodddddddddddddd
By on 04-01-2012
oh...great come back great .........................................*
By on 24-02-2012
genuine lord of the road
By on 25-02-2012
ooooooooooo great the king of road racing rx100 is relaunched
By on 14-03-2012
Thanks..... Yamahaaaaaaaaa.....
i m wating for this bike.
By on 14-03-2012
the king is coming soon.
By on 15-03-2012
Return of the legend - written on which date/month/year?

When will RX-100 come back
By on 28-03-2012
waiting 4 my luv....!!
By on 28-03-2012
plz hurry up
By on 12-04-2012
good 2 hear this news please launch it soon.............. yaman is soon
By on 29-04-2012
again king is going to rule all the queen's. Yes Yamaha....
By on 29-04-2012
please launch it.............. yaman is soon for all parents
By on 29-04-2012
hii everyone ...

you know my dad bought Yamaha Rx100 in 1987 red colour .... he used it till the year 1997 then doctor advised him not to ride motorcycles as he got very high colostrol , sugar and also other heart problems .... i was only 12yrs old back then (1997) .... the bike had to rest in our garage for long 12 years ... I use to sit on our bikes seat everyday I come from school ... I was a kid but then also I use to feel very bad and sad seeing our bike like that .... dirt started to gather on the bike but I use to clean it with a cloth to keep it clean and ready for action if my dad decids to ride again ... but that day didnt came

12 long years have passed since then but now I m 24yrs old ... one day means my younger brother decided any how we will reborn our bike and make it like it was 12yrs back ....

I gathered 10000rs for the repairin of our bike ....

there is a very famous garage near our house which is famous for yamaha rx100 bike repairin ... I visited that place and tpld everything ... they told me to come after a week .....

the day came I visisted that garage ..... as i was entering the place i saw our yamaha rx100 there :) she was shininf like a new bride and was looking gorgeous .... I started the bike in one kick ..... the feeling was just awesome ..... I asked the man how much do I have to pay .
... believe it or not it was only 3000rs

two months have have passed .... I ride the bike everyday. its a wwonderful experience to ride my dad's bike .... even now a days dad alao ride our bike once in a while :D

he is very proud of me :)

she still roars like a lion on the streets .....

vrooommm vroooomm ......

if yamaha really launches thebbew yamaha rx100 .... I will buy one for sure .....

By on 06-07-2012
Come Fast Yamaha RX100 & Hit the road ..... We all waiting for that movement......
By on 16-08-2012
you know yamaha....u r my love....& life....and rx100 is my dream bike for all time....becoz most amazing moment in my life with yamaha bike....&.....i love all the bike from the makers of yamaha motorcycles...since...1st bike...ya 1...1st bike launch by yamaha 1st july was...125cc... the king is back............."YES YAMAHA"......thanks yamaha
By on 10-09-2012
The god of indian bikes RX 100 it would be very great full to see it in new version i can wait it till the last of my life just so it then kill me
By on 20-02-2013
By on 28-02-2013
sir please tell me where are you relaunch yamaha RX100.........
because i brought it immigiatlly.....
reply me uargent.reply me must
By on 14-03-2013
sir please tell me when are you relaunch yamaha RX100.........
because i brought it immigiatlly.....
reply me uargent.reply me must
By on 14-03-2013
am waiting for the real vibrant king on the roads again seen the performance on roads we have two rx 100 in my home so waiting.. for the king
By on 24-04-2013
Yamaha if you want to dominate the india market you need to launch rx 100, then you see your sales.....
Please work hard/smart/faster...............
By on 13-05-2013
Plz relaunch soon
By on 29-07-2013
Waiting for legends return
i will buy the bike
By on 22-08-2013
I'm die-hard fan of Yamaha Rx100, I used to own one, but unfortunately it was stolen, since then I did not go for any other bike, I own a car but not bike...nothing else could replace the king of roads. I'm desperately waiting. I was madly following all the posts of re-launch, since the statement of Sir. Pankaj Dubey. I could bet you, there are millions of guys like me dreaming of the day to come when king hits road. You might not imagine how many bookings would happen on the first day itself. Please do not disappoint us, conduct a simple survey if you still doubt on sales point.

It is every guys dream to own Rx100, no matter what ever age.
By on 16-12-2013
The Monster Is Coming Back To Rule The Roadd.......
By on 04-01-2014
rx100 kab relaunch ho rahi h kya koi bata sakta h
By on 12-02-2014
m waiting for it when it will be launched. .
By on 17-02-2014
rx 100 kab thak ayaga jabardast bike hai. nice bike yaro
By on 23-03-2014
we want back yamaha rx
By on 17-05-2014
I m waiting for relounched my dream king of bike
By on 18-05-2014
I Am Waiting.....Iam not Rider,Iam not Stylish.but I want YAMAHA RX 100
By on 23-05-2014

By on 04-06-2014
Rx100 father or bikes.. my soul is waiting for tht......
By on 14-06-2014
Yamaha pls relaunch it... The light waited cheetaa Rx 100
By on 20-06-2014
any recent news 4 relaunch of the king of the bikes the yamaha rx100..which mnth...come soon fast ..yes yamaha
By on 03-07-2014
i'm waiting
By on 05-08-2014
So good nice bike
Waiting for the legend bike
By on 27-08-2014
mai yamhaa compny se request krta hu ki plz yamhaa rx 100 bike ko relaunch kre plz plz plz....mai dusri bike nahi lena chahta lunga to yamhaa rx 100 ,i m waiting yamhaa
By on 27-08-2014
I love RX 100 ,plz tell me that when will Yamaha rx100 relaunch I m waiting for it plz tell me
By on 02-09-2014
Iam from the small village in utter Pradesh,condition of the road is very bad,only one thing can survive here...........that is Yamaha I request you people please wake up this cheetah machine,,which is sleeping since long year,,,,,,,come on rx100. Wake up,,,roar up,,,,,,,eat up,,,,,,,,rule the road. Because you have the only right to rule.
By on 25-09-2014
Waiting dream bike.please launch it u yamaha rx100
By on 05-10-2014
I was about to buy RX 100 long back when launched first. But I missed it. Now I will definitely buy one on its relaunch. Wonderful machine!!! I like its beatings very much.
By on 27-11-2014
Waiting for my Dream bike
By on 16-01-2015
Will buy Yamaha RX100 if they r relaunching.
By on 24-02-2015
cant wait for official anouncment of relaunch of my 1st love as not a girl it was rx100 it kind of am meeting my love after almost 19 years gap.....please launch it ASAP n keep the same performance better but nothing less as compromise on emmision fingi...JAIDKAPAWAN
By on 07-03-2015
By on 14-03-2015
I am Waiting...
By on 26-04-2015
Love u baby .I'm waiting
By on 29-04-2015
I am waiting
By on 05-05-2015
Waiting it as soon as it get relaunched...
By on 06-05-2015
hi bro i am also waiting yamaha rx100 in india. yamaha launching soon in india
By on 22-05-2015
Father of all bicks Yamaha rx100
By on 28-05-2015
oh my god thank u thank u very much ,i am waiting which date r u relesed this bike,date tell me sir before 2days i am waiting show room gate.dear sir,yamaha rx100 4stroke bike images send me my mail id sir.
By on 06-06-2015
than u god i am waiting ,,,
By on 06-06-2015
thank u god i am waiting ,,,
By on 06-06-2015
Many questioned me why you want to go for the old Rx100, when the latest technology bikes are available in the market. Yes I accept they are available. they may also be best.


pulsar 220 4.7s
karizma R 4.70s
YZF R15 5.12s
apache rtr 180 4.64s.
yamaha rx 100 4.1 s
What is the use of useless DTS-i technologies ?

I don't want the best. I want the BEST.. Guys it's 20 years passed from the date of manufacturing. Still it remains the same.. Leading competitors of today's bikes.
Only monster can ride this BEAST. I am one among them.. Guys give him the way. The legendary RX100 is back.
By on 08-06-2015
Waiting for t king
By on 17-06-2015
I am waiting for this bike Yamaha rx 100
By on 16-07-2015
Frankly speaking I'm not a passionate byk lovers, but when it comes about yamaha rx100 I get crazy! ! Wow
By on 18-09-2015
plz relaunch my dream bike with the same look n same sound.
By on 12-10-2015
Rx 100 thala mathiri entha bikeum sale agathu ellam rx rx rx rx 100 than eaduppanganu na adichi sollran
By on 05-11-2015
i Wanna ride new rx100 but 2 stoke engine... waiting for 2 stroke indo-japanese machine....
By on 23-12-2015
hey m waiting for the new RX-100 please send me the launch date + price of the bike m eagerly waiting plzzzz plzzz plzzz send me the launch date.....
By on 25-12-2015
we are waiting for relaunching the new RX 100
By on 08-01-2016
I own Rx100, my friend gifted me, I think nobody could ever get a better gift than that, but Dubey Sir, we are still waiting for relaunch...please relaunch the King of bikes or at least make genuine spare parts available...
By on 20-01-2016
please release the KING OF LEGEND as soon
By on 28-01-2016
We are waiting for yamaha rx100 4strorke..I have also rx 135 5speed and rx 100 japnese tajj from kolkata 7044386060
By on 02-02-2016
very good news. also i m waiting
By on 15-02-2016
Iam waiting RX 100
By on 23-02-2016
hi i am wating to yamaha rx 100 to new look in motor bike market
By on 26-02-2016
hi am wating yamaha rx100
By on 26-02-2016
Waiting for the relaunch of Yamaha RX100
By on 01-03-2016
Waiting for the relaunch of Yamaha RX100 i have this bike so plaese lunch ,i m watiing in your bike .
By on 01-03-2016
When will u relaunch rx100 i am waiting
By on 06-03-2016
i am wating for purches new yamaha rx 100
By on 16-03-2016
ha ha ha ha ha rx celam come back ka woweeee na rx liker pls antha naaa kariyatha sikiram sainga pa yamaha machisssssa
By on 31-03-2016
Am waiting
By on 01-04-2016
I love rx100 bike
By on 01-04-2016
Please tel when is going to come for sale in market
By on 02-04-2016
When it is launching?
Especially in tamilnadu?
By on 02-04-2016
Warning for other brand bikes.
Rx coming back. Be aware..........
By on 02-04-2016
Lets make some noice guys............
By on 02-04-2016
Awesome bike in India we are waiting for a relaunched seeing...
By on 02-04-2016
Never ending Legacy!!! Return of the Legend
By on 02-04-2016
I'm also waitng for yamaha rx 100 plz lunch immediately plz
By on 02-04-2016
I am waiting
By on 02-04-2016
I am waiting ......
By on 02-04-2016
Time to plough the road, the classics are back lets roar"INDIA".
By on 02-04-2016
me to waiting for the ralaunch of yamaha rx100 or rx135 in india.
By on 02-04-2016
Iam wating the yamaha rx 100 india
By on 03-04-2016
I'm waiting for you baby
By on 03-04-2016
i am also waiting yamaha rx135 in india
By on 03-04-2016
Idnt know why dnt u bring the best byke till date .Plz bring RX back plzzz
By on 03-04-2016
Fingers Crossed for this little pocket Rocket called " Rx 100"

Let's hope for the best ...!!!
By on 03-04-2016
Plz tel me launching date bike , I'm waiting for super bike
By on 03-04-2016
Lovely am waiting for my hero returns on roads.
By on 03-04-2016
I am waiting..
By on 03-04-2016
Awaiting the launch of the king..

I am a hardcore Yamaha fan.. Had an Rx 100 1989 model single owner but had to part ways with my bike due to various reasons.

I thought of booking a Thunderbird but after seeing the news that RX 100 will be relaunched.. I'm gonna wait.. Wait until the kind of roads shows up in showrooms. RX 100 is a real deal friends and worth every penny you spend on it.
By on 03-04-2016
Bring the power back
By on 03-04-2016
Waiting for relaunch
By on 03-04-2016
By on 03-04-2016
I used to ride many bikes Over last ten years. But none of them meets that special riding feel of the Rx100. That awesome feel wont get in anyother bike. Rx100 Always ROCKS.
By on 03-04-2016
I am also waiting plz tell us the launch date......
By on 03-04-2016
I'm waiting for YAMAHA RX100
By on 03-04-2016
Do u think it can perform like 2stoke engine???? Well even now yamaha also can't create rx100 1985 engine coz of BS-IV emission norms... Let's see the legend is rule back or not .. I'm also waiting for the demon(yamaha) ...
By on 04-04-2016
my dream bike , please launch harry
By on 04-04-2016
If Yamaha Launches RX100 and RX135 and named as RX Classic, These will be the Best sellers among all the age groups. We r waiting for the Launch :)
By on 04-04-2016
Look that cheetah. I am waiting for RX 135 cc.
By on 04-04-2016
I am also Waiting for the relaunch of Yamaha RX100
By on 04-04-2016
By on 04-04-2016
super...good come back .....yamaha escorts manuf.....all the best
By on 04-04-2016
When is the launching date any body know
By on 04-04-2016
is it true....?Yamaha abut d relaunch of rx100...???
By on 04-04-2016
I am very happy to relaunch of Yamaha RX100
But my only constrain is 4 stroke
If Yamaha will launch the 2 stroke with BS-IV emision norms will be greatly appreciated since the great advantage in Yamaha RX 100 is the beat.
We cannot get the beat in the 4 stroke engines
By on 04-04-2016
Guys Yamaha should take FZ150cc engine put it in RX frame, becoz 100cc 4stroke isnt powerful enough.

i would suggest them to come up with more than 150cc engine. and most importantly sound neededdd

they could create 2 cylinder, 4 stroke, double silencer, awesome sound (important) in RD 350 style and sell price 2lac
By on 04-04-2016
i am waiting for rx100 this bike more many people's likely. such a butterfly bike in yamaha rx plz relunched than lunched date plz
By on 05-04-2016
I am also waiting for rx100...I love rx100
By on 05-04-2016
Im also waiting for rx 135 plz launch fast soon plz plz plz launch next month only
By on 05-04-2016
There's a similarity between YAMAHA 100 & BAHUBALI 2, when will you both release..the most awaiting Bike & Movie of the century..........
"surely you will Meet the future; the future mode of transportation for this yamaha rx 100. Now I'm not gonna make a lot of extravagant claims for this little machine. Sure, it'll change your whole life for the better, but that's all." ..."It's a risky business being a rx bikers in the india, there are a lot of people who really dislike us. we're hated on the roads. We just hope people realise we are just flesh and bones on two wheels." But 1thing heaters are jealous on us because we own super machine.& we are PROUD of it.... it really revs you
By on 05-04-2016
I'm waiting to ride on it again
By on 05-04-2016
I am waiting for Rx 100, when it relaunch. I want early
By on 06-04-2016
I am gonna f**k every one with that thing.
By on 06-04-2016
I am also waiting yamaha rx135 in Bangalore india
By on 06-04-2016
i love rx100 iam waiting
By on 06-04-2016
My heart,my soul for yamaha rx 100
Yes yamaha!!
By on 06-04-2016
I am waiting.....
By on 07-04-2016
waiting for the relaunch of my favorite bike rx100
By on 07-04-2016
By on 07-04-2016
Waiting for the return of two wheeler king YAMAHA RX100
By on 08-04-2016
I like rx100, place new bike lanch
By on 08-04-2016
Iam waiting for buying
By on 09-04-2016
Waiting for the relaunch of YAMAHA RX 100
By on 09-04-2016
Waiting for rx 100 iam one of the rx lovers
By on 10-04-2016
I am waiting
By on 11-04-2016
I m also waiting for this model
By on 12-04-2016
Me also waiting badly for RX 100 relaunch sir......soon launch it sir my cell number 9739231324
By on 13-04-2016
I'm waiting for RX100
By on 13-04-2016
Waiting for RX...
By on 13-04-2016
I am waiting for Rx king (100)
By on 14-04-2016
I was waiting to hear this news from long time . . . Exited to book this ASAP :-)
Hope the design & performance be the same as earlier . . .
By on 14-04-2016
?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ????????????
By on 14-04-2016
Dear yamaha company crezy fan in my district almost 10000 yamaha byke in hear Pls launch the RX 100 same byke thank
By on 15-04-2016
Waiting for my bike
By on 15-04-2016
I want product
By on 16-04-2016
I want product ieheyee e7heyeeieh uehyeyge get the euheydeuie ehue7eeuud ueeheueeu heuheyw
By on 16-04-2016
I am waiting for two stroke Rx for the last 10 years
By on 16-04-2016
Me to pray for relaunch
By on 17-04-2016
when it was re launch and what is the price
By on 17-04-2016
when it is was launch and what is the price
By on 17-04-2016
Wating yamha 100 or 135
By on 17-04-2016
can the sound produces by 2 stroke engine and 4stroke engine be same...
or changed as an fz sound...original 2 stroke sound is better..
By on 18-04-2016
i am also waiting yamaha rx 100 bike.
i love it
By on 19-04-2016
waiting for a new launch yamaha rx100.. one of my fav bike i had n also won many races..... 7738925417
By on 19-04-2016
I am so exciting .
By on 23-04-2016
wow i cant belive the great bike of king is back super that is Y@maha Rx 100 i m waiting for bike i want take now ...
By on 24-04-2016
Waiting for launch of Rx100.
By on 24-04-2016
Eagerly waiting for the relaunch of my favourite 2 stroke bike YAMAHA RX 100
By on 25-04-2016
Iam waiting to get The king
By on 26-04-2016
Waiting for the Launch as I was an proud owner for RX 135 since 1999.
By on 26-04-2016
Iam hard core fan of RX 100.Recently I bought a 91 bike and spent 1 lakh rupees for repairs.Every day 2 or 3 people ask me where did i got it repaired and iam getting offers for 1.50 lakh .Its king of bikes .I hate all the managers and people related to RX100 stupids they should have done this long before.The new bike is nice looking.waiting to buy .For sure if RX100 is manufactured again today
it will be number one in sales .The beauty of the bike is design and the beat sound.
By on 27-04-2016
am back
By on 29-04-2016
we want same as like old model but with 4 strock dont change its mass plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
By on 30-04-2016
Eagerly waiting 4 RX100 to re launch ....
By on 03-05-2016
Waiting for Yamaha rx100 , it is king of show for all time
By on 04-05-2016
when lunch india
By on 07-05-2016
All Indians are waiting to RX100 for destroy the slow driving
By on 07-05-2016
i am also waiting my favourite bike yamaha Rx 100
By on 10-05-2016
Any buddy suggest me when it will be relonch I am waiting for
By on 10-05-2016
Waiting fr my lovely bike rx10000000000000..... It's my dream ride vth my gal frnd by rx100.. Plz launch as early as possible
By on 12-05-2016
By on 13-05-2016
Thanks..... Yamahaaaaaaa
i m wating for this bike.
By on 13-05-2016
Pls 2 stark bike rx100 pls pls pls 2 strak
By on 13-05-2016
I am waiting to my favorite bike
By on 14-05-2016
I am also waiting for my dream bike RX100..
By on 15-05-2016
Come soon yaar i am waiting for u
By on 19-05-2016
i am also waiting yamaha rx135 in india
By on 21-05-2016
By on 22-05-2016
i am waiting for rx 100 bike
By on 30-05-2016
I am waiting Rx100 ,I want specifications as soon as
By on 02-06-2016
I am waiting for RX 135 plz re launch
By on 18-06-2016
I love and like yamaha RX100 out of all bikes. I am waiting for up coming Rx 100, i will purchase it sure. I have also used this bike formerly.
By on 20-06-2016
By on 21-06-2016
Relaunch it as soon you'll can...waitinggggg
By on 27-06-2016
waiting for the legend
By on 29-06-2016
By on 04-07-2016
I m waiting
By on 04-07-2016
My Favorite bike
I'm eagerly waiting YAMAHA RX 100
By on 09-07-2016
Please relaunch 2 stroke YAMAHA RX 100
By on 09-07-2016
Can anyone tell me when are they going to launch this 4 stroke rx 100?
By on 09-07-2016
Plz launch quick i love RX100
By on 13-07-2016
May I know the price of this...?
By on 15-07-2016
Plz...jaldi launch kro
By on 18-07-2016
My heart and my soul yamaha Rx100
By on 18-07-2016
hi friends iam also waiting for relaunch of yamaha
By on 21-07-2016
I was thinking why RX 100 manufacturing has been, by seeing these comments. It is nice and I am waiting for relaunch the same.
By on 24-07-2016
RX 100 is loved by lakhs just because of its lovely d.r.o.o.m....sound by the 2 stroke engine. That is why An average unning RX 100 is sold for 40000 and a completely restored one is sold for over 70000 in Kerala. An RX 100 with a 4 stroke engine will do nothing in the market nor anyone is going to love it. (Am a proud owner of an RX 100 bought for 44000 recently and will not sell it even for 60000)
By on 24-07-2016
By on 24-07-2016
Waiting for Rx 100 (Rx 100 my dream bike)
By on 25-07-2016
Wait for King
By on 28-07-2016
Plz relaunch the Rx100 plz
By on 29-07-2016
When will relaunch in Bangalore
By on 29-07-2016
Hai bro I am waiting for new lunch rx100
By on 07-08-2016
I'm waiting for the Rx100 new bike
By on 10-08-2016
I am also waiting for RX100 or RX135
By on 15-08-2016
I am excititingly waitng for re lunch of rx100 or rx135
By on 17-08-2016
I am excitingly waiting for rx100 and rx135
By on 17-08-2016
I have RX100 (1993 Model) but still crazy for new one. My favourite my bike. . . KING OF ROAD
By on 19-08-2016
By on 20-08-2016
Wating for RX I have 2 RX now n one rx135
By on 20-08-2016
I am also eagerly waiting for the relaunching of rx100 as quick as possible. I will buy it positively.
By on 21-08-2016
I'm waiting eagerly to watch the king rx100 again.
By on 23-08-2016
When d king will be back most awaited......
By on 23-08-2016
if yamaha rx100 cme to india again i will sell my Royal Enfield
By on 24-08-2016
I am waiting
By on 02-09-2016
I am waiting for the relunch new rx100 my fevor bike...
By on 09-09-2016
I have a rx 100 n rx 135 5 speed transmission i love it
By on 09-09-2016
Iam waiting for launch RX 100. Please announce the release date
By on 13-09-2016



By on 16-09-2016
hi. I am a big fan of rx 100.and I eagerly waiting for its relaunch with same look. please Yamaha make true my dream
By on 17-09-2016
Am also waiting to buying RX 100 Bike . please soon as possible . informed me .
By on 17-09-2016
yamaha motors please relaunch
By on 24-09-2016
Im very interested harry up..........
By on 27-09-2016
I m waiting Yamaha rx 100
By on 28-09-2016
1989 rx100 i m using waiting for new one
By on 03-10-2016
waiting for rx100 my favorite bike
releae date plz
By on 10-10-2016
when yamaha rx100 come in 4 stroke model, very good bike good style.
By on 10-10-2016
Pls return my life...thank's Yamaha ....yes yamaha
By on 11-10-2016
Waiting rx-100bike goodd
By on 13-10-2016
I like more much to YAMAHA RX 100 & still waiting for relaunch for it.
it is a attractive byke but feul consumed more than
By on 17-10-2016
I am waiting for Yamaha RX100 or 135 cc plse lanch immidietly
By on 28-10-2016
I have yamaha rx dad's first father build it in the year 1987,still it's king on to have rx 100.
By on 12-11-2016
Waiting for RX 100
By on 28-11-2016
My dreams come true. I'm waiting.
By on 05-12-2016
I love rx 100 byk
By on 08-12-2016