Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 is dead and no more

Does the icon Bullet Standard 350 from Royal Enfield need any introduction? Bullet Standard 350 is one of a kind machine respected so well among motorcycling masses in India The classic bike with aristocratic black and gold combination is a head turner on the roads and makes everyone envy of the Royal automotive.

The impeccable RE pedigree machine has finally reached superannuation and according to the company sources, the Bullet Standard 350 enters retirement. Did Bullet Standard 350 lose the RE aura? The long wheel base with wide tyres gave incredible stability as well as grip and long distance traveling. The bike also sports neutral finder so shifting to neutral is a lot easier.

Although the reason for forced retirement of the model is not disclosed, the model has received complaints from riders as regards poor mileage to high maintenance cost. Royal Enfield has been receiving a lot of criticism that it could not beat the competition in terms of making some value-for-money vehicles and that it could not borrow technology advancements to cut manufacturing costs and also that its quality control remains by far poor.

Royal Enfield Scrambler

Furthermore, government norms as regards emissions also are stringent and the 2010 bikes should comply with Euro IV emission norms. The UCE350/500 engine of the Bullet STD350 has been found by riders as incompatible and the bike had become a laughing stock as one high-maintenance model that convinces any one of the engine performance and unreliability.

All of this must have triggered the company to discontinue the STD350. The Classic, old warhorse is now dead and henceforth will not be sold as new in any Bullet showroom and you can only own a pre-owned STD350.

The Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 will remain a vintage bike which is part of world motor cycling heritage.

This is time for some serious brain storming at RE and unless the company makes serious efforts to make emission compliant new and powerful engines love for the Royal Enfield machines will continue to get diluted with the young bike loving enthusiasts.

[Update : Royal Enfield has relaunched the Bullet Standard 350 with left gear and new UCE engine. The original Bullet Standard 350 with cast iron engine and right side gear is discontinued.]

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Last updated on 02-12-2016. Published on 22-03-2010.
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Yaar j bullet banona tan purana model hi bnaooo nahi tan band karoooo. Es ton changa tan luna hiii layy lawooo
By on 06-02-2016
Shi gal aa 22
By on 20-02-2016
The company should think about the feelings of the old std350 bullet lovers and also relaunch the old model with left brake and right side also want old bullet to be back..waiting for +ve response...
By on 17-06-2015
Please start again old model standard bullet
By on 19-03-2015
I have 1997 model bullet 350. I feel like a king when I ride on it . mileage of my bullet is also good like 30-35 km/liter.
By on 28-12-2014
The real bull std 350, ya its great. Icant ride any other bike even new bullet mind set is deeply attached with old style,like clearing amp.,left brake..then u get the feel of riding a is thrilling.
By on 27-07-2014
Hello frns mein bullet 500cc standard lene ki soch raha hu naya model 2014 n its cost is 160k is there any worth of buying it please help me
By on 21-06-2014
Bullet is not a bike but a dream of the young boys but i was not so fortunate to ride a bullet in college days. My dream come true when one of my relative gave me his 1998 model 350 standard to maintain and use which was lying idle since last 15 years. I got maintained it like a new and expenses were 55000. whenever i ride it it gives me so pleasure that i can not explain. Old bullet is still considered as a matter of pride.
By on 02-06-2014
Bullet is not a bike but a dream of the young boys but i was not so fortunate to ride a bullet in college days. My dream come true when one of my relative gave me his 1998 model 350 standard to maintain and use which was lying idle since last 15 years. I got maintained it like a new and expenses were 55000. whenever i ride it it gives me so pleasure that i can not explain. Old bullet is still considered as a matter of pride.
By on 02-06-2014
First of all I may tell u friendz that "shonk ki koi keemat nahi hoti " . If u own a bullet CI then u may keep it in ur mind that its aa royal Enfield and royal things are not cheep . And the old bullets sound is much better than the new one .in our Punjab these days a second hand old bullet 2004-2010 model has a price of 90000 - 200000 and people pay these huge amounts. only 20% people in Punjab buy new standard .
By on 09-06-2014
There is a saying about Bullet CI engine that one should not ask about its average its like humiliating the road king. Once a person rides bullet no other bike he wishes to ride. So forget average and other calculations, just ride it and feel the magic.
By on 15-03-2014
Enjoy the best of what you have whether it's std or classsic
By on 11-02-2014
Kine di veer ??
By on 15-01-2014
I have standrd 2010 model in mit condiction...nd I want to sale it
By on 31-10-2013
Right side gear wali bullet me jo dam hai, woh nayi wali me nahi.
By on 02-09-2013
pls. relaunches the right side gear bullet 350 again.
By on 28-09-2013
i bought electra 350 uce 3 months back and i dont have any experience of riding the old bullet but heard from many about the old bull so i got enthusiastic about it epesially ita dug dug .then i changed it silencer with a torn up one then with along mouth and i enjoy riding my bullet.mileage is around 30-32
By on 02-10-2013
I want to say that to RE CEO Restart the production of CI engine Because it have a royal sound DHUK DHUK
By on 01-11-2012
Kya bullet std right side gear motorcycle ayega in Punjab aur kab aye ga batao
By on 23-11-2012
I am expecting the Old model STD 350 bullet.
pls make that type of bullets.
Becuase that type of bullets are selling high rate & moving tomuch.
So pls make that type of bullets.
We are expecting to buy that type of right side gear bullet.

Pls reply me.
By on 25-08-2012
Hi peoples, i have recently brought a royal enfield standard 350,.1995 model..and the best part is its number matches my date of birth..i knw it made for me only, i will take it for my life long....anybody wnts to see my bullet's photo serch me on fb with the name of 'sana pradeep'(delhi)..
By on 16-05-2012
I have used Old bullet CI 1996 model.

1)After I started using this, my respect got increased in my area automatically.
2) When ride it everyone eyes falled into it
3) Sound will give you Good feeling when ride it.
4) I have altered with Classic spring, hence no back pain on it

1)Untill going fine, U will feel like a King, once it Start give prob then U will feel urself as cursed person.

2)I have faced below simple problems, but Lost my whole energy and Money on it:-

a) Accelator cable cut:- No where I found accelator cable for bullet in Nungambakkam, I caught auto and bought
cable from Royapet. Nearly 15kms distance. But Cable which I bought was duplicate. Approximately Mechanic put it.
Before Reached my destination 10kms distance, DUE to duplicate cable Bullet stopped for every 100mts once and need atleast
50kicks to start it, due to this my knee got started pain and my heart tooo. Note:- Cable rate is only Rs 40,
but auto charged Rs :- 200

b) at very first day my bullet got puctured at 6am in Egmore, no Valcanizer or Normal mechanic didnt help me, even nearly
I have begged them. I was waited in mechanic shop for 3hours, after then only mechanic sent his helper to help me.
For this I have spent to get mechanic , auto charge is Rs 300. Due to no mechanic willing to help, I have went
to all mechanic shop nearby Egmore.

c) Again one day my Bull got punctured in my home itself, By filled air in punctured Typre in nearby mechanic shop
and reached Valcanizing shop. For single puncture he asked me Rs:-60.

d) In Traffic, bull without self start really horrible thing to ride it.

e) Bullet will start within a single press some days and also it wont start even so many kicks most of a time.
It need to visit mechanic frequenctly for starting problem and also due to demand for Bullet mechanic, no
Bullet mechanic will respect you as a man. You need to stand or wait like a student in front of Headmasters.

f) If you ride it beyond 50kmph suddenly mileage will be 25kmpl or 20kmpl. you cannot
overtake any vehicles. If you follow speed 40kmph, you will get mileage 35kmpl. you can't expect pickup in it.

G) Front Drum Brake in Old Bull is totaly waste

Conclusions:- If you want to own Old Bullet, you Must need following:-
1) You should have more time to spend on it
2) You should keep money at all time, atleast 1000rs
3) you should check and change below immediately after you have bought it:-
TYRES,TUBES,CARBURATOR(if need) ,ACCELATOR CABLE(keep one spare),CLUTCH CABLE(keep one spare).

4) you should have nearby Bullet mechanic

5) If crossed 70KMPH it will vibrate more

New bullet is problem free,

1)YOU can change silencer to get Good sound equal to Old CI bullet. No
above problems will be in New UCE.

2) Front disk brake will give more braking power

3) Good Pickup

4) Good Mileage( 40kmpl to 50kmpl)

5) Self start will give more confident when ride in traffic.
By on 10-04-2012
Hello friends ,Iam looking for a royal enfield standard 350 from the period of 2000 to 2009 .if any one want to sold it please contact me on 9995690002 and iam from Kerala Trivandrum....
By on 10-04-2012
bullet ch oh gal nhn rhi
By on 25-03-2012
Bullet stnd 350 has such cool n awesome whenever it pass by one have to look. bullet is the road king bike of India.
By on 24-03-2012
Guys I bought a electra in march 11 and sold it on jan12 the new engine totally sucks, I wasted my time riding that bitch going for STD350
By on 21-03-2012
wanna buy classic 500..... 1 lakh.... 1600 km..... 2011 modal.... contact 09872020288
By on 11-03-2012
bhahhahhahahhahaaaaa,,, absolutely true
By on 11-03-2012
so sad ...!!!!!
By on 11-03-2012
u mean, ci engines are better then that of the uce one's?
By on 11-03-2012
it totally sucks, ci engines rule
By on 11-03-2012
Power LOVE & Respect in MY bullet 350 98 model I M loving it so much guys... My heavy vehicle
By on 27-02-2012
i want to buy bullet standred 350 model 2010. if someone sell bullet 2010 plz contect me. need good bike price dosnt matter :)
By on 30-12-2011
i love bollet. i have four.
By on 26-12-2011
@avtar singh:who vl give u 60,000 fr 97 model...........u r xpectng a high amount.......ha ha ha.....
By on 01-02-2012
hi rajiv......r u going 2 sell ur byks...........if so plz gimme the info abt ur byks...........nd cost............nd wer r u livng im frm andhra.........
By on 01-02-2012
bullet lovers
hi to all. i m also having bullet standard 350 i love to ride a sher not these plastic bakries(goat) though it is expecive to maintain but non other than this can be my bike.and RE made a mistake to stop this.
By on 17-12-2011
Hi Avtar. Is you bullet sold? If not plz contact 9449825638
By on 31-01-2012
You are right, Rajeev. The STD350 can never zoom at 100 km/h initially. Once the engine is heated it roars more than 100 km/h. The acceleration should be very slow in the begining. I also suggest to keep the engine in idling mode for 2 mins in the morning when you start.
By on 31-01-2012
Hi I want to sell my STD 350 RE Bullet. Its was an auction Motorcycle Of 2000 Model. I purchased it from an auctioner & made up. Its tank,side panel box & chassis are old & rest all everything is new. U dont even need to change or repair anthing till 3-4 years. Its Guaranteed. Its mechanical parts are geniune & new. Expected price Rs. 60,000/-. If interested plz contact me at 09707333424.
By on 15-11-2011
guys i have experience of riding bullet upto six to eight months and my experience was not so good due to it's poor performance in the city areas where we find lots of traffic and it really irritates me alot b'coz engine gives out lots of heat i feel like i am riding along with an owen.
By on 26-10-2011
In my point of view whatever happens, happens for the best and change is the rule of the nature and by changing along with the time we go along with the new era.
Royal enfield is a brand which delievers power, respect, and love.
If we talk about changes in the new standard then new bullet is far better than the old one b'coz now a days fuel is damn costly and is going up and up and up and royal enfield also needs some advencement in it's technology so i think the new uce engine of bullet standard is awesome with twin spark technology....
By on 26-10-2011
standard 350 was the real bullet,,,the uce model is just a motercycle..
By on 08-10-2011
Dont know who are these people who had complaints wid the standard 350 it was one of the best bikes i have ridden & enjoyed.its a shame that RE has paid heed to the idiots & not about its loyalists & discontinued it.I agree that classic might give better average & what ever but RE shouldnt have been discontinued.Losig respect for RE for getting so commercial.I think ppl wont mind buying a standard 350 for 80k rather than buyin a classic for 1,50,000.Its a shame people dnt have the brains or heart to like what actually was the King of the roads.:-( .HeartBroken.
By on 05-10-2011
Hi friends. I own a RE bullet Standard 350cc. Wow what a bullet. Really amazing. Its thumping really feels like a Royal. When riding a Bullet, it feels like a king on the Road. Its standard speed is around 30-40 Kms. Who rides bullet doesnt care for the milleage. Enjoy its journey,enjoy its ride,enjoy its thumping,enjoy the people watching U...... I m a die heart fan of Royal enfield.
By on 24-09-2011

By on 21-09-2011
hello! Friend i m lukin to buy royal enfield bullet standard whosoever want to sale pls contact 9876880051 req model _2007,08,09
By on 19-09-2011
Hi Justin

First of all , Bullet is not a bike that we use for riding at 100 and above km/h.
The std 350 is cruse bike which we use for driving pleasure and for that cult feeling.If speed is the motive ,never go for royal en field.The best speed for going in an old std 350 is around 35-45km/h.

I have also faced the same prob when I have tried to speed up initially .Its is our learning experience.:)
By on 22-08-2011
1997 model Bullet Standard for sale 60000 immediately alloy wheel , full accessories complete not even any type of kharcha
By on 04-08-2011
royal enfield walo ye dokha kyon karya tamne ib main bullet chalane layak hua to tamne ulte pair wali bullet banani hi band ker di ib nayi li hai seedhe pair gear wali bakwas bike go to hell thari company main aag lage
By on 26-07-2011
I owned one standard bullet 2008 model 350cc thinking that it is the most powerful two wheeler .when i showed it to the RE showroom they told me that it cant take the speed 100 km as it damage the engine.when i am riding that so much of heat is emitting from its engine side to my leg.I am totally disappointed with that.I have a difficulty when i applying rear brake it is skidding.i cant able balance it. can any body advice me on this.?
By on 21-06-2011
I'm planning to go to gauhati for buying std 350 bt came to know from u guys that ci std 350 has been discontined.......... very :( now no plan to go for dat uce model.
By on 10-06-2011
For last six months I've been scratching my head with confusion whether I have to by a classic 350 or buy an old standard 350 and renovate it. I've even booked a classic 350 black. But after 3 months Ive changed my mind. Bought a 79 model standard CI bull. Now he is under complete reformation. very eagerly waiting ....
By on 09-06-2011
By on 02-06-2011
Poor Mileage of Std 350,,,its true, but I own one and before i bought one i knew that I am not buying a motorcycle for mileage, My dad had one, so I know how it runs and what to expect out of it. And yes it is also true that company has very bad quality standards,,, no two bullet 350 standard bikes are actually totally same,,, but then it's like this only,, what to do,,, It is more being manufactured by brits,,, and we are actually paying peanuts for it. Amazingly the models which company export to Europe and America are far more better in quality.
By on 17-05-2011
New UCE engine is OK except in one aspect. The Thumping sound.
By on 06-05-2011
Lost!! weve lost the legacy..the the masculine beast....the of bikes is also affected by the plastic era....yes!! we do agree that legacy and strength stands defeated in front of plastic technology and improvisation!!! :(
By on 03-04-2011
no STD 350 owner will complaint about poor maintenance or poor mileage... only some idiot writers and idiots who has never own a STD 350 will say like that.... its not a bike its some thing more than that to the STD 350 owners......! criticisim on mileage.... can u list the number of std 350 in india...... a bike before independence still living..... still some peoples in schools are dreaming to buy STD 350 when they become young... and the company has stopped the same and the company made a hole in its legacy by making new UCE model.... people satrted hating RE by this....... all the Royal riders frustated in this moove....
By on 31-10-2010
i agree , with you Ajesh. B , i m having Re 350 std when ever i go to check its puc , every body denies me for its puc certificate, they says first get it tunned properly .
By on 15-11-2010
I have had an ambition for longgg time to own bullet, last 6th sep 10 I went to guahati, shahila expo. pvt. ltd to book std350 with ci engine, they show me with uce wala, they said ci wala is stop. i could not speak a word, and i came back home. Company has done mistake here not to keep open option for ci/uce. thanks.
By on 28-09-2010
Royal Enfield re-launched Bullet Standard 350 with UCE engine
By on 12-05-2010
Dude get facts straight. Latest RE models have UCE ie unit construction engines and they are fully equipped with Euro IV emission norms. Standard 350 has a Cast Iron Engine. And only an idiot would laugh at Standard or Chetak models. Show me a sports plastic crap that can last 50 years of rugged terrain and i'l pay a million for it!!!
By on 02-06-2010
it was my ambition to buy a enfield standered 350 bike. but now i hate to own such a duplicate bike with different engine
and no more i am going to buy the big zero
By on 23-06-2010
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