Top 10 Fuel Efficient Bikes

Indian customers always love fuel efficient motorcycles. Hence the best mileage giving bikes have major roles in the two wheeler market. These bikes are known as commuter bikes. Bajaj has the most numbers of best fuel efficient bikes in India. Followed by Hero Motocorp, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Private Limited (HMSI) and TVS Motors. Japanese automobile firm, Suzuki has shown a new path with its new signatures, the Hayate and the Slingshot +. However, India Yamaha Motor Private Limited (IYM) is still lagging behind to pick up commuter customers. Finally, Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited (MTWL) wishes to do something with its upcoming 110cc bike, the Pantero which is the successor of failed Stallio.

It is the 100 cc and the 110 cc bikes provide the best economical figures. Here we have a rank list of combined 100 cc and 110 cc bikes which are qualified to be in the 'top 10 fuel efficient bikes in India' tabulation.

1. Bajaj Platina
From the home of Bajaj. The Platina 100 is best known for its cheap price and unbelievable mileage. This is the best option for any commuter riders who consider mileage and price. The ARAI mileage of the Platina is 90 kmpl. However, it's capable to run up to 85 kmpl.

Bajaj Platina

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Bajaj Platina

2.Bajaj Discover 100
One of the most stylish 100 cc bikes in India, the Discover 100. The bike produces enough power and performance. Mileage of the Discover 100 under standard condition is 89 kmpl. Users review that they get up to 80 kmpl on road.

Bajaj Discover 100

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Bajaj Discover 100

3. Hero HF Dawn
From the much trusted brand Hero. Renamed to HF Dawn as part of parting from Honda. Still, Hero doesn't make any differences. It is obviously the cheapest and the least featured bike of Hero. Thanks to the spoke wheels. They manage to provide better mileage around 75 kmpl. The ARAI mileage of HF Dawn is 83 kmpl.

Hero HF Dawn

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Hero HF Dawn

4. HF Deluxe
Functions just like the HF Dawn. But blessed with few more features like attractive alloy wheels and self start. The light weight frame helps it to pull out better economical numbers. 83 kmpl is the ARAI mileage of the HF Deluxe. Well, it could gather a maximum mileage of 75 kmpl on road.

Hero HF Deluxe

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Hero HF Deluxe

5. TVS Sport
TVS also has some participation in this shoot out. The Sport is a very good choice. Its mileage figures certainly wonder every commuter riders. The ARAI mileage of the Sport is 82.9 kmpl. Nevertheless, the gettable mileage is 75 kmpl.

TVS Sport

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of TVS Sport

6. Hero Splendor Pro
Splendor, world's most selling two wheeler brand. Hero Motocorp sells almost 1.25 lakh units of Splendor bikes every month. Simplicity is the key factor that attracts every entry level bike seekers to own the Splendor Pro. The two wheeler is also blessed with good fuel efficiency. Its ARAI mileage is 83 kmpl. Normally, it gives a maximum mileage up to 75 kmpl on highways.

Hero Splendor Pro

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Hero Splendor Pro

7. Yamaha Crux
The one man army of Yamaha. Good choice for daily travellers. Yamaha hasn't crafted much design on it for the consortium needs to sell out a cheap bike. And obviously, the Crux is the India's cheapest motorcycle. The ARAI mileage of the Crux is 80 kmpl. However, its genuine mileage on road is around 70 kmpl.

Yamaha Crux

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Yamaha Crux

8. Suzuki Hayate
Suzuki has done a great job by the Hayate. It has extremely changed the market share of Suzuki. This reveals that Suzuki has learned from its failures. The ARAI mileage of the Hayate is 73 kmpl. The bike is capable to deliver a mileage up to 70 kmpl on traffic free roads.

Suzuki Hayate

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Suzuki Hayate

9. Honda Dream Yuga
A new Yuga for all consistent travellers. Looks good and a pretty admirable commuter bike. 72 kmpl is what Honda certifies. More interestingly, the machine grabs up to 70 kmpl on highways.

Honda Dream Yuga

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Honda Dream Yuga

10. Honda CB Twister
The King of 110 cc bikes in the country. The bike that blends with power and fuel efficiency. The ARAI and highway mileage of the Twister is 70 kmpl.

Honda CB Twister

Technical Specifications, Price and Full Details of Honda Twister
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you r writting here that HF Deluxe will provide 75kmpl mailage,but why not from first day,my new bike is providing 45 to 50kmpl.will any one clarify me
By on 04-12-2012
Hi Ajay,
The article tells that the HF Deluxe can go up to 75 km/l. It is its maximum mileage. It doesn't mean that 75 kmpl is its real mileage.
If you ride your bike well, you will surely get 70+ mileage. If you are getting only 50 kmpl, there is some problem with your bike. Pls get in touch with the nearest service station.
Have a nice day...:)
By on 04-12-2012
suzuki hayate is a very poor and lowst mailej bike its given mailageis 38 kmpl realy
By on 25-03-2013
can you pls tell the mileage of hero honda splendor nxg
By on 24-05-2013
i am so puzzle please tell me which is the one best bike how provide the 75 + mileage
By on 03-06-2013
Mahindra Centuro, which recently launched is also a good option. It ensures a mileage figure of 85.4 kmpl under standard conditions.
By on 09-10-2013
platina is sturdy light to handle and the best mileage giving bike.. You can trust it for years long worry free association with it.
By on 27-10-2013
Dear Sir,

I want to Purchase a Good average bike kindly suggest me plz...
By on 28-10-2013
Dear Sir ,
I want two wheeler, having
1 lighter dead wt
2 fuel efficient
3 with gear
By on 31-10-2013
hero bikes are awesome
By on 24-11-2013
Splendor gives only 45-50 kmpl maximum
By on 25-12-2013
platina gives me above 70 kmpl in city
but my new twister only gives 40 kmpl
By on 30-01-2014
mahindhra centuro have good mileage and resale value?
By on 02-07-2014
tvs awesome
By on 11-07-2014
I want to purchase best mileage giving bike. Whether hero I smart or mahindra centuro may be best.
By on 03-08-2014
Don't go for centuro it has no resale value better go for hero
By on 24-09-2014
platina is best bike in mileage in 100cc bike.
By on 14-12-2014
i want best mileage bike.please suggest.....i inrested honda dream yuga.....please commen
By on 14-02-2015
always the bajaj bikes are best for milege
By on 04-07-2015
I am using Bajaj 100cc bike .....

Best bike in 100CC segment.....
This bike Providing mileage in City...70-75 kmpl.....Looks wise Best Milage wise superb..... best resale value.... just go for it
By on 08-09-2015
By on 22-09-2015
I want to buy gud mileage and gud maintenanced bike .some dealers suggesting me abt dream yuga. How is it for me?
By on 24-09-2015
I want a good mileage and good looking bike please suggest me
By on 01-10-2015
can you pls tell the mileage of Baja Discover 125ST.
By on 08-10-2015
I want to purchase 80+ mileage bike but confuse which bikes is better hero or honda bikes plss suggest me
By on 15-10-2015
hi ajay iwant to purchace best mileage and low maintanence bike which is best one
By on 05-02-2016
i want purchase passaon pro hero bike pls advice its milage.
By on 12-03-2016
My dad wants a good bike upto 65000 for daily commute of 6-7 kms. Is the Bajaj V15 good for the purpose?
By on 12-03-2016
Hi, all now am searching in 150 + cc segment. I thot now to give the feed back of the bike which am having is Discover 100..mileage is 70+ , top speed is 100 kmph.. Best one.
By on 20-04-2016
Hero HF Deluxe is giving me 70+ mileage and handling, manoeuvreability, comfort very good.
By on 27-04-2016
Royal enfield ( bullet ) is the best one.
Thunderbir 350 is good
By on 02-07-2016
Bajaj discover 100 or passion pro, passion pro TR, passion xpro, Mahendra centuro me se milage ke hisab se best konsi h
By on 20-08-2016
My personal experience on Hero CD Deluxe is giving me 70+ good handling and it's had started also. In less money we get good deal. N hero Honda now Hero is a Brand name.
I have used many bikes like Luna, Bajaj scootor, passion old model, Enfield 350 and 535 lighting, Bajaj pulsar 150, Mahindra duro the very bad experience, Now at last I am on Hero Honda CD Deluxe.
By on 16-09-2016
What about TVS sport. I wish to purchase it for milage & Looks too. Suggest me.
By on 25-10-2016
May I know CB twister about, how is it
By on 02-11-2016
I have Hero Xpro very cheap bike . And mileage is very low only 25/30.
My bike model is 2015 frnds don't buy Hero Xpro.
By on 29-01-2017

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