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Plan a motorcycle journey and rent a powered motorcycle that can ride through all terrains. Wicked Ride lays out the best bikes suitable for your journey.

A Bangalore-based luxury bike rental company, Wicked Ride was founded in 2014 by three friends who did not find options to rent motorcycles in Bangalore at the time. Everything from the American Harley’s to the Indian Enfield’s, Japanese Kawasaki’s to Italian Benelli’s. You name it and the company has it. Their first bike was the Continental GT Cafe Racer. It graced Wicked Ride in the same year they started. Since then, they’ve added the Harley Davidson Iron 883, Super Low 883, Street 750, Royal Enfield Classic Chrome, Desert Storm, Thunderbird, and Triumph Bonneville to their collection. For most people in the world, motorcycling is the only affordable form of individual motorized transportation, and small displacement motorcycles are the most common motor vehicle in the most populous countries of the world, including India, China and Indonesia. Times have changed and with Tata unveiling the most affordable car the Tata Nano, every Indian has a four wheeler at their home. Motorcycling has no age neither does it have any boundaries.

For most riders, a motorcycle is a cheaper and more convenient form of transportation which causes less commuter congestion within cities and has less environmental impact than automobile ownership. Others ride as a way to relieve stress and to "clear their minds". A stress relief, true that. Youngsters who are working and who are studying get fascinated by high-end motorcycles. For example, a person who is working and on a reasonable pay check might not be able to purchase a Harley-Davidson, but such renting companies help them accomplish their dreams for a week or maximum a month, with a price of course since nothing comes free in this world.

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As mentioned above riding a motorcycle, might be done for ample amount of reasons, whereas there are people who ride a motorcycle for daily commuting. While people choose to ride motorcycles for various reasons, those reasons are increasingly practical, with riders opting for a powered two-wheeler as a cost-efficient alternative to infrequent and expensive public transport systems, or as a means of avoiding or reducing the effects of urban congestion.

Regarding the Wicked Ride Company, they deal with high-end, luxury motorcycles. The company’s only motive is to making an enthusiasts dream come true as a biker, be it riding the premium bikes or experiencing the inexplicable joy of riding in the best biking destinations through biking expeditions called “Bikations“. The first of its kind, Wicked Ride also conducts free biking lessons for women and promote biking culture.

With Wicked Ride, it is now possible for anyone with a valid driving license to dream big. By visiting their website each bikes rental cost can be found, so don’t wait go ahead and rent a motorcycle of your wish. The company also takes an initiative on educating the importance of proper riding gear, which includes helmet, protective jackets, kneepads etc; to each customer that wishes on renting a motorcycle.
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