Harley Davidson India Introduces 2016 Model Range

Harley Davidson India launched dark custom models of its 3 popular motorcycles, Iron 883, Forty-Eight and Street 750.

The new Iron 883 and Forty-Eight models assert Harley Davidson's Dark Custom leadership with motorcycles inspired by the rebellious spirit of the past updated with modern design and new suspensions, stated the company. For the first time, all soft-tails have also received the Twin Cam 103 engines which were earlier only available in Harley Davidson touring motorcycles. While the entry-level models, the Street 750 and Forty-Eight get styling tweaks, relatively bigger changes have adorned its higher capacity motorcycles from the soft-tail series. Also, Harley, will be re-introducing its Road King in the Indian market that sit alongside the Street Glide Special in its Touring line-up.

The Iron 883 takes inspiration from garage-built styling, featuring bullet design detailing, straight cut mufflers, a drag-style handlebar and the likes. Completing the bad-to-the-bone appeal is the solo seat. Other changes include adjustable rear shocks for better stability and comfort. When the first Sportster motorcycles roared onto the scene in 1957 the world had never seen anything like it. Rawboned, powerful and looking for action. The styling cues that lit up the street in those early years would soon become a part of everything from race bikes to outlaw choppers as they spread throughout the motorcycling world. The combination of a lowered front and rear suspension together with a low, narrow solo seat, just 735mm high, provides comfort and confidence for riders of all sizes and experince. The ride is responsive and plush, whether your dodging urban potholes or leaving the city limits for a day out exploring the back roads. The latest Iron 883 design has gone with a 9-spoke, the wheels are black as night where the rim meets the rubber, set off by a more contemporary mechanical look machined into the spokes.

2016 Harley Davidson Iron 883

The first time the world saw this gas tank was 1948, but the world has never seen that iconic tank sitting atop anything quite like this. The Forty-Eight motorcycle has been reborn. Everything that was great about it has been cranked up to a more intense level. Better seat, better suspension, new lightweight mag wheels, new brakes and now the tank is sporting 70's inspired graphics. The Evolution engine riding in the nimble Sportster frame is a prime example of the power, durability and proven reliability. The Motor Company was built on. Born from the legendary Shovelhead and Ironhead engines, its been the power at the center of a Sportster motorcycle since 1984. The air-cooled V-Twin design with a compact one-piece crankcase/transmission fits the narrow Sportster profile like a fist in a fingerless glove. Technology is there for one reason and one reason only. To make the motorcycles even more honest, enduring and satisfying for the rider.

2016 Harley Davidson Forty Eight

The street is where the action is, the Harley Davidson Street series is a line of bikes built with one purpose in mind, to make the most of it. Every inch of the motorcycle has been thought through to meet the demands of navigating the urban landscape. A narrow and nimble profile with a tight 60.4inch wheelbase keeps the handling razor sharp. Quick moves and turns come easy when you're threading through whatever modern civilization decides to throw in your path. The Street gives you a two-up seat with foot-pegs for your passenger. The Harley Davidson Street 750 model is sporting the first all black exhaust since the original Harley Davidson Cafe Racer of the 70's. Black pipes curve down from the cylinders and feed into an up swept black muffler. Its a dark, aggressive, custom look. Reflecting a dark, aggressive, custom attitude. As the company claims the Street 750 is aimed for the younger audience, who want to use it for everyday commute.

2016 Harley Davidson Street 750

Price ranges for the 2016 line-up from Harley Davidson are as follows;

Iron 883 – ₹7.37Lakhs

Forty-Eight – ₹9.12Lakhs

Street 750 – ₹4.52Lakhs

Heritage Soft-Tail Classic – ₹16.60Lakhs

2016 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail Classic
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