Kawasaki Ninja Variants

Get details of all Kawasaki Ninja versions

There will be no motorcycle enthusiast in the world who wish not to own a Ninja motorcycle someday. Supposedly, it would also be the most famous superbike brand in the world for the Kawasakian has that much fan followers. Being green the trade mark of the Ninja, the machine reminds us greenish caterpillar that pumps through on road. The word “Ninja” defines a skilled person of 14th century in the Japanese mercenary agency who was specially trained in the martial arts and hired for secret operations such as assassination and sabotage.

In 1983, the first Kawasaki Ninja, the GPZ900R was spotted before the public for the first time in Monterey, California. The bike was a wonder for everyone. None had seen such a motorcycle yet in their life time. The motorcycle was packed with power and beauty. Kawasaki commenced its sale in 1984. The GPz900R bagged the “Bike of the Year Award” in 1984 by several major magazines across the world. The machine became a milestone not only for Kawasaki but also for the entire motorcycle kingdom. Taking to a top speed of 250 kmph, it rewrote record books to ramp as the fastest motorcycle of the world. The rocking star was the first Kwasakian to be equipped with liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 4-cylinder engine. The machine pumped out a maximum power of 115 PS @ 9500 rpm. Moreover, the bike was much drivable with lighter and compact chassis.

Ninja is just not known for its stunning looks and incomparable performance. But it has got excellent technical works as well. The engine of Ninja is a pure revolution by Kawasaki. Fluxed with aluminum-alloy sub-frame, 16-inch front wheel, triple-disc brakes (2 at front and 1 at rear) and six-speed gearbox were such great features at that time and even now. In 1984, 3 Ninja motorcycles finished at first, second and third place in the Isle of Man TT races. That was something more than to cherish for the Ninja fans. The victory also gained millions of fans to the Ninja. The word “Ninja” was labelled in the heart of every superbike maniacs.

Realizing the fan followers the Ninja had, Kawasaki launched a small engine displaced machine in the market, the Ninja ZZR600. It registered another milestone. Meantime, Kawasaki's rival, Honda introduced the Hurricane and the Interceptors series. But those couldn't win the market owned by Ninja. Finally, Honda withdrew them from market. In 1986, Kawasaki rolled out, the Ninja 250R which is the most selling bike of Kawasaki. It is considered as the best bike to start up with to be a superbike racer.

In 1988, the Ninja ZX-10 was launched. It replaced the GPZ900R to become the world’s fastest production streetbike. The needled a top speed of 166 mph. But the sovereignty of the ZX-10 didn't last longer. In 1990, Kawasaki introduced the fastest two wheeled machine of the world, the Ninja ZX-11. Pulling back the air to a top speed of 175 mph, the machine stood firm as a record holder for years to be calendered.

Ranging from 250 cc to 1400 cc, Ninja has a god number of different engined machines in its ramp. At present Kawasaki has 13 Ninja branded superbikes.