Can you make a chopper with custom bike parts?

As a kid you always wished for a bike and as a youngster you aspired to own a racer on the road. A classy motorcycle is the dream of almost all youngsters, but the bitter truth is that your dream bike comes with an exuberant price tag most of you cannot afford.

But let us keep the cash factor aside for sometime; think about the basic qualities that any bike lover desires to see in his bike?

Generally, a bike that is stylish, rugged and cool are some qualities that catch the attention of a bike lover. Of course, this might hardly be any closer to your imagination and might well be a general description.

But why not make your dream come true? Shall we give shape to your imagination and bring alive the chopper of your dream?

Don't be surprised because this is now possible so wake up to see how you can build a motorcycle with custom bike parts all by yourself.

Chopper Motorcycle

Your passion will be your driving force
The thought of building or designing your own chopper might well sound insane for some and an impossible task for a few.

No wonder, it is certainly a tough task to build a bike not impossible though. Thanks to custom bike kits that come as great help in this regard. Also, your own creative skills and getting hands on some motorcycle parts will make your job a lot more convenient if not easy.

One thing is for certain: The job of assembling your bike requires a lot of passion and the perseverance to bring out something rare and striking.

What are the basic requirements for chopper building?
Custom kit is not the only option for making your motorcycle; you could start off by gathering different parts of a bike. If you are new and inexperienced in constructing motorbikes, the job of collecting bike parts could be taxing or confusing and so custom kits will work better for you in such a situation. The fundamental requirements of building your chopper can be taken care with the use of custom kits.

Motorcycle parts
Once you have the skeletal design of the bike, you can go ahead with adorning the chopper with some cool tailor made motorcycle parts, which are available as individual pieces that caters to your taste and the bike. The seats, tyres, handle bars and mirrors are the most prominent features of bike and custom-made parts can enhance the look of your bike.

Ah! That crucial painting task!
Selecting the right color and a good quality custom made paint is the key to the overall look of your bike. Giving your bike a good paint finish will make all that difference. Generally, custom bike kits offer painted tanks, which could be re- painted to suit your bike's design.

Selecting the right kind of custom bike kit could be the key to successful chopper building
Before buying a custom bike one should be aware of the fact that custom bike kits are not inexpensive and it does not necessarily mean that the output will be a superb bike in terms of quality. You need to do thorough research and compare prices before buying the custom bike kits; branded stuff is always a safe option. The job is almost half done after gathering all the necessary information that suits your pocket and the design of the bike. You can then proceed with the actual bike building and it is all together a different experience to ride vehicle you yearned to own for years.

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hi, i own a bullet standard model2009. i want to get it modified into a chopper. hw can u help me and wat r d charges? do temme. i ll b waiting for uo reply.
By Anuj Aggarwal on 17-12-2011
i am making custom bikes from bullets.

any one want any kinda help then they can mail me.
By Dhruv on 01-08-2010
How much will it cost to convert a bullet to a custom chopper?
By Raj on 01-08-2010
can u tel me how to make a own designed bike with some other bikes engine please
By Aries on 31-03-2010
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