Thrills of Bike Riding

Way to get into bike riding
Bike riding is a feeling to cherish. From the first feeling of speed, mobility to sudden rush of adrenalin, it is difficult to resist oneself from riding motorcycles. Actually there is a segment of people and not all who loves this freedom to go anywhere in jet speed, maneuvering the curves at the right angle and enjoying the thrust of power and pull of the throttle. Be it quad biking, mountain biking or racing in the tracks, the thrill and excitement is inexplicable.

To get into good riding it is better that one checks the ways of riding from the beginning. If you are lucky you can get tips or two from your motorcycle riding mentor or a word of advice is to take training for better riding experience.

First, position yourself in the bike comfortably. Ensure that your bottom is tight and you are loose on top. Actually, you need to sit in a manner so that your thighs are in well grip of the motorcycle tank and you are pressing it well with your ankles. This helps you to be in complete harmony with the bike. So, it is the lower half of your body that needs to be strong and stable to give a total control of your bike. You need not grip the handle bar stiffly, instead there should be enough room to maneuver and control the bike in turns. You can twist and throttle with ease if you are sitting proper.

Second, turning a motorcycle needs bit practice. The bike needs to be in the right angle and correct speed. One of the thumb rules for taking turns in your motorcycle is to enter the turn from outside, traverse it through the inside and then exit from outer side. Practicing these kinds of turns is a good habit and another thing is never put a brake while turning.

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Another thing that is definitely a big lesson to learn in any motorcycle riding training school is to look through a turn. It is very important as it helps to look the road wide.

Motorcycle riding cannot be a good riding experience until it is coupled with safe riding habits. So, most important precautions that one must take are to wear the helmets with visor to protect both head and eyes.

The key to experience motorcycle riding thrill is responsible riding.

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