Insurance Policy for two wheelers in India

To get on to road and experience pleasure of riding in your motorcycles, all you need is to put your worries in back burner. To do that, it's not only equipping the motorcycle with safety features but also buying an insurance policy to protect yourself as well as the vehicle from injury loss or damage.

There exists various insurance companies and before you buy one insurance policy you need to know about its coverage, tenure, exclusions and even the process of settling claim besides premium amount.

There are different types of insurance covers:
Full Cover
Third party cover
Comprehensive cover

Full Cover insurance cover implies that the rider and vehicle is insured against loss or damage of the vehicle along with a personal accident cover for individual owner while the person is driving, traveling, mounting or even dismounting from the vehicle. Again, the vehicle is insured against all kind of calamities; be it natural such as flood, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, storm, rockslide, landslide and so on so forth or man-made calamities such as theft, burglary, accident caused externally, malicious act, terrorist activity, riot or even strike.

Third party Insurance covers property damage as well as personal injury. It means that you are insured against legal liability that may arise due to accidental damage (caused by your vehicle to the third person). In this policy coverage you are basically insured against death or injury caused by your vehicle to pedestrians, to other passengers of other vehicle on road. Private vehicle passengers and pillion riders are also covered under this scheme. Third party insurance cover for personal injury also includes that the person is also insured against death or injury to other vehicle's driver, conductor helper or any other person associated with the operation of the vehicle.

A comprehensive insurance cover is one that is basically covered for any loss or damage of the vehicle, third party liability, death or physical injury caused by your vehicle to a person, damage caused to the property of some other person by your vehicle and a personal accident cover of the owner of the vehicle. Now there are specificity regarding the cause of the accident by your vehicle and those are categorized into natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, cyclone etc and man made calamities such as burglary, riots, strike, and theft and so on.

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