Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Gallery

Gallery of Royal Enfield Classic. The motorcycle was named Bullet Classic initially. Later it was renamed to just Classic.

Image Source: Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Wallpaper

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Last updated on 18-03-2014. Published on 10-10-2008.
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Bulet callasik 350 price colar red black
By Rekha Yadav on 27-01-2019
i want yo purchase this bike
By Rahul on 22-04-2016
I'll buy this bike by hook by crock
By Varun on 17-02-2016
In future I'll buy this bike by hook by crook now merko apna rent utarna hai jo abhi 75000thousand jo main I hope ki this year rent free hojaounga by god willing and then I'll do hard work and get this bike in Delhi showroom
By Varun on 17-02-2016
I have made two spark plugs in vintage bullet and also made two cylinders in Bullet which will give you 50 milage in bike without changing any originality of engine. You can modify your bullet or any old bike. For rapair please contact with us
Dewa Shareef,
Mobile No: 9415775036, 8604530497, 8795176162
By M. Waseem Mistri on 06-08-2015
hi I saw ur bike ad I want that bullet so pls cnt no 9884653003
By Shanmugavel on 25-02-2013

Dear all Royal Enfield friends you want to do Modification are altered contact Mr.Vinoth-vino Chief Mechanic( specialist in Bullet,Yezdi) contact no:9941366461 chennai
By Vinoth -pattabiram on 03-10-2012
your from........chennai bike is ok for you
By Vinoth -pattabiram on 03-10-2012
I Ride Bullet 350 But it,s Not me Very Good Bike
By Sunil on 07-01-2012

I am from Navi Mumbai. want to buy a second hand thunder bird or 350 classic. If any body need to sell it.

plz do call me in this no 9820101811

Parmindar Singh
By Parmindar on 31-12-2011
1999 Model bullet standred for sell Rs-1,00000/-only
By Manik on 23-12-2011
bai j kise ne bullet vechna he ta daseo ....9815247033. te call kardeo
By Saman Bhathal on 13-12-2011
plz call me @ 9312436829 if you have still this model.

By Raj on 15-12-2011
hI guys,
I have booked classic 350, i have a bit confusion to select Classic 350/Electra
due to my height. I am 6ft and 75kg, will classic 350 suits for me. please suggest. Waiting for ur replies. Thanks
By Thansir Siddik on 21-02-2012
I hav a classic 350 brand new for sales(Nov 2011) as i am moving abroad i would like to sell ths.If intersted cal to 9840606044. The bike is in chennai price 115000. If realy intersted plz cal
By Ganesh on 06-12-2011
Hi i am saling my bullet motercycle model 1998 standred delhi Rs80,000 /-only NAJAFGARH NEW DELHI 110043.
By Manik on 26-11-2011
i have bullet for sell model 1980, engine heavy crane. moblie no:-09975978626
By Mohsin on 23-11-2011
i have bullet for sell model 1980, engine heavy crane
By Mohsin on 23-11-2011
call me 4 bullet. mobile no:-09975978626
By Mohsin on 23-11-2011
hi i need bullet do u have with u pleas make a cal or mail me..9003305294,8825072011or make a mail to me ramashimech@gmail,com;im from tamilnadu
By Ramaseshan on 07-11-2011
want to parches ur bullet,kindle mail me ur detail..thanks
By Ramesh on 20-10-2011
hiiiiiiiiii I think standard bullets are best of ALL
By Pawan Bhullar on 13-10-2011
whats the price.where are from?plese tell me how much average mileage you are getting?
By Bikash Bhatta on 08-10-2011
Hi I like the bullet in the standerd form.I want to have it from the auction in the army camps.I am from Assam(Guwahati).can anyone give me some good advice where I can contact nearby to guwahati(assam).thanks
By Bikash Bhatta on 08-10-2011
i have a bullet bike, i wanna sale it ma bike model is 96
By John on 21-09-2011
hi D V Tolat & sathya, I am interested in buying enfield. Immediate settlement . mail me @
By Xavier on 27-08-2011
wow its superb.. am also trying to do my bike like that can u suggest me some showrooms.?
By Sharath on 25-08-2011
By Ankush Kumar on 23-08-2011
i have an 1968model in very good condition RS90,000 cont;9888304871
By Harpreet Honey on 07-08-2011
i have an 1968 model in very good condition RS90,000 Phone 9888304871
By Harpreet Honey on 07-08-2011
I am looking for a Bullet...ideally Classic (Old)...I am in Hyderabad, India. Let me know if any of you know of something. My email address is
By Rocky on 01-08-2011
hi i am interested in buying this byk but before that could u please upload some pic and also from which place are u i am from mumbai
looking forward for ur response
By Navin on 29-06-2011
Jab bullet chale , to duniya rasta de....
By Bhave on 21-06-2011
I am searching second hand bullet (standard) in meerut. Registration should be from harayana,punjab,delhi or from meerut. Interested parties contact me at my mail id given as soon as possible.
By Viju Kumar on 28-06-2011
plz mail me i want to buy a bullet which model do u have kms and rate
By Amit on 13-06-2011
By Lalatendu Mohanty on 28-06-2011
By Lalatendu Mohanty on 28-06-2011
is royal enfield calssic 350 is a better bike
By Hemanth on 06-06-2011
this is said to be a ,,,,,,,,,,,,''''' BULL''''.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I HAVE THREE BULLET OF 69,,,,72,,,,,, 86,,,,,,,,,MODELS
By Noushad on 23-05-2011
i want to modify by like bullet but i am not getting a person who modify it and i love bullet any one who is selling his bullet please contract me on 9761568562 in meerut and if any one knows a person who modify bullet please con.....................................................................
By Eric on 20-05-2011
frnds am taking royal enfiled classic 350 cc but how much milage i dt no tell me if ny one this byke using plzzzzzz
By Vamsi on 12-05-2011
I want Bullet 350 Classic new model second hand.
call me 9447511530
By George on 06-05-2011
I stay in belgaum. I am looking for a old model bullet bike what is your cost price?
By Vinayak on 23-04-2011
can u tell me the model and the demand of the bullet..
By Mithu.. on 21-04-2011
i want a bullet in altered pls con 9842424624
By Vivek on 03-04-2011
i wish to drive royal enfield bike but it should be altered if u peoples have such a bike r pistures pls send it to me and my contact no is 9842424624
By Vivek on 03-04-2011
my1 choise is royal enfild
By Ankur Rao on 10-03-2011
i buy classic 350
howz is perfome i don know
By Hitesh Mange on 09-03-2011
hai anil kumar.......Are you a keralite?If so i am searching for old bullets with royal look.especialy curved mudguard at rear like bullet classic.if you have any information pls male to me or phone to my no(9746919118)
By Manoj on 15-02-2011
i love dis bike
it gives a royal feeling while riding on it
By Arjun on 08-02-2011
very good bike.
I like it.
By Rajiv Maurya on 07-02-2011
I had a bullet 350, 1972 model ealier. I know this bike, It's a Diamond, I loved a bullet always. Planig to buy soon..
By Parth Majumdar on 31-01-2011
i want buy second hand bullet electra350cc my contact no is 9840039513,9791122565
By Aswin on 02-01-2011
I want to purchase a bullet bike old in Delhi person wants to sell contact on my phone number 9871428551.
By Akshay on 29-11-2010
hi frendz, i m SUDHIR from sri ganga nagar (RAJASTHAN) and i wana purchase BULLET model between 2003 to 2006 -07. if anybody want to sale then plz contect me @ +91 992 992 6789. (SUDHIR)
By Sudhir on 20-10-2010
I am selling my Royal Enfld Bullet bike, 1987 model, bottle green color. Bike is in very good condition. Only genuine buyers can contact me at 9916834166.
Prise 58000
By Nandish on 11-11-2010
its,my dream bike.......
By Bunny on 21-10-2010
By Saini on 01-11-2010
i have buy classic 350 bullet. this is a excellent bike very good.hey baby ride with me
By Atinder on 06-09-2010
Bullet is being the passion of mine. I love bullet riding. As pr said jab bullet chale to duniya rasta de. M having silver color bullet electra 350(2005).I hav named my bullet "THE BOMB". I care for my bullet very much shininga as stars twinkles!!!!!!!!!!
Supervisor(Hero Honda)
By Dinesh Gauri on 24-07-2010
hiiiii............... i want know about enfield classic 350 in banglore
By Md Hussain on 22-02-2010
Arabian Horse,,,,,,gr8 design bt gear lever left side become this become tedious form others
By Rajan Khabra on 28-02-2010
This is venkat, I love this bike very much.... While u ride this bike peoples will look at you seriously...
By Venkat on 17-05-2010
i want to buy a second hand thunderbird or 500classic. anybody sellin plz do call me in this no 9791111889
By Karthik on 14-01-2010
i want to buy a second hand thunderbird or 500classic. anybody sellin plz do call me in this no 97911 11889
By Karthik on 14-01-2010
Hey Anil........... i would like to know that which place you make the deals. If not at Chennai, could you arrange one electra 5s (left foot g.s.) at chennai.............
By Rishi on 14-01-2010
from 1992
i use this bike i love bullet
nd today
i have
3 bullet
By Rajesh on 25-01-2010
from 1992
i use thus bike
i love bullet
By Rajesh on 25-01-2010
i have purchese the thunderbird twinspark model ofbullet on 27/01/10 and now i want to sale if any one interested.09414069151 (jaipur)
By Upendra on 30-01-2010
i just want to sell my standard 1981 with alloy weels and new styled sylenser made from bilaspur...........................
By Aman Bhambri on 11-07-2010
We have this bike in our Showroom,If you want some good snaps or want test ride this bike the you may call.

Ravi Asthana
Royal Enfield
By Ravi Asthana on 23-12-2009
hello people...i sold my bullet...thank you very much for your more inquiries please

By Sajid on 21-12-2009
hi.... i hav std 350 for sale.. cash parties pls contact.....
By Sathya on 25-10-2009
i have a royal endfild 350. model-1986 in original condition.
i want to sell.
rs. 3o,ooo.oo only.
By D V Tolat on 03-07-2009
i have a 350 royal enfield 1991 model, completely rebuild as new, 12v, new tyres, company done silver paint, everything is new

i want to sell my bike because i need to purchase bajaj avenger

By Sajid Khan on 02-07-2009
sardar hove bullet te...sohni kudi de naal....pag ban ke ni kaali munda.....shonk apne pugaunda hove....burrraaaaaaaaa
By Inderjeet Singh on 21-08-2009
next month i will come there......ok bro.i woking in a bank n i dont have any leave so i will come there in july lastweel.hello u just tell me about this bike specified market in delhi.plz if u know just help me.........????????
By Mannnu on 01-07-2009
plz give me the full details of that bike to which u want to sell.and the amount of that bike
By Jyotiranjan on 01-07-2009
I wanna buy standard Bullet 350

By Amardeep Virk on 06-07-2009
This bike is my dreams bike .I want's in my life that i am going a long drive about 1000km on this bike with a sone kudee dae naal.
By Vinit Jangra on 30-06-2009
hi, mannu i live in meerut . iwould like 2 sale my bullet. so i cant buy a
new pulsar bike......./
By Shavezmax on 30-06-2009
hello shavezmax, tell me one thing why r sell this tell me properly.i m in alwar i will come there 4 purchase ur bike.........?????????????
By Mannnu on 29-06-2009
i live in meerut....
By Shavezmax on 29-06-2009
hi, mannu .

cont no. 9897836022
By Shavezmax on 29-06-2009
hello,shavezmax where r u from.i m intersted in this deal just give me con. nbr.....?
By Mannnu on 29-06-2009
Hey sajee

I am in blore and want to purchase a second hand bullet, pls let me have the contacts
By Arvind on 05-11-2009
Hey let me know the pricing and the make
By Arvind on 05-11-2009
sardara di sardari...ik bullet te ik safari...howa naal sohni punjabi naari....te phr maaza aaunda nibauna yaari..
By Inderjeet Singh,nilokheri on 25-09-2009
jatt di sardari ik BULLET ta ik SAFARI
By Preet Jhutty on 09-11-2009

jat di pasend BULLET..jat nu shonk bullet da
By Preet Jhutty on 09-11-2009
you were not sardar when safari was not introduced by tata motors????
By Sajid on 24-11-2009
hi dude this is sakthi, am looking 4r a bullet, if i ant 2 c u r bullet where & when...

V.SAKTHI.9840 03 53 13.
By Sakthi on 11-12-2009
hi, i have a royal enfield bullet in good condition.model 88 deluxe
rs 22000.
please cont.
By Shavezmax on 27-06-2009
hi, im looking for a second hand scoty
if any body have please cont...
By Shavezmax on 27-06-2009
hi, please cont...
By Shavezmax on 27-06-2009
I am looking for a second hand bullet. I like in Mumbai. If anybody can help me out then pls mail me at
By Mohammad on 26-06-2009
all this just for 35000 as i need to purshase a new bajaj avenger
By Sajid Khan on 10-10-2009
bullet 91 model fully overhauled, brand new company silver paint, new tyres, new model multi reflector headlight, converted to 12v, completely build as electra 4s, all spares new, in excellent brand new chrome condition


By Sajid Khan on 10-10-2009
i m manu from alwar,rajasthan,i wanna buy this ultemete ride.i want 80 to 90th model.what can i do 4 this.just give me suggession for this....?
By Mannnu on 21-06-2009
this is fantastic bike really................
By Ashish Gupta on 05-12-2009
Jatt di saah e bullet bullet vi jatt kol jachda jatt vi bullet te jachda.jatt bullet te bullet 100 te
By Barinder on 05-09-2009
old model bullet perchez
By Pramod Patel on 22-06-2009
Is the person with the above contact info from Pune?
By Rich on 12-06-2009
Is the person with the above contact details from Pune?
By Rich on 12-06-2009
I wanna buy standard Bullet 350
By Rich on 12-06-2009
Hi! Sanjee,

I want to own a Bullet (Second Hand- in Bangalore). Do you have any contacts , It will be really kind of you.PH 9880838342
By Abhishek on 10-06-2009
My name is ramesh.I want royal infield old model bike.pls give me any information.

Thanking you.
By Ramesh Babu on 29-09-2009
i have to sell>
ny body interested??
By Ujay09895223501 on 19-05-2009
tell me one thing where i get it best delhi or gurgao.....?which place is best for this.....?
By Mannnu on 23-06-2009
one of like thiz bike in myhand
By Jaico Rapheal on 18-05-2009
our family cycle
By Jaico Rapheal on 18-05-2009
i have this bike baby......
i am samay.........
By Samay on 18-05-2009
If U need standard or an Altered bullet,
please contact Anil Kumar
Mobile # 9742422007 / 9964399982
By Anil on 17-05-2009
If you need Bullet(Royal Enfield), Standard or Modified,
please contact Anil Kumar
Mobile # 9742422007 / 9964399982
By Anil on 17-05-2009
i love royal enfield 350 bike.......

i see this bike and MAD

i l u
By Tara Singh on 27-05-2009
This machine is SAX. If you want discontinued models or vintage series of Royal Enfield. You can go to Karol Bagh in Delhi.
By Anish on 11-05-2009
Hi ritesh, which city do u live in ???? if ur in bangalore maybe i can help u with a few
By Sajee on 06-05-2009
lukin 4 a diesel bull,can ne 1 help me out,pl cal asap.
By Prashant +91 9930510810 on 24-05-2009
Preferring 1960 to1964
By Want To Buy on 25-05-2009
hi friends. I DIE FOR RIDING this BIG BIKE. now i want 2nd hand bike of old model. what should i do?
By Bharat on 20-04-2009
hello ,

I want to second hand bullet but there is not specific address to purchase the bike. so please give me any dealer adress.

Ritesh 9898107108
By Ritesh on 19-04-2009
it is good bike it is looking good it is very strong and heavy bike.
By Manga on 21-03-2009
Extradtinory Bike. I Love it very much.
By J.kalakannan on 02-04-2009
Mob- 9843650070
By Extradtinory Bike. I Love It. on 02-04-2009
As they rightly say, the older the wine the better it tastes... Same goes with Royal Enfield. The Older the Enfield the Harder it runs...
Do you'll agree???
By Gaurav on 21-02-2009
gr8 design but i would luv 2 see dis beauty in diffrent shades
By Sukhjot Singh on 15-02-2009
It is a very good bike. I think its engine should not make that much noise as much it makes.
By Amir Hamza on 14-02-2009
By Harish on 25-03-2009
beautiful machine,,,,,,,when its going to launch in india
By Manish Amin on 01-03-2009
shonk mitran da bullet
By Romy Gudaspuria on 22-01-2009
hi this is suresh i love royal enfield bikes.
By Suresh on 19-02-2009
as i heard ROYAL ENFIELD going to launch G2 engine bike in 500 cc..i woukld like to know when comany launching. pl reply me
By Gautam Jain on 05-02-2009
hello ,

I want to second hand bullet but there is not specific address to purchase the bike. so please give me any dealer adress.

By Amol on 06-01-2009
wonderful bike
By Vivvek Kapoor on 11-03-2009
electra 4s is very good bike without self i think
By Jp Manchanda on 03-01-2009
Its an amazing bike but.........this is not available :-(
By Shreyas on 09-11-2008
Its a work of beauty ! Wish icould turn my Electra in to it .....
By Sachin on 28-11-2008
Change the bikes hold you can not drive for long
By Amit Bhasin on 26-11-2008
Please assemble the 500 CC bikes as sports bikes as assembled by Yamaha, Suizuki,
By Jai Bhagwan Singh on 12-12-2008
very good workman ship .continue ur journy in modifying for bullet lovers.
By Gautam Jain on 23-11-2008
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